Thursday, May 31, 2007

Four Letter Words

There are many "four letter words" in the world. Back in my day there were four letter words and then there were FOUR LETTER WORDS. It wasn't uncommon to hear the lower case four letter words flying around my house when my aunt dropped something or cut her finger or on the very, very seldom occasion that I was an aggravating or disobedient child. Hey, it has taken me 50 years to get as stubborn and rebellious as I am. I had to start practicing early!!!!!!

Now, in this day and age the term "four letter word" has a completely different meaning. What you hear nowadays are what we called FOUR LETTER WORDS. I will not go into detail here, but suffice it to say I'm not talking about crap or suck. More than likely there are other words that this generation thinks are FOUR LETTER WORDS.

I have submitted a request for those who are the keepers of all "four letter words," "FOUR LETTER WORDS," and "FOUR LETTER WORDS." Once they have completed the preliminary investigation a House and Senate Bill will be submitted for review and from there the bill will be sent to the President for his signature. At which point this four letter word of all four letter words will go down as the worse four letter word, and any derivation therefore, in the universe.

I have personally lobbied both the Senate and the House and just this morning have spoken with the President and he has given me his complete confidence that this bill will be passed and swiftly.

Now you may asking "What word can she be talking about?" Some of you already know and will be willing to join in the fight. The word, do I dare even whisper it, the word is "sock, SOCK, SOCK." Hitherto known as *oc*.

I know there are those of you who are presently having a love affair with *oc* or *oc*s. But, you just wait. They are filthy, little, lying, time thieving creeps. And even in your pristine world they will one day raise their evil heads. Now, I know, you can't judge one *oc* by another *oc*. True. I have knitted many pairs of *oc*s and been very pleased with their performance and the outcome. However, during the late spring and this early summer there is a bad breed of *oc* running rampant across the land. I know from personal experience. Also, my friend June has dealt with some renegades and I have read many, many blogs of *oc* knitters who have experienced this new revolt's fury.

I say ENOUGH!!!!! *oc* knitters UNITE. Let us conquer these demons. Let us force them to succumb to the image of our feet. There will be no, "Give me liberty" for these varmints. It is either you will conform into our image or you will be dismantled and frogged!!!!!!! Let these pictures be an example to all:

The beginning of a love affair. I took it with me everywhere, even to Gatlinburg to see the sights.

I displayed it in progress for all to see its glory and progress. But was that good enough? NO!!! Double crossing little creeps. I finished the first one........too big. I was nice, I was going to send it to a wonderful new home where it would fit in quite nicely. But no, when I went to turn the heel on the second one low and behold, the fricken fracken sole was longer than it should be. Yeah, yeah, I know, that wasn't the *oc*s fault. But, if the first one hadn't had it in for me I wouldn't have been so frustrated as to make that mistake. It wasn't my fault!!!!! It was the *oc*s!!!!!!

So *oc*s beware, this can and will happen to you should you not comply with my wishes.

You will be frogged, really just a nice word for ripped out with who knows how many four letters words flying about mingled with your stinking name *oc*!!!!! And yes, that is a new *oc* on those needles. It has been warned.

Now onto lighter matters.
A couple more pictures of Emma Belle's birthday party.

This one is of Emma and myself.

Elphaba & Dorothy.

(Emma Belle & Ava)

Get Me To The Church On Time

Well, there is going to be a wedding come October 13, 2007. Our only daughter, Sara, is getting married. We are all very excited. The young man she is marrying is a wonderful Christian. Actually we knew him before she did. He plays keyboard for the worship team that David and I lead at church. She is 26 and he is 28. Oh, yeah, I guess I should tell you his name huh? Well I'll do it this way. Let me introduce you to:

The future Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Thomas

Ain't they cute. Like I said, her father and I are very pleased. Both of these two have waited a long time for the right one to come along.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mischief Managed!!!!

Well, actually, I just like the way that sounds. My mischief is totally unmanageable. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." Oh, okay, alright, already. Enough of that. Really, I've been up to all kinds of good.

