Monday, December 31, 2007

Nanny, nanny, boo, boo

Although I think I am old enough to be their mother, when I grow up I want to be a skilled knitter like Peggy over at Chasing Bunny, to be able to spit out FOs and spin like Roseanne over at Possesed to Knit and to be able to do it all like Lori over at From the Wool Room.

So, I've started by making my own Wool Room. I've moved all my fiber, yarn, knitting/spinning books, spinning wheels and such to "my room." Which is good, because I've been on the war path, which is common for this time of year, to get the house in order and to keep it that way. Typically I am not upstairs, but now that I am Jordan is going to be forced to keep his room straight since it is the first thing I see when I come up the stairs. The stairs, Emma Belle's room and the upstairs bathroom will also follow suit. They will be cleaned and stay that way!!!!! Aaron's room is in the basement. Verily rarely do I have need to go down there, Thank God!!!! Everytime I do I alert my other family members to come searching for me if I do not return shortly. And if I don't to call the search and rescue team and alert Hazmat. The only reason I ever go into his area of the basement is to reset the wireless router when we lose the internet upstairs. This too WILL BE CLEAN. AND WILL STAY THAT WAY. If not then I'm going to clean their rooms and charge 'em $20 an hour. One way to make yarn/fiber money, huh?

Anyways, back to the subject, my Wool Room. I love it. My own little place of solitude, my haven, my respite. However, now everyone wants to come to my room to watch movies, take naps or, Good Lord, of all things ---- Communicate!!!!!

Aaron came up the other day, laid on the bed and starting to take a nap. I asked him why in the world did he do that, he could nap in his bed (germ city) or even in mine and his Daddy's bed downstairs, that I had made this room for me. He said, "But momma, it isn't that we want to do things in other rooms, we want to be near you." Even though he is 29, how does I momma refute that?

Here are various pictures of MY Wool Room including a picture of my wool closet and of my view looking out the door of the overlook into the living room. I really gotta paint the room though. Not in my color scheme.

I'm still in Tomten Hell although, I have finished the body, the hood is complete and kitchenerd together and I'm partly though the should of one of the arms. I gotta get this thing finished!!!! Tomorrow is the first and the Spring Shawl Surprice KAL begins. It is also the beginning of A Loose Knit Group's getting a jump on Christmas/gift knitting. Although there is no deadline with that group, I am so anxious to get started I'm almost afraid that the theme for January, mittens/gloves, will take all my time. Gosh, I gotta learn to manage my time better.

Yesterday Emma Belle and I went to see Enchanted. We enjoyed it so much we want to go back. Of course, much to my surpise the orignial Elphaba - Idina Menzel, is in the movie and they showed the Wicked billboard a couple times when Gizelle and the Prince first enter Time Square. So besides really enjoying the movie I got a little "Wicked" thrill. Which, by the way, January 12th myself, Emma Belle, Sara and Emma's mother Tabitha and I are heading to Cincinnatti to see the touring group of Wicked. Yeah, when I get into something I really get into it.

On the way home Emma Belle asked me to pray with her over an issue. Then she said, "Gammy, can I pray for you?" When I said, "Sure, what are you going to pray about for me?" She stated, "That you won't be mean to Gampy and about your attitude." Ouch!!!!!! I guess my cleaning war path had spilled over. Later that night I corrected her about something and she said, "If you are going to act like that I'm not going to pray for you any more. AND when you act like that you are lying to Jesus because we prayed that you wouldn't act like that anymore." I think she may need a little instruction as to the purpose of prayer. And before you begin thinking I'm some kind of witch. I am not mean, I'm just surrounded by stupid people!!!! (Just Kidding, please keep your cards & letters to yourself.)

I'll leave you with some Emma Belle pictures. Her trying out her new Heeleys, her new guitar and with a friend, Chloe, from church.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

It Sure Is A Good Thing!!!!

Christmas Eve Emma Belle informed me that even if you aren't good, Santa will still bring you toys. You just have to believe. It sure is a good thing or I may not have gotten anything. :)

My Sara and myself with our matching skirts. :)

We had a wonderful holiday. Hope you did as well. We always go up home, 2 hours away, every Christmas Eve and stay until Christmas evening. Christmas Eve evening is usually spent at my Mother's house. Lot's of good food and company with my half-sisters and step-sister and their spouses and children. After leaving there we always go to my aunt that raised me house, Nanny. We have done this since the children were little. She couldn't have children so myself and my sister, whom she also raised, and my children all like hers. And when the children were small we didn't have a lot of money so she was the main Santa. Which she loved. We owe her a lot.

