Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Here we are, another new year. I love this time of year. I guess I'm just naive enough to feel like I have a fresh start. Whoever came up with the idea to have Thanksgiving in November, quickly followed by Christmas in December and the New Year starting shortly thereafter was a genius. You get all wore out and burned out from all the holiday gatherings and festivities and then you quickly get to start another fresh year. I've been thinking about my New Year's Resolutions. I figure if I take them a day, week or month at a time I might be okay. Here are mine:

1. Start each day with a positive attitude. For me one way to accomplish this is to have my "quiet time" in the morning first thing. Get my coffee, my bible and devotional book and spend some quiet time reading, praying and meditating on what I've read.

2. Eat better, become more health conscious. I don't include exercise here, I know I should but, I really hate exercise and I know I will be pressured and yucky. Eating better is a good start. Dirty Harry said "A man has got to know his limitations." That goes for woman too.

3. Get more Christmas 09 knitting done. That means sticking with the A Loose Knit Group plan and not getting distracted.

4. Knitting more socks for ME!!!! I'm ashamed when I get around all my knitting friends and they are sporting their hand knit socks.

5. Read a new book every month. This means less Facebook and less playing the silly Yahtzee/solitaire games I play on my palm every night in bed. One book I am determined I am going to finish first is Out of Eden by Steinbeck. I started this book about 10 years ago. You see, there is this one character, Kathy, that I hate so much every time over the last 10 years I have picked the book back up to finish I can't stand it and I put it back down. I keep thinking if I knew for sure she comes to a bad end I might be able to finish it. I was the same way with Hugo's, Les Miserables. I loved Jean Valjean so much the thought of him coming to a bad end almost kept me from finishing it. If you haven't read it, oh my, it is such an awesome book. The movie with Liam Neeson is awesome as well.

6. Getting my house organized and keeping it organized.

Well, I'm sure there are more, but that is a pretty good start. How about you? You got any resolutions you want to share?