If you remember on of my previous posts about extroverted flatulenteur, well here we go again.
My stupid cell phone died on me. Well, I killed it by placing it on the table out by the pool while I proceeded to water the plants inadvertently watering the top of the table as well. Idiot!!!! Anyways, I had all these cool ring tones from Wicked and as you know, when you pay and download the stupid things they stay with the phone. So I went to my account on-line to download them again. I CANNOT live without 'em. Low and behold when I looked at my account it said my next bill was $1300.00!!!!! Freak out time, this cannot be correct. I called customer service and it was correct. Seems for months now we have been living off of roll-over minutes. Then Sara went out of town for job training. You know the boyfriend thing, she couldn't live without talking to him copious amounts and usually before free nights started. And Aaron was dating a girl who isn't on our network so that counted minutes. Customer Service was very, very nice. I changed my plan, she backdated it to start with this billing cycle since we had already gone over our allotted minutes and she also got it backdated to the previous month. I'm waiting for a call to tell me the damage after all that. It will probably be several hundred but nothing like $1300.00. So now I'm afraid to download my ring tones so I'm using the generic ones that come with the phone that sound just like everyone else's in the world. :(

We have about 13 acres and typically we mow about 10 of it. Aaron has been in charge of the mowing however now he has so many students, he teaches music, and with his other job he just doesn't have time. He usually meets his self coming and going. Everyone else works, and of course we all know that I don't!!!!! So the mowing is falling on me. Truthfully I enjoy it. Somewhat mindless. But not totally mindless for me. Our mower is a Dixon 60" zero radius. I know it had to be quite humorous watching me mowing at first. I cannot tell you how many backwards turns I made, but I kept my cool just in case the neighbors across the way were watching or my boys were having a good laugh on mom or just in case the CIA had a spy satellite honed in on me, I just acted like that is what I meant to do and started going the other direction. I'm much better at it now. I had the bright idea of mowing so the cut grass went into the middle so as I continued mowing it would cut the mowed grass finer since the grass was quite tall. Well my plan backfired. Can you believe it? I mean a plan I devised backfiring, really!!!!! The grass actually locked up the blades on this commercial mower and I broke a belt. Aaron lovingly carried on and on about it the whole way to the Dixon dealership. Forty some odd dollars later I have a new belt. Got home, Aaron put it on, started mowing again and ran out of gas at the bottom of one of our hills. Had to wait to get gas so I went to knitting at Barnes & Noble. A good time was had by all. The next morning David refilled the gas tank and off I went.
The pool dude finally came and fixed the leak in the pool and I am refilling (again) as we speak. After it is filled I am to call him so he can come and fix the heater. Pray people, pray. I really, really need to get this up and running without any additional expense.
My stupid socks I've been working on (several posts back) are definitely too big. I even tried to trick the little creeps but it didn't work. So they are going to a very wonderful home. I'll have a picture this weekend. From now on I am not using one of those "special fit charts." They are liars!!!!
I take that back, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good," and mischief is not managed. On a very happy note. I joined a fiber swap and yesterday I received my package from my fiber swap partner, Susan Tipton. It totally blew me away and gave me a needed lift.
8 oz of some beautiful kind of coffee with a little bit of cream brown alpaca
1 oz tussah silk
2.6 oz cotton
2.4 oz Olde Babydoll Southdown Sheep
.2 oz angelina
1 lbs hand dyed alpaca-merino blend
Isn't that awesome!!!! However, like my many other wonderful fibers that I have either purchased or has been given to me, I hate to go ahead and attempt spinning it up for fear of screwing it up. Guess you gotta start somewhere, huh?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wizard of Oz........Whatelse?

This past Saturday we went back home to big ole Brandenburg, KY to celebrate Emma Belle's 5th birthday with her mother's, Tabitha, side of the family. It was so nice to have all of Emma's family on both of her parent's side celebrating together. We had such a nice time and hadn't seen most of them for several years at the least. The weather was perfect and the food was great. Now on to the more important things. Pictures!!!!!!

If you cannot tell, the theme for the party was Wizard of Oz. This one is of my sweet little "Elphaba" with her Wicked Witch of the West Barbie myself, Gammy, and her Gampy gave her. Soooooo sweet.

Whatcha think about those eyebrows? Cute ain't they.

And what wicked witch picture would be complete without a Dorothy or two?

Emma Belle's little sister, Ava. (left)

Tabitha's friend, Sonya, and her little Dorothy, Olivia.

We have to have a Tin Man, Emma's cousin, Bryce.
"Happy Birthday......." Emma's cousin Bryce singing happy birthday to her.