It is always crazy at Nanny's. But particularly when you have all mine there. Since they have all gotten to be adults the last gift the boys and David get to open is a Nerf gun of some sort. It is at this point that all sane people run for cover. They have more fun with this than I think they would have as children.

My husband's mother usual comes over to Nans for a bit on Christmas Day. We had such a lovely time, as we always do, visiting with her. I'll have to post a picture sometime, she is going to be 80 this coming year and is one of the most gorgeous women. And it is all natural, no plastic surgery or face lifts for her.

I received some awesome gifts. Money - that is always a good thing. Jammies and stuff like that. I think the most exciting thing I received other than my laptop is a flatbed scanner. Sara read on my post wishing her a happy birthday that the scanner I had was all messed up and I couldn't scan any of my non-digital pictures so she and her husband, Matthew got one for me. Isn't that wonderful?

It was so nice to get home after all the hoopla. I have taken the middle upstairs bedroom and made it into my knitting/spinning/computing room. It is so awesome!!!!! My own little haven. IGood grief, I didn't realize I had so much yarn until I started trying to get it all in the same room in a tasteful manner. The same goes for fiber. Why would I ever need to purchase more of either? I'm sure I can find a reason don't you?
I finished Sara's Canterbury Memories Scarf. It turned out beautifully. Presently, before alltheKALs start up, I am trying to get this Tomten of Aaron's finished. B - O - R - I - N - G!!!!!!

I am so looking forward starting the knitting with A Loose Knit Group. January is mittens/gloves month. I believe I'm going to make some fingerless gloves with my handspun yarn.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fasten Your Seat Belts

Fasten your seat belts puppies, we may be in for a bumpy ride. We are just leaving the Land of Denial and are fast approaching the Land of Hyper-Denial. While in the Land of Hyper-Denial you will enjoy a wondrous, life of knitting fantasy. Need another pair of socks by night-fall, no problem. Two more scarfs by Christmas morning? You got it.

Why, my lads and lassies, while skipping merrily through the pool of knits & purls there is no need for anti-anxiety drugs. All is always well. You have plenty of time, you can do it. Sleep? Who needs it? Life if grand!!!!!

I'm not quite sure. I'm not really sure what has happened. I know I was in the Land of Denial and I remember entering into the Land of Hyper-Denial. I think I've entered into the Land of Who Gives A Flip. Not sure though, it could just be a deeper level of hyper-denial. My knitting progress over the last week or so has been horrible. Almost non-existent.

I think there are possibly two (count 'em), two reasons:

1) I got a laptop for Christmas so I've been either getting it set up or playing with it. Oh my, it is wonderful. I can sit anywhere in the house and still be connected to you. :)

2) I know that January is coming and with the help of A Loose Knit Group I will never, NEVER, N E V E R, find myself in this place again. EVER!!!!! (Come on over and join us!!!!)

I suppose a third reason is that I could have had a crash landing into the Land of Reality. And I've finally realized, it ain't gonna happen so heck, just chalk this one up for experience and enjoy life.

Emma Belle re-wrote some of the words to Frosty the Snowman. She didn't realize she was changing the words, I suppose this is what she heard while listening to the song. She has since changed the words back to normal.

But her 5 year old ears initially heard:

Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy snow, with a porno pipe and a button nose and his pants made out of cold.

We all about passed a kidney stone on that one!!!!!

Here is hoping you all a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wanna Be My Buddy?

I've been very, very lax in my knitting here lately. Ridiculous when you think of what all I have on the needles. Although most of my Christmas knitting is finished. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN TO ME AGAIN!!!! You either? Got a plan? I do!!!!! Read through the bottom and see what you think of my plan of action.

Mystic Waters is finished and blocking. I really am looking forward to wearing this one, it is so beautiful and I love the fact that it is triangular. :) Mine measures 86" across the top and 46" from point to base.

I received the neatest Christmas Around the World swap package today all the way from England. Ronnie included some beautiful antique trinket boxes, some lovely yarn she dyed herself, and two sets of antique knitting needles, one set of straights from the 1950's and one set of dpns from the 1940's. A pattern book, some ornaments and a really, really cute Gnome she knitted. I love it. If you have the chance check out her blog, she has some absolutely beautiful things she has made.

