Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who You Callin Chicken Lips?

Today didn't turn out anything like I had planned. Not that it was bad, but I figured I'd get lots and lots of knitting accomplished. But, alas, that was not to be. Jordan's girlfriend Jacque came in last night to visit until Sunday. Jordy has his 23rd b-day coming up on the 5th so she came to celebrate with us. We are getting some good visiting in. We all just love her!!!! Today was also Aaron's day off as it was Sara's. Sara came by and I told her about some beautiful superwash wool at our LYS that would be perfect for some scarves she is wanting to make.

I have always done some sort of needle/craft work as far back as my children can remember. Throughout Sara's childhood and young adulthood I tried to get her to let me teach her how to knit. She would have nothing to do with it. Several years ago while working as a flight attendant she struck up a conversation with one of the passengers who just happened to be knitting. Sara told her how I knitted and how I had always wanted to teach her. The lady told her that her mother had knitted as well and had always wanted to teach her. But that she didn't learn until after her mother's death and how she wished so much she had learned from her mother. The very next weekend Sara had off she headed for Bowling Green and asked if I would teach her. What a joy that was for me. And you know, she took right to it. I did have trouble the next week trying to instruct her how to cast off over the phone. Thanksfully she had another passenger that took care of that. :)

Anyways, so off we went to the yarn store. She chose some gorgeous stuff and I got some more of the yummy Kettle Dyed Malabrigo. I love this stuff, I think I want to sleep with it!!!!! And make babies with it!!!!!

After we left there we stopped by Wal-Mart to return a couple of things. I don't know if you saw this post, but, Sissy and I decided to have our own rendition. I think we can still safely call it Chicken and Duck Lips.

Today's Plan Was:

  • Complete 8 rows (RS & WS) on Mystic Waters. How about 2?
  • Get 5 more repeats on Sara's scarf done. More like 3.

  • Get 2nd sock done down ready to start the heel flap. Does the cuff count?
  • Finish first sock of the Spring Socks. Got it!!!!!

  • Torch and burn the Tomten (with Aaron in it) Opted against this one. Gonna recoup.

I probably won't get a lot done over the next several days. Tomorrow I have to go up home to take Nanny to the store and fix her medicine and then pick up my baby girl, Emma Belle. Then the weekend will be busy with visiting, b-day cooking & celebration, church and such. I got the cutest gingerbread house kit I'm planning on doing with Emma. Hopefully I will have a picture or two of that fiasco/event.

The Spring Sock:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Think I'm Stupid......

I can't say I feel I accomplished a lot today but, take a look-see:

Today's Plan:

  • Finish Vineyard Sock and cast on the other. Got it!!!
  • Get the armholes going on the Tomten. Story to follow.
  • Cast on the scarf. Check it out!!!
  • Begin Clue 6 of Mystic Waters. Yes sireee
  • Grocery shopping, UGH!!!!! Bluck........... yes.
  • Clean??????? Enough to look like I did something.

Not bad huh? I gotta couple of stories to tell ya. First, when I started Aaron's Tomten, way back sometime ago. I had someone else's copy of Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman that I have subsequently returned. Now, I can't say for sure but I don't think what I'm about to tell ya was mentioned in that book. So back in the beginning, I checked in with Brooklyntweed and found out what his measurements, gauge and such were and I set out like a bat out of ______. I think you get the picture. Now, I know I try to act like everything is cool, that I don't really sweat details and such. The truf of da matta is a huge deal to me....HUGE. I like things done right. I was telling my friend, Peggy in Oregon , that I think a reason that I act so layed back is, well...... they put you in prison for things like that so I chose to take a chill pill. I find it difficult to be so forgiving for myself when I make mistakes or do something stupid.

Okay, so, I went off half-cocked. I cast on and knitted, knitted and knitted. I mean really, how hard can garter stitch be? Well.......I sent off an order to Knit Picks and one of the things I ordered was The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I received my order last night so I thought when I went to bed I'd read up on the Tomten so I'd be ready to start the armholes today. Well, frickin, fraggin, funnel cakes!!!! In this book she talks about working "short ridges" "to give a good shape to the back." So, am I going to just forget about it and act like I never saw that. Utilize the knitters "change of design" excuse, I mean improvement method? I mean, will it really make a difference? Or do I frog the stupid thing and start over? I don't know. But, that is why I haven't gotten more done on the Tomten. I'm in a fix of a fit.

