Saturday, March 31, 2007

15,000 Eggs!!!!

We had our humongous Easter Egg Hunt today at church and I am wore out. We had around 1,200 people and 15,000 eggs. Let me just say, it was WILD!!!! Emma Belle was with me. By the time we got over to her age group they had already started and all the eggs were gone.

Soooooo we had our own Easter Egg Hunt. We got together with another family and hid eggs all over my front yard. I bet we hid 100 and that was for two!!!! After they found them all Emma Belle wanted us to hide them again. So guess what we did, we hid them again. They had a ball!!!!

Here are Jeremiah and Emma Belle after hours in the hot sun, 1,200 people, 15,000 eggs of which they got none and two egg hunts in Gammy's yard. Do they look tired and dirty? Boy I was!!!!

Welp, I finally did it. I finished my first two bobbins of yarn. This is the Romney cross I've been working on little by little. I think it turned out pretty good for a first skein. And more importantly, I can see and feel improvement. The color is a beautiful chocolate brown, the picture doesn't capture the true color.

Hanging out to dry.

All skeined up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The One Eyed Man

Have you ever heard, "The one eyed man is king in the valley of the blind?" I'm not sure but I think they were talking about me. My knitting experience has primarily been between me, my patterns, my yarn and my needles. We, me and all my little buddies mentioned above, have all been happy and somewhat impressed with our progress and creations. I've taught many women how to knit over the past 10 years or so, leading knitting groups at the two churches my husband, David, and I have pastored over the last 24 years or so. Those sweet, dear ladies were usually impressed with my work and looked to me as a knitting mentor. After joining the Barnes & Noble knitting group, (specifically meeting June who has been knitting fair isle since she was 12!!!!) I have realized how sheltered and pathetic my knitting experience has been. I truly am the one eyed man in the valley of the blind. However, the good book says "The truth will set you free!!!!" A wonderful minister, Jamie Buckingham, once stated, "The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable." That is what life is all about isn't it? Growth? To find that there is a better way or that there is so much more to learn and experience? I may be miserable, but I am on my way to knitting freedom!!!!!

On to happier things? Remember I'm trying to knit from my stash, which is looking more and more boring every day. I need something new!!!!! C'est la vie. Several years ago I bought several hanks of a beautiful pink Berroco Cotton Twist with the intent of making Emma Belle (see side pictures) a beautiful sweater called Bethany. Well, after fighting with the dang swatch and laboring over the pattern I set forth on said Bethany. All was going well. I counted and recounted and yes I did indeed have the required number of cast ons. Knit first two rows, a breeze. Basic seed stitch, they call it moss stitch, for eight rows, no biggee. I started the "Vandyke Moss Stripe" and moving right along, when I got to the 13th row low and behold I was short a stitch. I took a deep breath and smiled a most serene smile. I took out a couple of rows painstakingly one stitch at a time. Serenely smiling all the while. It was at this most divine moment I looked up and a little loop from my beautiful, sweet, pure pink cotton yarn had decided to attempt to cause some extra stress to put a stop to the zen moment in my life and the stupid, idiotic little creep had jumped into my 3/4 full coffee cup. I ran to the sink asking it why in the world would it want to do that? Was it taking me too long before I got to that section? Was it getting bored? Did it not want to be seen with a one eyed man? I thrust it under the cold water, swished it in my hand oh to tenderly and then gently applied a little soap, rinsing it thoroughly and carefully drying the tender little thing with the towel. All this effort to no avail. What do you think about a pink sweater with a little section of coffee stained making it a golden color? Yeah, yeah I know, I will remove that section, easy enough. Life if grand. :)

I got my Bosworth spindle and it is awesome!!!! That baby spins and spins and spins. I love it and like all others who own one can do nothing but sing it's praises. I've been spinning the beautiful multi-colored Wensleydale June had given me. Here is a snapshot.

I'm on another mission now. I am always looking for the next endeavor or adventure I want to embark upon. This is it!!!! Isn't that the sweetest little thing you ever did see?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Friendly Fibers

It is HOT in this piece!!!! Here it is the middle of March and we are having highs in the 80's. I absolutely refuse to turn the air on in March. Who ever heard the like? Plus, I guarantee you in a week or two it will be freezing around here. I remember one Derby Day back in '88 or '89 that it snowed. It was horrible. If you aren't familiar with the Kentucky Derby, it is held the 1st Saturday in May.

