Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spinning People Are Sooooooooo Nice!!!!

Spinning people are so nice. If you feel otherwise, keep it to yourself, I like my illusion. Last week Jenny, a woman on one of the spinning groups I belong to, sent in a post stating that she had an extra drive band (like a fan belt) for a wheel just like the ONE I AM WAITING ON. With the majority of wheels (maybe all) you can either use a poly band or twine as a drive band. She had ordered the poly band for her Polonaise but didn't like it so she said she would mail it to the first person that emailed her asking for it. I emailed her first (ya) and won it. Yesterday I received a little poochy pouch in the mail. When I opened it the drive band was right there and then wrapped in tissue paper was some really pretty blended fiber. I contacted her and this is what she said it was "it's a mix of angelina fiber, corriedale wool, merino, silk, and angora from my bunny." I can't wait to spin it. This picture doesn't really show the proper colors. It is more coral with just a little fuchsia.

Jenny also said her husband, being an engineer, insisted on helping her pick out a wheel and of those they looked at he like the construction and looks of the Kromski Polonaise. :)

But see what I mean, people who spin are so helpful and giving. I have gained so much knowledge and assistance from practically all the spinners I have met. However, I guess another way of looking at it could be: Maybe it is kinda like a "misery loves company" but instead it is "addicts love company?" We, spinners and knitters alike, feel validated if we can increase our numbers. And there is always the hope that the next knitter or spinner's stash will be larger than mine and I can go away saying, "I thank you Lord that I am not like him/her!!!!!"

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I never ever thought I would say it. But, I am tired of knitting. Really I think it is due to the fact I have all this wonderful roving, more on the way including a beautiful Romney fleece and I can't do anything with it. Of course, the fact that I have a picture of my new wheel as my desktop photo probably doesn't help things. I just look and long. Good things come to those who wait, right? ----------> my new fleece
(David says it looks like a bag of fish).

After reading a post by Abby (see my favorite places to visit) where she said she keeps her drop spindle and fiber with her at all times and by doing so she probably spins between 500-1000 yards a week waiting in lines and such I ordered me a good drop spindle. It is just like the one I borrowed from June. I WILL BE THE VICTOR!!!

Several of us got together today at my house for food, knitting and fellowship. A good time was had by all. We did get some knitting done, but got a lot of fooding and fellowshipping done. It was good!!!! We are doing it again March 10th. By then I will have my wheel and new spindle. I think we might even have a surprise guest that will give a demonstration of using a drop spindle with the opportunity for others to give it a whorl. :)

I was just kidding, I'm really not tired of knitting. Just hoping some pouting would get me somewhere. It didn't. AGAIN!!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Patience is a Virtue??????

Much to my disappointment, my new baby will not be here until the first week of March. The stateside distributor, New Voyager Trading Company, is waiting on a shipment from the Kromski family. One of the reasons I picked this wheel was the fact that it isn't made in mass production. You can go to the New Voyager Trading Company website and get the history, it is pretty cool. Deals with communism in Poland and the struggle of the Kromski family.

Anyways, there are three better things that will come of this. (It has to be better cuz it is already good) 1) I'll get some more knitting completed while waiting on her, 2) It will give my roving and stuff I've ordered time to get here to be waiting with me (I guess I can sit and hold the wool and pretend), 3) Sharon at Bubbie's Farm, where I bought the wheel (she has been absolutely awesome) is going to send me more goodies on top of the goodies she gave me with the purchase of the wheel!!!! I love goodies!!!!!

Yeah, well, I guess there is a fourth "better" thing to come out of this. I'll gain more patience? Yeah, as if!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ready for Baby!!!!!

I should be receiving my new baby, my Kromski Polonaise, within the next day or so. So I've been busy getting a place ready for her. The Louet S10 may be relegated to a different room. She already feels rejected, I don't want her to feel inferior as well. Once I receive the necessary parts I'm sure she will get some use so don't go crying for her. I've ordered some roving to add to that I already have and some June has given me. All said and done I will have Romney, Wensleydale, Border Leicester and some June gave me I'm not sure what it is. With my wheel comes a little wool and 4 oz silk (don't freak out, I'm going to get good at spinning before I attempt the silk). Saturday some of the women in one of the knitting groups I attend are coming out for a day of fellowshiping, eating and knitting. Really I just wanted to show off my wheel. :) Just kidding!!!!!
Like any new parent, if you visit here again soon, you will see pictures of me unpacking her, putting her together and gently placing her in her special spot. I gotta come up with a name. Any suggestions? Needs to be something French, maybe Bebe.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!!!!

