Wednesday, November 4, 2009

People Are Strange

I have begun this post over and over again. I'll type a bit and then re-read it, delete it and start again. Over the past nine months or so my life has taken many twists and turns. Most for the GOOD. Actually, if I told you of all the events you wouldn't believe it. At times I've wondered if I was living in the Twilight Zone or The Salem Witch Hunt. Strange, strange occurrences, accusations and events. The trouble is, or at least this is how it seems to me, that people do not want the truth. They prefer to listen to gossip and slander and count it as truth. For a series of months my life joy was stolen from me and it feels so good to be free of that now. Although, the rumor mill is still going strong.

Peggy!!!! What the heck are you talking about. I'm so glad you asked. :)

I am going to talk about the HAPPY changes in my life and get back to talking about knitting, spinning and good friends.

After a long wait we purchased a new home and moved into it in July. It is a wonderful, lovely home built in 1929. We so love old homes and their character. It is located in downtown Bowling Green set amidst many other old homes. With all the varied people living in the vicinity it has a Bohemian feel. Fits me to a tea!!!!! This is a picture of our backyard.

After many months of tears and prays we resigned our position as Senior Pastor at the church we've been at for the last five years and have launched out to start a new church, The Open, here in Bowling Green. We semi-jokingly say it is a church for people who hate church. You can check out our web site and even listen to my husband's messages at the link above.
AND I've gotten back to knitting!!!!! I'll post a few pictures at a time. I finally finished My Little Green Hoodie. The pattern is from Chic Knits, Basic Hoodie and is made from Frog Tree Alpaca. This picture doesn't capture the true color, it is a vibrant green.

These are a couple hats I've made this week. The pattern is found in Kristen Knits. I love them and have several more people wanting one so I'm sure you will see some more variations.

I'll leave you with a funny little story. My step-father, Luther, has an eye that twitches. It is funny cuz when we were kids we could always tell when he was angry because that eye would twitch faster. But, the funny thing is when he first came into my mother's family all of my Uncles began getting rather perturbed at him because they thought his eye twitch was actually him winking, flirting, with my aunts. We laughed at that for years. It is a good example though, that things are not always as they appear. We often jump to judgement because it is something new to us or we are looking at the situation through our old lenses. Let us seek truth!!!!!