Blowing out the candles.

Enjoying a little cake. Ava really enjoyed the cake. :)

And now just a few extra pictures, you know you want to see them all!!!!

Emma, a girl after my own heart!!!!! She is saying WICKED RULES!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Extroverted Flatulenteur - Not for the easily offended, you have been warned!!!!

Several years ago, actually around, OMG, 11 years ago. Where, oh where does time go? Anyways I began substitute teaching around 11 years ago. I loved it, absolutely loved it!!!!! You have to realize at that time we lived in a county, Meade, with a total population of 25,000. There was one high school, one middle school and approximately 8 elementary schools. I was in a classroom at least four days a week and it was usually in one elementary school, Ekron Elementary or I was at the middle school, Stuart Pepper Middle School. So, I got to know the kids in those two schools pretty well. The majority of the kids loved me as did the teachers. First off, one reason the teachers loved me is that I was capable of following their lesson plans, so when they came back the children really hadn't lost a day. Secondly, any classroom issues that ensued, or children I had difficulties with I did everything within my power to take care of myself. Have you ever gotten a baby sitter or left your child in a church nursery and when you went to pick 'em up, if the person in charge began telling you how unruly your child was you really didn't want to use that person again? Or how about this, have you ever taken your dog to the groomer and if they told you how horrible your dog was to handle you didn't want to go back to that groomer? Okay, alright, whatever. Your kids and dogs are perfect or you are far to intelligent to deal with things this way, but hey, you know, we do not live in a perfect world, therefore I am pathetically human. So the teachers didn't have to come back the next day with a note telling them this child did this and that child did that, blah, blah, blah. BLAH. I believe the kids loved me for several reasons but primarily because of three things. 1) I was consistent with the rules, what they saw is what they got 2) They knew I genuinely cared and 3) I didn't let the troubles of the day before, or the week before or the month before bleed into the new school day. They had a clean slate.

You know the little fellers are so sweet, so inquisitive and honest. There was this one little first grade girl, Brittany, who was particularly sweet. One day she came up to my desk and put her arm around my neck and placed her sweet little brunette head against mine and said, "Mrs. Sturgeon, I love you. Did you know I had lice a couple weeks ago?" "Oh, Brittany, I love you too, you really need to go sit AT YOUR DESK....NOW. I really do think you are sweet." And that was in the morning!!!! I had to wait all day to get home and have myself checked out. Ooooooo shutter, shutter.

My complete favorite age group was middle school. For me there was just something special about 7th & 8th graders. They can take care of themselves but they are still somewhat pliable. You can still impress them. Unlike high school students. One year I taught the last 5 1/2 weeks of high school mathematics. These classes had already ran off two other teachers. It was rough. But, I did survive. High school students aren't really impressed with anything, particularly the ones I had in those classes. Back to my story and the middle schoolers. When the teachers left a video or when I had a free period I always knitted and the kids were pretty amazed at that. One day this young man, Chad, wanted to know if I could knit like those chickens on the cartoons. You know, they move their elbows up and down and the knitting just flows. This is the same sweetie that told me his goal was to be a drag queen and since I was a Christian, what did I think Jesus thought about him wanting to be a drag queen. I told him Jesus loves us no matter what and we should just ask Him what we should do. He was really precious. There was this one particular literature class that I loved but they were rowdy, ROWOWOWOWDY! They had been reading Romeo and Juliet and the teacher had left the old 1970's version for them to watch. I knew the video had been edited to leave out the the semi-naked scene with Juliet. But, being the conniving, slick person I am I told them that I was really going to have to be attentive because there was a naked scene I had to make sure I fast forwarded through. You wouldn't believe it. Those kids were glued to the tv and kept asking, "Mrs. Sturgeon, is coming up?, Mrs. Sturgeon, we haven't missed it have we?" Best little white lie I ever told. :)

I'm finally getting to the whole crux of this story. I had a good friend who at that time taught 7th Mathematics, now she is an assistant principal there. There was another teacher in her group that taught 7th grade Science, we shall call him Carl. The names have been changed to protect my butt. :) Carl would come into the teachers lounge every day and proceed to tell us every detail about his evening prior. He was an only child and thought that the sun and the moon rose and set just for him. Anyways, my friend made the comment one day, "Carl can't even fart without having to come in and tell about it."