Now for the big plan. Loribird said something that got me to thinking. Why not start a Knit Along, of sorts, that starts in January and goes throughout the year. Every month the focus will be on something different, i.e. January - mittens/gloves, February - scarves, March - hats, etc. Anyways, if you think you would be interested check out "A Loose Knit Group". You can be my knitting buddy and I can be yours!!!! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's A Mom Thing

My baby, Jordan-23, had his four wisdom teeth cut out this morning. Sara calls him LBD, Little Baby Donna. When he was little bitty, around 2, David was watching him while I was at work. When I got home he asked, "Who in the world is Donna?" I told him I didn't know, we didn't know any Donna's. Why? He said that every time he asked Jordan who something belonged to he would say "Donna." I laughed and told him that was how he said Jordan. So ever since that is one of several nick names we have for him. Emma Belle even calls him Uncle Donna. This is a picture of a picture, my scanner is still wacked out so it is kinda crappy. LBD at 23 on the left and 2 on the right. The one on the right was taken in the mountains of Haiti while we were on a missions trip there. Jordan has a tiny cup of the coffee syrup they served us. It wasn't actually syrup, but it was sure sweet enough to be.
The doctor said he would have quite a bit of swelling due to the depth of where the teeth were and something about the bone. Bless his little heart. I drove him there and back. I'm kinda out of sorts. I guess it is a "Mom Thing." I feel kinda nauseated and hurt all over every time I look at him.

Not much to report on the knitting side. I haven't started the last clue of Mystic Waters, maybe today sometime. I thought I was almost finished with Sara's Canterbury Memories Scarf but one skein isn't going to make it long enough. Thankfully I bought two at the time.

The preliminary instructions and swatch pattern were released for Secret of the Stole II yesterday. Here is my swatch. It is knitted on US Size 3s with Knit Picks Shadow in Vineyard. I cannot praise Knit Picks Shadow enough, I just love it. My swatch size is 5.5" x 8". It might be on the big size, but I really like the way it looks.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Someone Saved A Life Tonight......"

Actually, something saved a life yesterday. You know as we go through life there are things we begin to take for granted. The little things that make our life easier. You walk into a room and flip a switch with total faith that the lights are going to come on. That is unless you forgot to pay the light bill after the umpteenth disconnect letter was received, or you got just a little too happy with the debit card at White Castle and the check bounced or possibly that ugly thing that used to be the sweetest little thing before it grew into a teenager slithered in during the middle of the night and stole every dang light bulb in the house for a their friend's house. There are those little things that totally change our life every day we have just grown accustomed to, never giving it another thought.

A life was saved yesterday by a little blue piece of rubber. Yeah!!!!! A little blue piece of rubber!!!! I can't give you a picture of the exact little blue rubbery thing, it is busy doing its job. But here is a picture of one of its relatives.
When duty called, and it was quite a dangerous situation, this little feller didn't hesitate. He stood up to the challenge and came out with shining colors. You see, yesterday morning I completed a few more rows of Mystic Waters, wrapped it up and placed it on the kitchen table lovingly patting it as I walked away. Little did I know what was to occur next. I went into the bedroom to get ready for the 2 hour trip to take Nanny to the doctor. Singing my little carefree heart out, I changed my clothes, put on my makeup, laced up my boots and out the door I went, joyfully skipping through the living room. What should catch my eye? My Mystic Waters spread eagle on the kitchen floor with a trail of yarn leading into the living room, under the couch and around behind the love seat. I immediately knew the culprit, Roegun, Jordan's dog. Screaming, I dropped to my knees and scooped up my little shawl, carefully examining each stitch and inch for injury. Thank God, she was fine. All stitches intact and all because of those little neglected, rarely praised blue thingys. Roegun has no idea had it not been for these little brave guys his life would be greatly diminished.

Although the shawl survived unscathed the ball of alpaca cloud suffered a great deal. Again, thankfully I had one more ball.
Can I get a hooyah for all the brave little blue fellers out there? H O O Y A H!!!!!!

The Vineyard Socks are finished. They just about came out perfect.

And I completed Clue 7 of Mystic Waters!!!! Only one more to go to be released Wednesday and this baby will be ready for blocking. I can't wait, this design is so beautiful.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Got Any Nitroglycerin To Spare?

I just counted and we have 16 days before Christmas. Ya know, I'm a much happier person if allowed to dwell in the land of denial. Actually, of all the places I've lived it is my favorite. My daughter called me this morning asking if I was getting the "Christmas spirit." I told her I tried not to think about it because when I did I went into an anxiety attack thinking of how little time I have to get everything finished. Ya know what she said? "You better get to knittin!!!!!"

Maybe I won't give any gifts this year, I'll just get all these finished in time for next Christmas. What is wrong with me? Why is it I can't seem to get into the mood for scarves, mittens and the like until the weather is suitable. It would be like knitting a bikini for next summer right now. Totally absurd!!!!!