The other story is, I think I'm stupid. When the children were little Nanny would get their Christmas presents and from Thanksgiving on, just about every time the kids were visiting they would find a toy she had "hidden." Hidden to her was stuck under the coach in the tv room where they were playing on the floor. Or on the bed in the extra bedroom, right off of the kitchen. I know she did it on purpose, but she swears she didn't. She was stupid. I wasn't going to mention or show pictures of the scarf that I'm making for Sara because I know she reads my blog from time to time. That really makes me happy by the way. Thanks Sissy!!!!! So, no biggee. However, I did put a picture and info on my Ravelry site entitled "Sara's Canterbury Memories Scarf." Who knew she would pop in this evening? I was busy making vegetable soup and noticed she was very interested in the monitor. It still didn't register until she said, "So, you're making me a scarf?" I even had the scarf in progress sitting here on the bar but I didn't worry about that because, I have lots of knitting laying here and there, she would never know what it was or who it was for. And that plan would have worked.......if I weren't stupid.

Progress in Pictures:

Printed Clue 6, colored the little squares and put in a lifeline.

Finished one sock and cast on the second.

Cast on and made some progress on SARA'S "Canterbury Memories Scarf." I love this yarn!!!!! I want more!!!!! I want a lot more!!!!! I want to marry it!!!!!!

Tomorrows Plan:

  • Complete 8 rows (RS & WS) on Mystic Waters.
  • Get 5 more repeats on Sara's scarf done.
  • Get 2nd sock done down ready to start the heel flap
  • Finish first sock of the Spring Socks
  • Torch and burn the Tomten (with Aaron in it)

A picture of two of our babies. They look kinda demonic, but so does everyone else in this house. Particularly me when I look at the ____________ you know what!!!! Katie Scarlet & Roegun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Status Report

Well, I fell short of my ambitious agenda for today. There were some things that kinda got in the way. My boys were both off today and they like to pop into the kitchen for a wee bit of chat, this greatly slows down the lace knitting, if not bringing it to a screeching halt. I had to go to my LYS to pick up some yarn to ship to my friend in Norway, Heidi. Ya can't just go in and get what you came for ya know. It isn't like picking up a gallon of milk. The whole dang staff leap for joy when they see me coming. "Peggy, did you see this? Look what so-and-so is knitting with this. Isn't this heavenly?" It isn't that I'm so popular. I think you know the reason they love me so. :) My hairdresser has been on maternity leave and today was the day she could give me some color, actually cover up the silver that is besetting me. I did get quite a bit done on the sock there though. So, the goal wasn't completely met but that is okay, there is always tomorrow. Think happy thoughts.

Today's Schedule Was:

  • Get the remaining 16 (counting RS & WS) rows of Mystic Waters completed, ready for Clue 6 on Wednesday. Completaruno

  • Finish the one sock and cast on the other. Need about 1/2" before I start the toe.

  • Knit the additional two inches of the Tomten, separate the sections and get started on the fronts and back. Nada!!! But I did get The Opinionated Knitter today.

  • Get all the house work done that I didn't do today. Dream on!!!!!

  • AND cast on a scarf. Noppie, but I did get the yarn.

Tomorrow's Plan of Action:

  • Finish sock and cast on the other.

  • Get the armholes going on the Tomten.

  • Cast on the scarf.

  • Begin Clue 6 of Mystic Waters.

  • Grocery shopping, UGH!!!!!

  • Clean???????

Mystic Waters Clue 5:

The gorgeous Malabrigo worsted weight in Pagoda I picked up for said scarf and enough for a hat as well.

I'll check in tomorrow. :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Doable? You Darn Tootin!!!!!!

I've been trying to ignore the fact that Christmas is quickly coming closer. I was being somewhat successful but then everyone on my "Daily Haunts" blog reading list has been talking about their Christmas knitting queue. Well, not everyone, but enough of them have. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. I was just trying to thwart off the pressure and anxiety procrastination brings. But alas, the time has come to face the drum.

I read on the Yarn Harlot's blog that she has a friend who organizes all the Christmas knitting she, the Harlot, needs to accomplish with the amount of time left between now and Christmas into a knitting plan. I thought hey, that's what I need, except for the fact I don't even know what all I want to knit or for who. I give my sisters socks and I think I only have one pair to go on those. I dream of matching scarves, hats and mittens, fingerless gloves, throws and satchels. Why in the name of all goodness, honesty and world peace did I fiddle fart around?