Once again, I'm trying to use up some of my stash. (BORING!!!!) I've been working on some cotton dishcloths. Many of them are like the pictures from a previous post. What I really want to do is run down to my LYS (local yarn store), Crafty Hands, and get some sort of wonderful, awesome yarn fit for an Aran sweater. But restraint is my friend (?). But I might be in trouble. One of the women from the knitting class I lead wants me to take her to Crafty Hands so I can show her the ropes (HA, HA, get it?). Anyways.....

I've done a little spinning each day. I'v almost filled two bobbins with a beautiful brown Romney roving Joanne gave me. Don't tell me my bobbin isn't wound very even, I know already. :) I really like spinning Romney. It is an excellent fiber choice for a beginner. I heard another newbie spinner say she felt it almost spun itself. I wouldn't go that far but it is great.

Romney fibers like each other. As they are sliding out of the roving into your draft zone they reach back and grab hands with their buddies. Some fibers are not friendly little fellers, they try to just go on their merry little way and you really have to coax them to take a buddies hand. But then there are some fibers that are scaredy cats as they leave the pack they try to grab everybody and their brother to pull along with them. You gotta know you fibers. :)

To make myself and June happy I got my Turkish Spindle out and gave her a whorl. :) Initially I tried spinning some of the Icelandic roving from Joanne but I quickly became very frustrated so out came the old faithful Romney and off I went. It isn't much, but it is some.

Soon I'm going to be opening my own Etsy store and also selling on Ebay. I am so excited and have some neat things in the works. I'll let you know more when I have things firmed up a bit. Chow!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The First Day of Spring!!!

Today is the First Day of Spring!!!! Here in Southern Kentucky it is Sunny with a projected high of 75. Presently, 11:24 a.m. it is already 72. I've gotten my "chores" done (are we ever really done? I think not!!!!!) and I am heading out to the deck to do some knitting, spinning and sunning. Can it get any better than this?

My front walkway garden.

Katie Scarlet enjoying the

warm weather.

My dwarf Meyers Lemon and Persian Lime Trees enjoying the sun.

My baby donna, Jordan (22), participating in one of his loves - - handguns.

Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day was a good day in the Sturgeon household. Emma Belle is visiting, that is always a fun and exciting time. And Jordan came home!!!! We have been so excited. He brings so much joy to our family. Although he has only been gone for two months and I either spoke with him on the phone or via MSN Messenger, it isn't the same as seeing him. He is the biggest of us all, about 6'3" and 190 lbs so him sitting in my lap is somewhat uncomfortable so I sat in his and hugged and kissed him. Sara loves it, she now has someone to aggravate her and toss her around like a rag doll. David is in heaven, Jordan is the only one that can debate him into a corner. Makes life much more pleasant for the rest of us!!!!! And Aaron is thrilled, he now has someone to talk video games, music and firearms with. To the left are my poor little Shamrocks, they were neglected for a while so aren't as thick as they were. There are also some burgundy colored ones not shown in this snapshot.

I cooked practically all day. It is our custom to have a special beef stew, fried cheesy grits and Irish soda bread on St. Patrick's Day. I got the beef stew and fried cheesy grits recipe off of The Food Network. It is one of Emerille's recipes, I have yet to try anything of his that wasn't unbelievably delicious. The Irish soda bread recipe is from The Frugal Gourmet's book, "Our Immigrant Ancestors." I also made the boy's favorite dessert, homemade coconut cream pie.

Here are some pictures of our feast. The beef stew looks kinda yucky and blurry, but boy is it tasty.