So puppies, we are back to"The Schedule." Although, I am not going to venture to say what I expect to get done by when since this is Saturday, my Sundays are crazy and Monday I have to go back up home. But this is where we stand as of now:

Tomten - I'm not sure but I think I hate the Tomten. I'm working on the hood part. To me it is just one big ugly brown glob. I HATE HIM!!!!!! But, I will finish, I will conquer!!!!!

Vineyard Socks - Turning the heel of second sock.

Spring Socks - Working on cuff of second sock.

Mystic Waters - More than halfway through latest clue, #7, it will be caught up and ready when the final clue, #8, is released on Wednesday.

Sara's Canterbury Memories Scarf - Moving right along.

La Dentelle Belle Scarf - 3 repeats, a ways to go.

MT's Christmas Socks - These are the Gentleman's Sock in Railway Stitch from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I'm knitting the cuff, heel and toe in the tweed and the rest in the solid.

Okay, enough of reality, I'm going back to the happy knitting land of denial. Maybe the next time I emerge I'll have something to update.
This will not happen to me again!!!!! If I make it through this gift season I'm going to get a jump on next year. I swear it!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Honestly folks!!!!!

Honestly, how much garter stitch can one person endure for one day? I have a new mode of torture to offer here. As you well know, I finished clue 6 of Mystic Waters, thank the Good Lord, clue 7 just came out, and thought I'd get some of my other knitting, I can't say caught up, but further along.

Since the tomten (Aaron) has been making the most commotion around here I thought I'd try to get that thing on its way to being finished. I am seeing daylight at the end of the tunnel, but people, I think the light at the end isn't heaven, I think it is hell!!!!!! I mean really, goes on forever!!!!!
I'm just a few inches short of putting all the stitches back on the same needles to begin the hood. In order to stave off complete lunacy every couple rows or so I diverted myself with some nice, fun ball winding. I've had some lace weight for quite some time. Ladies, you know the trick, you put a new dress in the back of the closet and about a week later when you pull it out to wear and the hubby says, "Is that new?", you say, "This? No I've had it stuck back in the closet for some time now." (Now, now, Sara, this is just a joke, you know your mommy would never do that to your naive, I mean sweet, caring father, this is just an example of things I've heard other women talking about. For shame, for shame!!!!!)

Anyways, back to the lace weight. You know I have several KALs starting in Jan '08. For most the yarn requirements have not been released but I went by their names and what most of the KALs have called for and went ahead and ordered my yarn from Knit Picks. So I had a ball winding party. Here it is, a Basket O'Fun.

Oh, yeah, another KAL addict, Sylvie, turned me on to a new group, I Love K And C Alongs. (knit alongs and crochet alongs). You ought to come join. We are starting a new KAL beginning this Friday for a gorgeous scarf done up in fingering weight. It is called: La Dentelle Belle Scarf. Gosh, I need some suitable fingering weight. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............

Sylvie's blog's name is: Sylvie the Procrasknitter. Isn't that cute!!!!! Aaron and I came up with a new name for mine: The Dominknittrix. Oh, yeah!!!!!!


After reading Loribird's comment I thought I'd add more info regarding the lace weights shown above. Following the order in the picture below from left to right: All are Knit Picks lace weights.

Shimmer in Morning Mist, Shadow in Vineyard, Shadow in Jewels and Shimmer in Turquoise Slendor.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Peacocks, Waters & Taffy

Not much new around here. The weekend was busy and crazy so Emma and I didn't get to make the gingerbread house. Maybe this coming weekend.

I received the gorgeous pattern for the Pretty As A Peacock shawl and knitted up the swatch. It calls for US size 4s, 24 sts and 36 rows in stockinette creating a 4 x 4 inch swatch. I went down to a US size 3 and came up with a 4 x 4.5 inch swatch. I think I'm going to go with it. The yarn I chose is Knit Picks' Gloss in Woodland Sage.

I also just finished clue 6 of the Mystic Waters KAL. Just two more left I think. I can't wait to get it finished and wet blocked. This yarn should really "bloom." (David was my model.)

I've picked up some more yarn and goodies to ship to my friend in Norway, Heidi. She ordered some candy from a shop in San Diego, CA, had it sent here so I could send it with the stuff I got for her. She is such a sweet heart!!!!! She had them include a pound of salt water taffy for me!!!!! Isn't that sweet? Seriously, I have the best on-line friends. The candy store is Cousin's Candy Shops. As you can see, I've been putting quite a whuppin on that pound!!!!