Well today started out great and is just getting better and better!!!!! First off I awoke to snow, not only snow already on the ground but snow falling out of the sky.

Then, this is probably the most exciting part. I'M GETTING A NEW SPINNING WHEEL!!!! I did my figuring, what I'll get for my B-day, what I'll make cleaning houses, etc., presented my proposal to David and he said go ahead with it!!!!!! Here is a picture:

She is a Kromski Polonaise!!!!! Isn't she beautiful??? I got her from a wonderful website. www.bubbiesfarm.com

And it is still snowing!!!!! Happy, happy, happy day!!!!! Last night I promised my family if it did snow I would make a homemade chicken pot pie (thought that would get their prayers involved :) ) So I'm off a singin and a cookin!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stuff, Stuff and Stuff

Wow, I can't believe it has been over a week since I last posted a post (?). :) So let's see. A lot has happened since last week, I think. Have you ever had someone ask, "What did you do today?", or, "Now that you aren't working, what do you do with your time?"? I really hate those questions. #1. I have to stop, think and actually become accountable for my time :) #2 I have to stop and think. #3 Often times, depending on your relationship, they wouldn't understand anyway.

For example, "Hey Peggy, what did you do today?" "Well, I drank about a pot of coffee to get me ready for my busy day and being the double and triple tasker that I am, while drinking my coffee I also managed to watch the morning news, answer email and surf the web. I then washed and plucked my face (uni-brow, upper lip and foot-longer growing out of the mole). Made the bed and rearranged the clutter on the kitchen table and bar. That takes up the greater part of the morning. During all this time I'm taking dogs in and out as well. After figuring out what I wanted for lunch I began focusing on the really important stuff. What project am I going to conquer today? Do I want to work at completing one or do I want to re-assess my yarn stash and pattern library for either a new project or a future one?" Oh yeah, I decided if it is old yarn, yarn you already have, it isn't really a new project. "Decisions, decisions. But then I couldn't decide if knitting was the task of the day or if I needed to work on my spinning. I then decided I needed to surf the web and see if the price of a new spinning wheel had gone down from yesterday. It hadn't so I set to brainstorming as to how I could come up with the money for the purchase. I do have a b-day (50) and wedding anniversary (30) coming up in April. Is there some way I could cash in on those today? Or maybe I could set up a bucket at the local convenient stores. I could put a picture of me trying to spin on my present, dilapidated wheel with a caption saying something about closing local sweatshops. (If you saw me attempting to spin on that wheel you would understand). But then I remembered one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite people of all time. "I'll think about that tomorrow, if I think about it today I'll go crazy.....after all tomorrow is another day" Scarlet O'Hara. By that time it was time to fix supper. David came home. We watched TV (usually Fox News or 24). I knitted and began planning my schedule for the next day. Whoa, I am so ready for bed, this has really been one of those days. " See what I mean, some people just wouldn't understand.
Anyways, last Saturday I went to June's house, the lady that is helping me with spinning. I got to see all her wonderful fleeces and roving. And her TWO wonderful spinning wheels. She let me try one of 'em and it was wonderful. A huge difference from my wheel. She said I am doing quite well, particularly with the wheel I have to work with. She also gave me some roving. I can't wait to spin it!!!!! The yarns that she has spun are so beautiful. You can see some of them at www.everydayfiberobsession@blogspot.com. Yesterday I spent the greater part of the day talking (emailing) the maker of my spinning wheel, Louet. Their main headquarters is in The Netherlands. I was dealing with the North American Department. Anyways, we went back and forth discussing what I need to get my wheel up to speed. I think we have a plan that will work. I still want and will have a new wheel though. I'll keep you posted as to the progress.. In the meantime, if you see my jug at your local convenient store just drop in your change or check, you spell hundred H-U-N-D-R-E-D. Your donation and support will go to a good cause and will be much appreciated. :)

To the right is my first attempt at spinning. Not great but not too awfully bad either. Practice, practice, practice.

This is some Border Leicester (the type of sheep) roving I purchased on-line. Hopefully the next time you see it it will be in a lovely yarn form.
We had Emma Belle this past weekend (Thursday-Tuesday), so much of my time during those days was taken up. She is so sweet. One day while I was rearranging the clutter I decided to make coffee when Emma asked me to get something for her, I told her I would just let me finish making the coffee, she said, "Oh, poor gammy.....you work all the time!" Preach it sister!!!!!!