I've had no or little time for spinning or knitting. I hope to do some today, but will definitely be hitting it hard once Emma Belle goes home tomorrow.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Look at this, can you believe it?!!!!!? Today I received the "goodie box" that Sharon from Bubbies Farm, the place I ordered my wheel from. She was sending me goodies with the purchase of my wheel anyways but due to the fact it took a little longer for it to come she sent me some extras. Which was very sweet of her because it wasn't her fault that the US supplier, New Voyager Trading Co, had run out and were awaiting a delivery from Poland. Eventually I want to get a wheel that I can travel with and I am definitely going to get it from her. I don't know that you can beat a Kromski. You should check them out at Sharon's website, . Still handmade by the Kromski family. Anyways, they have a portable wheel, the Sonata, which I understand is wonderful. But, I love the looks of the Mazurka and Minstrel. I THINK they travel well also, they just don't fold up like the Sonata. Decisions, decisions. But that won't be for a while, maybe Christmas?

I know what some of this is, I am waiting for Sharon to tell me about rest. Right under the rainbow roving from left to right, beige-mohair locks, brown cormo and something. :) Under the beige mohair is a light beige/cream colored silk roving and right under that is some unbelievably soft grey angora. To the right, in the burgundy bag is about two cups of lavender, mmmmmmmmmm smells so good. The lavender is laying on some white cormo and next to that is a knitting nancy for Emma Belle. I'll let you know what the rainbow roving is and the four white balls of something are. I think at least one of those is merino. Absolutely unbelievable!!!! A spinner's paradise. I have enough fiber to keep me busy for quite sometime. I haven't even begun processing the fleece other than washing and drying.

Oh yeah, my baby, Jordan-22, is coming home today!!!! I am very excited. He asked if I had him room ready yet and when I told him no he said I was the world's worst procrastinator!!!! He really needs to get his priorities straight. Doesn't he know that spinning and fiber take precedence over house work? The room will be set up all nice and happy before he gets home tonight around midnight or so. He has also given me the menu he wants over the next couple of days. I am really going to be busy. Emma Belle is here as well. Don't know how much spinning or knitting I'm going to be able to work in. :( But it will be there patiently waiting for me. Later.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fleece, Fleece & More Fleece

Last night June and I got together and split the Romney Cross fleece. We sorted it into three different colors, all from the same fleece!!!! I stayed up late last night washing, spinning and laying it out to dry and have continued all morning. Here are the various pictures, hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to show you this spun up and then knitted into something yummy. Aaron is wanting a felted messenger bag, some of this will probably go to that.

I think you can pretty much make out the different colors. Dining Room Fleece (top left) is a light grey, Kitchen Fleece (bottom left) has a little of the light and dark grey plus some light brown and Laundry Room Fleece is dark grey (far right).

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First Spin!!!!!

Here is my first yarn, or singles, I've spun on my new Kromski Polonaise. Not too bad for a beginner. At least I don't think so. It is from a Romney Cross that Joanne gave me. I'm not sure it is supposed to be that fuzzy, but hey it's my first time. :) I haven't named her yet, got any ideas? I know she is Polish, but the name has to be French. I thought of Bebe, but not sure about that. And I thought about Monique, but I knew a Monique. Got any ideas? Before you go spouting off take a good look at her.

Monday, March 12, 2007


My wheel did arrive today. She is so very beautiful. It took me about 3 episodes of 24 Season 4 to get it all together. Actually quite easy. Now I just have to oil her up real good and then take the plunge. I have to admit, after all this crying and bellyaching about wanting my wheel I am actually kind of scared to get to spinning. Silly huh? Kermit the Frog said "It ain't easy being green," I say "It ain't easy being anal!!!" :) I haven't even christened the Turkish spindle. How pathetic is that?

Here she is in her new home. Although I am going to have to figure a way to keep her from slipping on the floor.

Saturday the knitting groups I get with on Tuesdays at Barnes & Noble and on Wednesdays at church met at my house for a time of food, fellowship and knitting. We had lots of fellowship (talking and sharing) and food and a little knitting. Two hours are just not enough time. It was great. Everyone shared their latest project, we have some talented people. Also June brought along some roving and drop spindles and gave a demonstration. We are trying to get some converts. :) I didn't even think about pictures until it was all over. :(
One of the ladies, Diane, brought me these beautiful hand knitted cotton dishcloths. Almost too pretty to use, I have just been admiring them.
This round one was the talk of the day!!!!! Hopefully the next time I post I'll have some yarn to show you.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!!!! (Pt 2)

WooHoo!!!!!! I now have a tracking number!!!! My wheel will be arriving on Monday!!!!! I can't wait!!!! I am sooooooooo happy!!!!! Heck, I might even do some housework today I feel so happy!!!! Not only is my wheel arriving but also 9lbs of Romney fleece as well. (June and I are splitting it) If you don't know much about wool, it takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 lbs to make a medium sweater.