Anyways, I decided that it is ALL doable. I just need a little direction. So, today my schedule called for:
  • Sara wants to give her Mother-In-Law, Ann, a pair of socks for Christmas. Sara doesn't know how to knit socks. Enters SUPERMOM. I was to get the first sock done to the turning of the heel. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!
  • I lack five inches from being at the under-arm of Aaron's Tomten. Goal - get five inches finished today so I'll be ready to split it up and continue with the front and back. I have three inches completed. I might finish tonight.
  • Get 10 rows completed on the Mystic Waters Shawl KAL. Zilch.
  • Get the living room all cleaned, swept and mopped. Still filthy.
  • Get Emma's room organized and straightened, along with the guest bedroom. Do I really need to say anything?

Okay, I didn't reach each goal, but I did make progress. Plus, I have been freezing all day. The wind has been whipping, the sky totally covered, rain falling and we keep our thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Freezing!!!! The temperature slows the knitting down as does having to keep hot beverages going. Another issue, it gets dark, not dusk, we are talking dark by 5-5:30 here. It will be 6:00 pm and ya think it is surely 11:00 pm. It works on the ole psyche. And Monday is David's day off. How am I supposed to work when he is laying around goofing off? Really!!!!

Tomorrow's schedule is (schedule is pronounced shedual in this instance):

  • Get the remaining 16 (counting RS & WS) rows of Mystic Waters completed, ready for Clue 6 on Wednesday.
  • Finish the one sock and cast on the other.
  • Knit the additional two inches of the Tomten, separate the sections and get started on the fronts and back. If I don't get them finished tonight.
  • Get all the house work done that I didn't do today.
  • AND, cast on a scarf.

This is the beginning of the socks. I'm calling them the Vineyard Socks because the yarn makes me think of the various color stages of grapes. I'm so creative!!!!!

Think only happy thoughts my way. Happy thoughts only please. We can do it. Last week when we went up to see Emma's Thanksgiving Program at her school, afterward we went to her house. While Sara and I were showing Tabby Sara's wedding pictures David was chasing Emma and her little sister, Ava, acting like a monster. Ava, 3, came over and said "We have to save Emma from de monsta, de monsta gonna get Emma, come on we can do it if we wurk togeder." We can do it IF we work together. Happy thoughts.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

One Down, ??? To Go

Last night I finished and blocked Secret of the Stole. It turned out really beautiful. I'm looking forward to wearing it tomorrow to church and the Secret of the Stole II set to begin in January. Such fun!!!! I figured out where that Tomten voice was coming from. Last night I told Aaron I was just finishing this KAL and he said, "Well, you aren't signing up for anymore are you? You need to be working on my Tomten." I didn't say a word. Little jerk!!!

I've written a new lyrics to a Beach Boys song - I Wish They All Could Be KAL-Knittin Girls. Here are the finished pictures. It is difficult to get the full image, maybe I'll get a picture tomorrow of me sporting it.

Now I'm off to finish the latest clue of Mystic Waters.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Decrees - Life or Death?

In the musical Wicked, once Elphaba, commonly but wrongly called the Wicked Witch of the West, realizes that everything she has ever attempted to do for good has seemingly turned to bad she sings a song, "No Good Deed." She states,

No good deed goes unpunished
No act of charity goes unresented
No good deed goes unpunished
That's my new creed
My road of good intentions
Led where such roads always lead
No good deed
Goes unpunished!

Later in the same song she makes a decree.

No good deed goes unpunished
All helpful urges should be circumvented
No good deed goes unpunished
Sure, I meant well -
Well, look at what well-meant did:
All right, enough - so be it
So be it, then:
Let all Oz be agreed
I'm wicked through and through
Since I can not succeed
Fiyero, saving you
I promise no good deed
Will I attempt to do again
Ever again
No good deed
Will I do again!

I'm thinking about changing some of those words so that they fit me. I'm thinking about it, but you know ya gotta be careful when you start making those decrees. They can alter the paths your life takes. These are the words I'm thinking of changing them to with the final decree. Now, I'm not stating these words nor the decree. These are just thoughts.....just......thoughts.

No good KAL will be noticed
No Lace knitting takes up all your time
No good KAL will be noticed
That's my new creed
My road of shawls & stoles
Led where such roads always lead
No good KAL will be noticed!!

No good KAL will be noticed
All lace knitting urges should be circumvented
No good KAL will be noticed
Sure, I meant well -
Well, look at what well-meant did
All right, enough, so be it
So be it, then:
Let all the world be agreed
I'm wicked through and through
Since I can not succeed
UFOs, knitting you
I promise no good KAL
Will I ever join again
Every again
No good KAL
will I join again!!!