I did finish a scarf. It is a beautiful multi-colored ribbon yarn of. Last night I went to a knitting group that June invited me to. It was lots of fun. These ladies are some really great knitters with some neat projects they are working on. Socks, scarfs, nifty little cotton bags with a drawstring that you put your leftover soap slivers in for further use and some gorgeous sweaters. It was really inspirational.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

February Resolution

Okay, my February resolution is -- finish one project before I start another. Okay, let me change that -- finish one project while starting another. A little more doable I think. Last week I felt kinda bad showing the Knitting With Ewe group ALL my unfinished projects. Actually it was only some, I have many more. There are just so many wonderful skeins of yarn out there and sooooooooo many beautiful patterns. It it their fault -- what's a knitter (yarn addict) supposed to do? And of course, now I'm getting into spinning, oh brother!!!!!
So following my resolution I did finish a sweater I had started a couple of years ago. It is made of an acrylic yarn. Now that it is finished I'm not quite sure what I had in mind. Sara said I look like a Yettie when I wear it. Personally I think I look like something that climbed out of my dryer vent. But I made it therefore I will wear it. Below is a close up of the yarn.

And sticking with my resolution, I started a new project. Socks. These are for ME!!!!! I didn't start knitting socks until two years ago. Since then I don't even know how many pairs I have knitted but I only own one pair. So I am very excited!!!!! I think I'm going to have to get me some clogs so I can show 'em off better. These are called "Retro Rib" from a pattern I got out of Interweave Knits - Winter 2004. I love knitting socks, they are so quick. Anyways, here they are in production.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl (Super Knitter) Party

Last night my husband, David, and I went to a Super Bowl party our "Raising the Quality of Life" class had. We met at some wonderful friends absolutely beautiful home. I like sports and typically I sit in and watch the game. I, being the dedicated (obsessed) knitter that I am, I of course took my knitting. However, right before I walked out the door a thought occurred to me, " Why not take several skeins of yarn and several sets of needles just "in case" someone wants to learn how to knit." Am I ever glad I did. As soon as I got my knitting out I had several questions about what it was (socks), when and where did I learn to knit......then the all important statement was made by someone..."I always thought it would be neat to learn that." That is all it took. I whipped out the materials and off we went. Fortunately there was a teenager, Kathleen, who learned to knit this past year present as well. She was able to assist me with the challenges (problems) the newbie knitters encountered. It was soooooo much fun. I'm not saying I am a good teacher but it brings me so much joy to expose someone to a new skill/craft/art and see them grow and run with it. Not sure if the sponsors of the Super Bowl had this in mind or not but due to the opportunity they gave us all to get together, 5 new knitters were birthed last night!!!!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Spinning Bliss, I WISH!!!!

This week I joined a Spinning Group on Yahoo Groups. With a lot of encouragement and info from the group I got out my drop spindle and began my spinning endeavor. I was actually able to do it. It doesn't look like much, but it is yarn. As seen it is not as thinly spun as it should be and definitely not consistent in size. Practice, practice, practice.
Pictured is my Ashford drop spindle some call it "the boat anchor" due to its huge size and weight.

Also through the Yahoo Group I have met several spinners that live near BG. Today, Saturday, I met one of them for lunch, June. It was so exciting to find someone who actually knows what they are doing. She is absolutely full of wonderful information. After talking with her I quickly realized that I really have a lot to learn. Not only do you need to know how to spin wool into yarn. You also need to know what kind of wool comes from what kind of sheep. Does that particular sheep produced coarse or soft fleece, dull or with a natural sheen, short or long? I took some samples of some wool I bought last year when I first got my wheel and the drop spindles. She basically told me I had been had. The wool appears to be from the back legs of the sheep, in other words crap. Definitely not suitable for a beginner. Guess I'm going to stuff a pillow or make Katie Scarlet a bed. :(
June pulled so many nifty things out of her bag. It wasn't really that big, seemed like one of those Volkswagen Beetles with clown after clown after clown climbing out. :) She brought some beautiful yarns that she had spun and plied. A vest she has begun knitting. A couple different kinds of roving. A top and bottom whorl drop spindle. I'm sure there are things I can't remember. Very cool lady!!!! She also brought me a little Shetland roving and some from sheep with at name that starts with a C. Can't remember that one, not one I have commonly heard. She also let me borrow her top whorl spindle. It is so much nicer, lighter and easier to use than my "boat anchor." I left very excited. I couldn't wait to get home and get to spinning. Pictured below is some of June's work. Very different from mine!!!! But, I WILL GET THERE.