I've been thinking, I think I'm kinda like that. Well, I do not tell about my flatulence, however, I could tell you some doosies. No, now seriously, I think I AM like that. Purt near anything that goes on in my life I gotta tell somebody. And you poor blog readers get the brunt of my extroverted flatulence. How about you? Maybe that is why we are bloggers.

And of course my (our) Emma Belle at our church picnic. Saturday we are celebrating her 5th b-day. It is going to have a theme. Can you guess it? Guess you will have to wait until the next fart. I mean post.

I promise, I will not continue this gaseous topic beyond this post.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Unaffectionate Socks

I'm beginning to have a sock complex. I don't know, I suppose it could be me. I bathe often, I don't think my feet really stink. I mean, how could they I've been primarily wearing flip flops. Actually, I think it may be a conspiracy between the yarn and the needles. They are in cahoots together. I can't really say why. I've used these same no. 2 needles for countless pairs. I did recently purchased some size 1's and 0's. Maybe that was where I went wrong. Possibly the no. 2's feel threatened. I don't now what the yarn would have against me, well, I have been caressing and cooing over my sock yarn stash I have hidden in the closet. It could be that I suppose. But I am a very affectionate person. Just a simple hug does wonders for me. Brings healing to my soul. I really need hugs, especially sock hugs. Particularly from my own little creations that I have loving labored over.

Not long ago I made a beautiful pair of socks. I was so excited. Over several years of knitting socks I only have one pair myself. All the others have been gifts, because I'm just so darn sweet. But for these special socks for special me I had picked out some special Cherry Hill sock yarn. Really nice, soft sock yarn. Although I absolutely hate to check gauge and typically don't for socks I thought I would go ahead and have a look see. It checked out just fine. The pattern was "Retro Rib" from Interweave Knits- Winter 2004. When I finished the little creeps they were way too big around my ankle and calf so I gave them to my oldest son, Aaron. He really appreciates my handmade goodies so they went to a good home. Although, I haven't seen them come through the laundry........nope I'm not even going to think about it. Personally, I like living in the land of denial. Life is so happy and care free there. This is the only picture I have because I was so ticked when I finished them.

Well once again I'm a little bummed out. I started working on these stupid socks oh, I don't know, several weeks ago. These are the first pair I've knitted toe up, the jury is still out on whether I like that or not. These don't appear to be the hugging type either, not with my foot anyways. And I've put too much work into them to rip out and start over so they are liable to end up as a gift. We shall see, I might be fretting for no reason. Here are a couple pictures of the foot part. What do you think?

I think I might try and trick the little demons. I 'm going to slip in those size 1's to finish the cuff and we will see who laughs last. Jerks!!!!!

On to a happy thought. What post is truly complete without a picture of my little Emma Belle. Sunday was our church picnic, the theme was "Hoe Down." Sara bought Emma the cutest little hot pink cowgirl boots you ever did see and this pink cowgirl hat. I took this picture at the grocery yesterday. Isn't she adorable. How about those big round brown eyes.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Today Was A Very Bunny Day!!!!

Today was the day myself, Emma Belle, June and her daughter Caryn set out for the "Get Peggy A Bunny Adventure." And what an adventure it was. Now, June may have a totally different story than me, TOTALLY. Emma and I set out from my house at around 8:30 am, drove to Franklin, KY and picked up June and Caryn. All was fine we were in happy spirits. Sweet Caryn kept Emma happy in the back seat playing games with her. Got to Nashville, still with good attitudes all around. Headed out of Nashville toward the bunny house and we drove and drove and drove and drove some more. I'm not blaming anyone, really, I'm not. We had wrong directions and not of our fault. We ended up driving at least 15 miles beyond our proper exit. By this time our spirits were waning and June stated that I probably should go ahead and get two bunnies so we didn't have to do this again. Can you detect the negative fibes? Actually, I was not very happy myself and decided that she was probably right. But we made the best of it discussing what we would name the two. Emma wanted to name one Zippee and the other Zappee. So, that was fine, I mean, it's not like a bunny is going to come running when called.