On the road up home to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family I cast on another sock. While knitting this sock Aaron's Tomten began talking to me from my knitting bag. He stated that if I weren't involved in so many KALs I would be able to finish him in time for Christmas. He went on to say that if I would quit adulterating with all the frilly, little lace thingys I would have plenty of time to knit all the socks, sweaters, scarves, gloves, mittens and this unbelievable dressing gown. He said, heck, then you'd actually be able to get some use out of that spinning wheel you had such a fit about getting. By the time I got to my mother's I was pretty well whupped. This stupid Tomten even had the nerve to stick his head out of the knitting bag when my family was going on about my socks and the felted bag. Nodding his silly little head and saying, See? These are the things that really get attention out here in the REAL world and not in your little KAL internet world.

So I got to thinking, maybe that is what I should do. I mean I should complete these KALs I'm working on right now and those I've already signed up for that start at the first of the year. But after that I should stop. I should wash my hands of all KALs. How many shawls/stoles can one person use anyways? I thought, I should make a decree - I will NOT join anymore KALs. Then I really started having totally crazy thoughts. My thoughts began to race toward the other end of the spectrum. I began thinking I should just frog everything but the KALs. That Tomten had just about put me over the edge folks. I thought to myself, "Peggy Lynn, girl, you gotta getta hold of yo'self. You gonna start letting some stupid boring brown Tomten boss you around? Girl, since when did you take to take'n bossin from anybody, especially from that ole thing?"

So, ya know what I did? ........I came home and joined a new KAL on Ravelry. It is Plumes of the Peacock KAL and this is the pattern. There is also another group separate from the Ravelry group doing the same thing

I have also reswatched for the Spring Shawl Surprice. I will show the two together.

The one on the left was knitted using US size 2's. The blocked dimensions are 5.5" x 4.25". The one on the right was knitted using US size 3's. The blocked dimensions are 6" x 5". Even with the size 2's my swatch is bigger than the designer's swatcher's swatch which is 4.7" x 3.9" I think I am going to size with the size 2's.

It's all good. And no decrees slippin passed these lips!!!

Maybe I should be singin that song, "Oopps, I did it again."

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!!!!

I just finished clue 7 of the Secret of the Stole KAL. The final clue comes out Friday. We also get to find out the theme at that time, I think. I don't have a clue except it has something to do with royalty and all that. Notice the swords?

Tuesday we went up to see Emma Belle's kindergarten Thanksgiving program, "No Turkey for Perky." Perky is a dog, it is a long story, suffice it to say that Perky no longer gets turkey on Thanksgiving. Emma, in her own words was "just a singer." But, and this isn't biased in the least, she was the best performing singer there was up there. The girl can swing those hips let me tell ya.
Over a year ago, maybe even two, she came walking up to me swinging her hips from side to side and said, "Gammy, why do you walk like this?" Then about a month later I picked her up and she said, "Gammy, when I get big and I have a big butt like yours I'll walk just like you."
Here is a picture of my little hip swinger and her Aunt Sara. Sara brought her flowers for her debut.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heading Down Stream

Welp, I have completed clue 4 of the Mystic Waters KAL. That means I am half way through. Therefore, I am a headin down stream. This shawl is going to be gorgeous. This particular picture was taken just kinda stretched out, I didn't take the time to pin it. I'm now trying to get caught up on SOTS.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's A Love/Hate Thang

I'm trying to figure out if I'm psycho or schizo, or possibly both. Maybe I'm a psychotic narcissist. The reason behind all this psychiatric wonderings is my knitting. You see I find myself going from, "I love knitting, how do people live without knitting? These KALs are the most fun, I'm enjoying this so much," to "I hate knitting, why did I ever start this crap, and these stupid KALs with all the stupid clues and mystery, idiots." See? Actually, I think if you look in the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) this love/hate thang would be categorized as Bi-Polar Knitting Disorder. Happily, the love is way more stronger than the hate. The hate only lasts about a minute if that long. So I think I'm okay except for the voices that keep telling me there are KALs out there I know not of.

Here's a picture of a swatch I knitted up for the Spring Shawl Surprice (sic). If you want to join look to the right under Emma Belle's picture and there thou shalt find the link. Anyways, I think I'm going to have to go down in needle size. I'm using Jaggerspun Zephyr. I'm not sure of what the color is called because it was a gift and it didn't have the name. I'm not really a "pink" person so I don't call it pink. I prefer to call it Light Rose. The swatch is knitted up using US size 3's. I think I'm going to have to go down to a size 2. The designer's swatcher's swatch is 4.7" x 3.9" whereas mine is approximately 6" x 5".