I've ordered a Turkish Spindle and I should have it by then as well. Turkish Spindles are so cool, as you spin your yarn you wind it onto the spindle. When finished it is made in such a way it comes apart you already have a wound ball of yarn. Cool, huh?

Start the coffee, I'm not sleeping Monday night. Can you believe I'm going to have sooooo many wonderful goodies? Of course, you each will share this experience vicariously with me as I will have many pictures. Not sure when I will stop long enough to post them though. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spinning People Are Soooooo Nice!!!! (Pt 2)

Yesterday I met with the most wonderful, interesting woman, Joanne. She is amazing. She spins beautifully, both drop spindle and wheel, she designs knitting patterns and writes articles for major knitting/fiber magazines and yarn companies, she knits and does so much more. See her web-site in the My Favorite Places to Visit section of this blog.

We met at a very unique coffee/tea/bread/sandwich place, Bread and Bagel. Awesome menu and a very quaint and cool atmosphere. They even have a beautiful ivy lined sun porch. I highly recommend it!!!! Want to go for lunch?

Joanne was very informative and helpful. Since I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY WHEEL!!! We worked on my drop spinning. Hey, I'm doing pretty good, particularly for a beginner. One of the biggest things she helped me with was not being a perfectionist. To just chill and enjoy my yarn and the process. She also brought me some unbelievable wool!!!!! See the picture to the left. I know it is difficult to tell the difference, besides color, without the privilege of touch but from left to right here are the names of the various types shown. 1) Romney Ram, 2) Icelandic, 3) Romney Crossbreed and 4) Romney Crossbreed. I really love natural colored fibers, but look forward to getting into dyeing my own.. Didn't I tell you spinning people are sooooooooooo nice? (as well as knitters) I still think we are just so thrilled to find or produce fiber addicts. It validates us and makes us feel better about ourselves. Now I am just kidding. I love enriching other's lives with "old world" arts and crafts. My way of influencing history.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Our Winston (Winsty) went to be with the Lord yesterday. We have all been somewhat upset. Primarily blaming ourselves for letting him out. He was hit by a car. From all indications he didn't suffer. He was the best, truly best dog we have ever had. Extremely sweet and obedient. We love him greatly and will terribly miss him. However, compared to the loss of life this past week due to tornadoes or bus crashes and what those family's have to be going through it is nothing. It is a matter of perspective.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Update on Wishing and Knitting and Hoping and Praying!!!!!

Today I received my new drop spindle, Molly, in the mail. I didn't name her, that is the name her creator gave her. You know if I had it would be something French. I am so excited to have her. She is so pretty and sleek and light. I wish I could say that I am just a spinnin my heart away. But...........I guess that will come. Right now I am quite perturbed at my inability to make perfect yarn. Lord help me!!!!!!!

Wishing and Hoping and Knitting and Praying!!!!!

Is that how that song goes? I've been told that my wheel is in country now and should ship any time now. Wishing and Hoping and Knitting and Praying!!!!!! This is driving me crazy!!!! But I have been keeping myself busy either finishing knitting projects already started or starting new ones using yarn I already own. Remember that is the same as finishing an already started project, if you don't believe me look on down. I clearly stated that in a previous entry.

I finished a light weight scarf for my oldest, Aaron. It is made from Berrocco Denim Silk (20% silk, 80% rayon). David said I am a fiber traitor since it has rayon in it. I have to say it did make me hang my head just a tad.

I also completed a felted satchel project. I used the various worsted wool yarns I've had leftover from scarves and hats. I'm happy with the way it turned out. The straps could have been longer or felted less. I meant to take a picture of it before it was felted to show the difference but got carried away and threw it in the washer.