Long story short, what I thought would probably take about 1 1/2 hours from June's house ended up taking at least 2 hours, probably more I think. We finally got to the bunny house and we all rolled, I mean climbed, out of the car. Once there it was so difficult to choose which bunnies I wanted. There were three litters of babies, 10 weeks, 8 weeks and 6 weeks. After going from one cage of babies to another I finally chose the two that would come home with me. The both are French Angora, could I have anything but French? One sable pearl (I think that is what it is called) female 6 weeks old and a REW male 10 weeks old. We packed back in the car with Zippee and Zappee and headed back to Ole Kentuck.

I could say a lot here about where we stopped to eat, suffice it to say we were not happy. The trip home didn't seem to take as long, you know how that is. Emma changed their names to Cloudy and Sunshine. We dropped June and Caryn off and home we went.

Their names were changed to Elphaba and Fieryo. David, who usually names all our animals, wants to name them Priscilla and Aquilla from the New Testament. Emma just said she wants to call the girl Kitty. I don't know what the heck they are going to be called and at this point who care.

I was away from the house a total of 8 hours counting traveling time and stopping by the store for bunny stuff on the way back. All in all I'd say it was a pretty good day. Except for the fact I scared the crap out of June at least a couple times. My brakes on the passenger side are out, sorry June.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Visited the Devil Again Today!!!!

Why do I do these things? Why? Why? Can someone please tell me? I have a friend, Heidi, who lives in Norway. I've been picking up a few things she has requested to be shipped to her. Why would she want me to do that? Well, I can pick up multiple items from multiple stores and ship them all in the same box. Therefore, she saves a good deal on shipping. Anyways, one of the things Heidi asked me to pick up for her was some Tofutsie sock yarn. I picked up one of the colors last week, the other color wasn't going to be in until the 15th. I got the email from the devil aka Starla, owner of Crafty Hands, my local LYS, that in fact the new Tofutsie colors had arrived. My plan was to just waltz in, pickup Heidi's yarn and march right out. But no, the great tempter of all knitters in Bowling Green couldn't just let me do that. Right there in front of the register, arranged in a nice little basket, she brought my attention to some new sock yarn, the Tofutsie Limited Edition Collection, "when it is gone, it is gone." I was tempted beyond my capability to bear and so have a look see.

Can't you just see this in a lovely lacy pattern? I can't remember how often she said the Limited Edition Collection skeins were coming out. Guess I'll have to check in every month.

My request is for you to please pray, fast or just contribute to the Peggy L. Sturgeon Sock Yarn Relief Fund. I'm sure this isn't the last you've seen of these stupid limited edition thingys.

Also, here is a picture of the other hibiscus the kids gave me for Mother's Day. I love coral.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Joanne was the tagger, is that a word?

Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and need to read your blog. The facts:

1. I took piano for 9 years and my favorite composer is Beethoven. However, I haven't played in many more years than 9. Sad but true.

2. I always wanted to be a female 007, but I can't stand to be chased!!!!

3. I love all things French. I've been to France once and completely love the country and its history. My husband says I think I am Marie Antoinette and that I'd better watch my head. :)

4. I love impacting the lives of others. Enlarging other's horizon of experiences.

5. I have 90+ hours of a degree in Mathematics. But don't ask me to do simple arithmatic or make change. :)

6. I'm getting my very own angora bunny this weekend. If it is a boy it shall be called: Oscar, or Wilfred, or Bucky, or Otto. If it is a girl it shall be called: Penelope, or Zelda, or Cricket, or Cinderella. Actually, it probably won't be any of those name, but I thought that would be funny.

7. I am an extreme extrovert!!!!! Somewhat, okay very very much so. Hyper and spastic if you get me on the right subject. :) Those of you who know me, you know what I mean!!!!

I heretofore to solemnly tag: June, Holly, Traci, Roseann, Heidi, Loribird, and the other Holly . I totally understand if some of you do not want to or do not have the time to participate in this, so please do not feel obliged.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Traditions, Making Smiles & Happy Mother's Day

What a wonderful Mother's Day this has been. When I arrived at church this morning I was met by our Associate Pastor's wife, Renee, who gave me a beautiful orchid corsage.

It is tradition for me to preach (speak, talk, blab) on Mother's Day. Before I began speaking I was given this beautiful bouquet of flowers. It looks so refreshing with the lemons in the vase.