And I'm not sure if it is too open or not. I know it is a "what you like" thing but, what do you think? I'm such a dang loose knitter. Someone on one of the KAL groups prefers to say "relaxed" knitter. I think that just makes me a relaxed loose knitter. Or possibly a loose relaxed knitter?
What would be a good word for a person that is the knitting equivalent of a

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mystic Waters Clue 3

Just in time, I finished just in time......I finished Clue 3 last night and Clue 4 came out this morning. It is getting more and more beautiful. I am getting a little concerned though. Presently the width of mine is approximately 48" with some stretching. This is the first triangular shawl I have knitted so I'm no sure what the final dimensions of a regular shawl are.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Come On, Jump In, Join The Mania!!!

I've created a link list right under Emma Belle's picture linking to the upcoming KALs I will be taking part in. It has gotten so ridiculous it deserves its own slot. Once the group is closed I will remove that particular KAL from the list.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Making It Work!!!!!!

My keyboard is still screwed up. Jordan gave me a sermon on eating and drinking over it and the fact that it is in the kitchen with ALL the grease didn't help matters. Whatever!!! I figured out a way of tricking this thing. If I want an exclamation point, the at symbol or to capitalize some letters just to name a few I have to quickly tap the shift key and then whatever key it is I am needing. You can't hit them at the same time, just a split seconds difference. Heck, it may even be just a nano-second. You gotta get up pretty early to get over on this finagler!!!!!!

I finished Clue 6 of Secret of the Stole. This thing is going to be huge. Without even being blocked it measures about 4 - 4.5 ft.

And finally an adorable picture of Emma Belle and her little sister Ava Simone taken at Emma's Fall Festival last Friday.

Bowling Green, I think We Have A Problem

Okay, problem number one. My stupid, frickin keyboard has apparently gone on strike. It will let me capitalize only "certain" letters. I'm sure those letters have been complaining about being used far more than the others. It ain't my fault, I didn't make up the stupid language ABOUt A DOZEN EXCLAMATION POINTS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

yeah, it won't let me utilize the exclamation point AND you know how I love my exclamation points. I can't even make a happy face, or a sad one for that matter. Here in a bit I'm going to "power down" and see if that remedies the problem. A good cleaning probably wouldn't hurt either. The other day I dumped it over and enough crumbs fell out to make a loaf of bread. Hey, this is my eating/knitting/watching tv/work station FIVE EXCLAMATION POINTS.

that is a problem, but it isn't tHE problem I came to talk with you about today. I have a serious problem. I probably need a serious intervention. I can't really say I'm in denial. I AM really getting concerned about my knitting. Although I don't really think it is my fault. Well, you see........hmmm, where to begin. I've spoken about this before. Actually I thought it was kind of funny but it is getting way beyond funny. The whole issue is KALs.

I think I MAy be a KAL addict. Maybe, not definitely, the jury is still out on this one. Okay, I'll come clean. KALs just seem to fall in my lap, or jump on my screen. I will be just happily reading along and out of no where jumps another KAL. Now, one of the main culprits of these is Moni. She is the designer for Secret of Chrysopolis, one of the most gorgeous patterns I have ever seen. Well, she decided to do another KAL that starts after the first of the year - the Secret of Bad Nauheim. I find out today she is starting yet another KAL - the Fisherman's Wife. So here's how it plays out. I have had to build a spreadsheet so I can keep up with all the KALs I am either taking part in or getting ready to take part in. This is the list so far:

Mystery Stole 3 -- completed in August 07

Secret of the Stole -- Working on Clue 6 - I'm up to date on this one

Secret of Chrysopolis -- Working on Clue 2/Clue 7 has been released

Mystic Waters -- Working on Clue 3 - I'm up to date on this one

Spring Shawl Surprice -- to start Jan 08 - Swatch to be released Nov 15, 07

Secret of Bad Nauheim -- to start First of 08

Fisherman's Wife -- to start First of 08

Muir -- On going but starting November 15, 07 - I haven't even swatched yet.

I've finally come to the conclusion that yes, I am a KAL addict. I love knitting lace AND I love the mystery of what it is going to look like. I love being part of a world wide movement. We do have plans of taking over the world you know SIX EXCLAMAtION POINtS.

My other knitting is just going to have to understand. It is just who I am. And by golly, if they can't deal with it well, you know what I say? FROG It MULiPLE EXCLAMAtION POINtS.