I spun the Shetland as soon as I got home on her spindle. It was wonderful. Mine still doesn't look like hers but it was better. And her spindle is so much easier to handle and spins much longer than mine. I was feeling gooooooooooood!!!!!
I bought my wheel about a year ago, but have never gotten to spin on it. It was a used wheel. The first time I began trying to spin the connector between the footman (gas pedal) and the treadle (wheel) broke. When I looked at it it actually looked like a small hot glue gun stick. First I attempted to reconnect it with what was left. Then, being the ingenious individual that I am, I thought..."looks like a glue stick....why not a glue stick?" Not happening folks. I was totally frustrated and put it away until this week. I got on-line and order the part. Yesterday I received it and attached it. Happening!!!!!
I have been practicing treadling. Making sure it was going clockwise until I told it to go counter-clockwise. Working out pretty good. So I decided to add the next ingredient -- wool. I used the other roving June gave me from the "C" sheep. I got all set up in my kitchen ready to spin. Again, I did spin, if you can call it that. And I did end up with yarn. But.........you got it....practice, practice, practice.
My Louet S10
Okay, one more cool story. When I bought my wheel last year the seller
sent some wool along with it. It was butterscotch colored, felt kinda sticky and had an oily odor. I wrote to the spinning group and a lady told me to wash it in my sink and she bet it would come out nice and white. Sure enough that did it. It is a beautiful white and feels great. Guess as soon as it is dry I'll give it an early and untimely death ......I'll spin it. Saga will continue.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow!!!!!

I LOVE SNOW!!!!! I know, I am blessed to be an at home wife, mother, gammy, knitter, spinner, etc., etc.,etc.. So I don't have to get out and drive in it, I just get to sit, drink coffee/tea, knit/spin and enjoy the view. Guess I'm kinda selfish, I love it!!!!!

I grew up in northern Kentucky where we got more snow than we get here in southern KY. I have threatened to move if something didn't change around here. I was about to send the local meteorologists a nasty email if they didn't get on the stick. I'm sure they are happy they don't have to endure my fury. Plus, the possibility of more snow on Sunday and Monday. Guess I stay a while longer. :)

Many of you probably remember "snow cream?" How wonderful was that? Probably toxic, we wouldn't even think of eating it now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, "it is okay after the first snow." Not to sure about that.

To my "Knitting With Ewe" group. I almost have the sweater finished, picture will follow soon. :)

View of ponds from living room.

View of front yard from bedroom window. :)

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Knitting With Ewe

Last night Knitting With Ewe had our first meeting/class. What fun it is to get with experienced and newbie knitters!!!!!! As this blog is dedicated to them (all knitters really) I will from time to time be listing sites that could be beneficial to new knitters. Heck, us oldies can probably learn something as well. Who'da thunk there were so many ways to cast on. :)

knittinghelp.com has some good info plus videos that I recommend. As any of you find sites that give good, easily understood instructions and info please forward them to me. Some of my knitting projects and spinning endeavors coming soon.

The Beginning

Well, today is day one of my new endeavor - this blog. My knitting experience - I first learned to knit in 4th grade via 4-H from a wonderful Czechoslovakian woman. I never got beyond a garter stitch potholder. My stitches were so tight I couldn't get my needle through. Became frustrated and quit. I have worked with numberous crafts over the years. You name it, just about, I have done it. Crocheting, needlepoint, crewel, embroidery, sewing, painting, macrame, knitting (of course) and now adding spinning.

When in my late 30's I decided that I was finally going to conquer knitting. I went to the local yarn store, bought some wonderful Icelandic Wool Yarn, some circular needles and set out to knit a beautiful sweater with a little Fair Isle stitching in the yoke. A rather ambitious endeavor for a beginning knitter but it turned out absolutely beautiful. Wish I could say I still have it. One thing I didn't pay attention to was the care of wool and I shortly ended up with a very short, felted sweater. :) Really wish I had kept it instead of chucking during one of our moves. I do not claim to be a "master knitter," however with now 14 years of experience I can hold my own.

My husband, David, and I have pastored for about 25 years now. We were at our first church in northern KY for 21 years. We began that church from scratch. Then about 3 years ago we felt it was time for us to move on. After several months of filling in as Pastor for a church until they found a permanent one we were asked if we would be interested in being the full-time Senior Pastor and we agreed. So here we are in southern KY having the time of our life.

Over the years I have lead/taught several knitting groups at our two churches. It is so exciting to see the progress of the group members. I am a firm believer that everyone needs an outlet. A "me time" activity. I have met so many women who do not have an outlet. Of course, all us "seasoned knitters" know that the "outlet" quickly becomes an addiction. I have more yarn and projects going than you can shake a stick at and still want more!!!!! However, after my group meeting last night I got under conviction about all my started but not completed projects and have decided to complete a few that are almost there. Gotta be a good example. :)

Just a little background. More on our group, Knitting With Ewe, later. And my spinning progress.