My message was about the need for traditions and the passing down of not only heirlooms (no matter what monetary value) but also the passing down of attitudes, being an influence, a mentor to all those we come in contact with. One of my main points is that whether you have biological children or not, you can still be a mother, a teacher, an influence. There is always someone whom you can brighten their day. That grocery clerk or the waiter/waitress at the restaurant. People who need just one smile are everywhere we look. My main reason for bringing that up here is I brought up the fact that one of the things that is very important to me to pass down are "old" arts and crafts. I brought some of my knitting and gave a very, very, very short demonstration of using a drop spindle with a little history. I thought about taking my wheel but then I was afraid everyone would want to touch her. :) All in all it went quite well. I received a lot of positive feedback.

After church I was treated to a scrumptious meal prepared by my daughter Sara. I didn't have to do anything!!!!! What a blessing.

Directly following our meal Sara was adamant that we all had to get ready to go down to the pool and that we all had to go together, no one could dilly dally or come down later. "WE ALL HAVE TO GO TOGETHER!"

Imagine my surprise when I came down the steps off the deck, rounded the corner and saw this. While I was away at Sunday School, Sara, her boyfriend, Matthew and Aaron had all picked up this lovely patio furniture. A table, umbrella, four chairs, two loungers and an accent table.

They had also bought two hibiscus. One is a lovely double bloom coral and the other is a surprise. You AND I have to wait until it blooms.

What an extremely wonderful day. I count myself to be very blessed and I am immensely thankful. Hope your day went as well, if it didn't, never ever give up, it can and will change!!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Pool, The Idiot Addict & The Babe

I'm an idiot. Well, actually I'm an addict. I just ordered some more beautiful batts from Abby. The name of this one is Dandelion and they consist of Superwash Merino Wool/Tussah Silk/Mohair. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm an idiot. I need more fiber to spin like I need a whole in the head.

I also received some lovely alpaca roving from North Star Alpacas. Maple also sent me a bar of some wonderful smelling lavendar soap. It is all so yummy. The alpaca fiber is extremely soft. I can't wait to spin it up although I'm a little anxious being as I've never spun alpaca before.

I've just realized that I have another awesome purchase I recently made. It arrived about the same time I purchased all my sock yarn so I was totally embarrased to reveal yet another thing. I do really love it. With spinning the Jacob I purchased from Red Barn I was able to weigh it and divide it up evenly so I will have equal amounts to ply and not as much left over as I have had of other fibers in the past. I purchased it from Just Pounds and Ounces on Ebay.

When dealing with fiber a scale is purt near a necessity so as to properly divide prior to spinning or to know how much you have in order to measure the quantity of dye needed.

The pool is finally relatively clean. I still have a few things to do, like vacuum more. We are very much enjoying it. Here are a couple pictures. The first is of my youngest, Jordan, the one at the top and Sara's beau, Matthew. Jordan made me blob him out of the picture. :(

And of course, would any post be complete without a picture or two of Emma Belle?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Elphaba Lives!!!!!!!

Early Tuesday morning myself, Sara and Emma Belle set out for our long awaited trip to Chicago to see Wicked. We left Bowling Green at 6:00 am and drove approximately 2 hours to my sister, Lisa's, house in Louisville. From there we set out for a 5 hour trip to Chicago. Our trip was uneventful and we found parking just one block from the Ford Center Oriental Theater.

I had purchased tickets for us to attend "Behind the Emerald Curtain." This is a behind the scenes look at Wicked. We found out all sorts of interesting stuff. Each and every wig used is made of human hair and is constructed by sewing each strand by hand. Actually it is kind of a "hooked rug" application. Even all the shoes are handmade. Tuesday's performance was the 844th performance there at the Oriental Theater. The theater itself is a treat. It is very ornate with its gilded architecture.

The performance was absolutely unbelievable. More than I could have ever hoped or dreamed. Having already been totally engrossed in the soundtrack I was afraid that it wouldn't match up to it. But, I have to say it was every bit as good. The young lady, Carmen Cusack, who played Elphaba, "The Wicked Witch of the West", was actually the understudy for the regular Elphaba. Which concerned me as well. She was phenomenal. I have to rate her right up there with Idina Menzel, the original Broadway Elphaba.

Here are some pictures of my little Elphaba, who stole the show in the lobby prior to the performance starting. To get the full effect make sure you click on the pictures for the larger view.

Elphaba, Emma Belle, outside the theater in front of one of the billboards. She insists on being very serious when in costume as Elphaba. She had lost a bit of her makeup at this point.