I hereby vow, I will spread the word to all those far and wide, North, South, East and West. I will be a voice for all KALs I come across and do solemnly swear to make every attempt to proselytize thus making KAL converts every where my blog can be read. Amen and Amen.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shut Yo Mouf!!!!!

Mystic Waters can shut its mouth!!!!! I finished Clue 2!!!!! Oh yeah, I'm cool, I'm smooth, I got it goin on!!!!!

Clue 3 came out today but, since I'm not behind Mystic don't have a right to open its filthy little mouf.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Opened Up A Can Of Whup.....

I have opened up a can of whup.....well, you get the idea. People, it has been rough around my house here lately. You all know that I am presently taking part in the following KALs: Secret of the Stole, Secret of Chrysopolis & Mystic Waters. I've also signed up for Muir, which is supposed to start Nov. 15th, Spring Shawl Suprice and Secret of Bad Nauheim, both of which start some time in January. Okay, that is bad enough. I mean, I am up to date with Secret of the Stole.

I am, I don't know, 4 or 5 clues behind in Secret of Chrysopolis. And about half a clue behind in Mystic Waters. I haven't even swatched Muir. The thing is I have a major revolt going on here. Practically mutiny. I'm afraid to turn my back or close my eyes at night. I'm being threatened from every side. The other night I woke up with a pair of circulars inching around my neck. The KALs are so selfish. They are demanding my ever waking knitting moment. Screaming at me if I so much as think about doing anything else.

If that wasn't bad enough, I have all these stupid socks jumping on the needle wagon and the tomten. I'm not sure how much more I can take. I've begun having thoughts of straying. You know, to some young, innocent thing that will be so happy to just spend time with me, happy to be held, happy to just be seen!!!! But, we all know where that would lead. Before long they would be the nagging old hag all these other WIPs have become. Sure the fresh new sock yarns sit in my living room calling my name, whispering sweetness or whistling every time I walk through, trying to divert my attention their way. But I know what really lay within their heart. Its a trick, a diabolical scheme. I did get a little more work done on the Spring Socks while waiting at the doctor's with Nanny yesterday. I took out the Bellatrix socks thinking I might work on them. I don't even like them anymore. She is sloppy and I can tell she has a cold, cold heart and will not be affectionate enough. I think I'm going to frog her and cast on using a smaller needle. That might shut her squeal up, for a while anyways.

I don't even want to talk about my spinning wheel and fiber for fear they will join the mutinous throng. I don't know what to do. Should you not hear from me for a while would you please send a search party? Prepare them, it probably won't be pretty.

Happy Birthday Sissy!!!!!

Today is my little Sara Joan's 27th b-day. Where does the time go? When the kids were little and I was telling them something of importance I would say, "Watch my lips." You know how it is, you can be telling them something but their watching tv or looking at something or playing and it sounds like the teacher on Charlie Brown, "Wa, wha, wa, wha, wa." And they haven't heard a word. In one ear and out the other.

When Sara was about 3-4 I said, "Sissy, watch my lips, go pick up your room." This precious little long haired princess looked up at me and said, "Mommy, watch my lips, No....I....Won't." I can't remember what insued after that. I probably picked her up laughing, carried her to her room and helped. :)

My scanner isn't working so I couldn't scan any of Sara's baby or childhood photos. She is probably glad of that. Most all of you have seen her and her now husband, Matthew, in previous engagement photos so I'll leave you with this one. My little Buddy & Sissy, Aaron and Sara, went shopping late, late one night and they took this photo. We call it "Chicken & Duck Lips."

Can you tell who is who? I have a really strange family. I wonder where they get this stuff?

Knitting update this afternoon.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I Am...........

These days are passing over me
At the speed of light
And standing here in their shadows I'm silenced at the sight
Like water on the wind I sense the change to come
All that I've held in like teardrops run

I am clay and I am water
Falling forward in this order
While the world spins 'round so fast
Slowly I'm becoming who I am

Nothing ever stays the same
The wheel will always turn
I feel the fire in the change
But somehow it doesn't burn
Like a beggar blessed I stumble in the Grace
Reaching out my hand for what awaits

I am clay and I am water
Falling forward in this order
While the world spins 'round so fast
Slowly I'm becoming who I am

I will liveFrom my heart
And I will catch the lines of love as they come
Back to You
I know they'll lead
And into You
I know I'll lean

I am clay and I am water
Falling forward in this order
While the world spins 'round so fast
Slowly I'm becoming who I am
Margert Becker, Clay & Water from Falling Forward