This one is Emma standing in front of Elphaba's fancy dress. This dress is unbelievably gorgeous and costs approximately $25,000.

While waiting we had a little photo shoot, this is my favorite pose. They do not allow photos to be taken inside the actual theater portion of the building so unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of the performances, the ones on stage or those by Emma Belle in the seat.

Oh, after seeing the musical, I feel quite differently about Glinda. As it turns out she was obeying Elphaba's wishes after her "death" to not come to her defense. So it is all good with Glinda and myself. And if you are one of those who believe the story in "The Wizard of Oz," that is just a make believe story, Wicked is the true story, "the untold story of the witches of oz."

Just a little fun during intermission. Emma Belle told me that "maybe when we go to your house some of these people can come and watch me sing." If she keeps going the direction she is they won't have to come to Gammy's house, they will have to go to Broadway!!!!!

I am already planning my next trip. I cannot wait to see it again!!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2007


When my oldest son, Aaron, was a little boy, probably somewhere around 3 or 4. I told him, "Oh buddy, momma is pooped." He reached over and felt the back top of my leg and said, "I can't feel it." Well, I am pooped, you couldn't feel it, but I sure can. My daughter, Sara, is the GM for a gourmet sandwich company, Jimmy John's, and since many of her employees are students at Western Kentucky University here in Bowling Green, she is short workers due to finals. To be a good mom, I am going in and helping her out by running the register and little stuff. Plus, it gives me some extra money for fibery things. Did I say, I am pooped. And it is really cutting into my knitting/spinning time, not to mention I have a zillion other things going. We, David and I, are trying to get a cleaning business going and since it is in the infant stages and we have no employees yet, guess who gets to do the cleaning. You got it. AND I am still working on the stupid pool. Looks like it will be finished within a day or so, by Sunday anyways. Now we just gotta pray for some sunshine.

As I've said in previous posts, this coming Tuesday we are going to Chicago to see the musical Wicked. Cannot wait. Here is a little video of Elphaba singing a montage of songs she performs. We are also taking a behind the scene tour with some of the cast members. Cool huh? Emma Belle is going to freak. Another of my obligations is I'm making Emma Belle an Elphaba dress to wear to the show and being the procrastinator that I am (see Tabitha, I owned up to it) I am just now getting started. It shouldn't be too much of a big deal. Possibly no sleep for several days, but no biggee. Really, I will probably have it done in one day. I have even gotten her some green makeup. She is going to be so adorable. This is the dress I'm making, the front one, in solid black and all the way to the floor. Pictures of the real thing coming soon.

I have gotten a little more done on my sweater, its coming right along, and a little more spinning of the Wensleydale on my Bosworth midi spindle.

And finally, the last installment on my sock yarn purchase. Some more by Hand Painted Knitting Yarns in Rigoletto, (the blues) and Otello, (the golds). Aren't they gorgeous!!!!

Oh to stay home like the good ole days (a couple of weeks ago). As my mother has always said, "This too shall pass."

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

No Spinning for YOU!!!!

Welp, today is a no spinning/knitting day for me. Since the weather is so beautiful, we decided to begin opening the pool. What a job!!!! It is filthy having sat all winter without filtration. But, oh how nice it will be all cleaned up. Even Katie Scarlet enjoyed getting in the shallow end for a little swim. I thought I'd give you a peek at the pool now and then when it is all cleaned up another shot.Also, here is the next installment on revealing my newly acquired stash of sock yarn.

Some more of the Wildfoote in Desert Grass, some of the wonderful Hand Painted Knitting Yarns in Tosca and some really pretty Rio de la Plata, 100% wool from Uruguay it has three names of colors in it, -- quartz pink - confetti - dry rose. If you know me at all you will know that am really partial to melon/coral colors. But then again, I like black, green, brown, gold.....hmm, I think I like all colors except I'm not much on pastels, but the Tofutsies are somewhat pastel. Heck, I don't know, I've confused myself!!!!!

Oh, yeah, and don't feel too awfully sorry for me, I am going to my Barnes & Noble knitting group tonight. And I did get quite a bit of knitting and spinning done yesterday. And it is supposed to rain the next several days so I'll be stuck in the house and I guess I'll just have to spin and knit. What else would I do? Housework? Nah!!!!