Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full

Now, you know how I feel about coffee. There is now life without it. When Starbucks is running low they call me in to donate some of my blood which is actually espresso. Truly!!!!!

Anyways, a couple of years ago Sara gave us one of those semi-fancy dancy coffee makers that doesn't have a carafe. You just push your cup against it and voila - coffee. Last night I made some coffee, I got my cup, no problemo. I mosey on upstairs to "my room aka the wool room" to settle down to some knitting, tv and a good ole cup of the elixir of life and I hear "Peg, Peg, it won't stop coming out. Peg.....what do I do?" I yelled down some niceties. Shortly there after David comes up with a cup and informs me he couldn't save the rest. Bummer man!!!!!

So, this morning, I went to make some coffee and remembered the sitiation (sit-ee-a-tion) so I applied my McGyver skills. I kinda propped up and wedged the French Press against the little button thingy so the coffee would go into the French Press container. I skip off happily admiring my great intellect and ingenuity with David's applause. He says go on up to my room and he will bring me my medication. When he comes up he hands me about three fourths of a cup and informs me the French Press slipped and fell into the sink breaking into a million pieces and the coffee in my cup was all he was able to salvage. I didn't ask how much coffee he had in his little cup or exactly what he did to salvage it. I don't know if he put the stopper in the sink really fast and then ran it through a tea strainer to get the glass out. The fact was, I didn't care!!!! Give me coffee!!!!! I wasn't really thinking very clearly without my morning stimulant. But, get this.....he asked if I wanted him to run up to Hardees and get me another cup. Isn't that sweet? I couldn't ask that of the dear though. I do have a conscience. sometimes

So, I set out to get a new coffee maker. However, my first stop was my LYS to find some yarn for the upcoming KAL - Mystic Light. Of course, I knew it was a dangerous detour. As soon as I walk in Starla, the owner, asks me if my ears were burning, that she a another lady were just talking about me. Someone interested in spinning. There hanging on one of her hanging thingys is the cutest little sweater you ever did see. Adorable!!!!! So, I look at it and do some fondling then set out to get what I came for. After much looking I found some beautiful fingeringweight that will work perfect. I wanted something in the colors of fire. It is Schaefer Yarn - Anne - 60% merino, 25% mohair and 15% nylon.

Then I remembered I needed to get the yarn to make a baby blanket for Sara's sister-in-law. I chose some gorgeous Plymouth Yarn, 75% acrylic, 25% wool. Then I noticed the clearance section. I was able to get multiple skeins of Silky Wool and Silky Tweed by Elsebeth Lavold, many wonderful colors to make many wonderful hats and scarves. The amount is being withheld to protect the guilty. :) At that time I felt I'd done pretty well, I didn't flirt with that sweet little sweater anymore, made my purchases and walked out.

After a couple stops I went to Wal-Mart and picked out a dandy coffee maker. Got the sweet little feller home, took him out of his box, smiled down out him, plugged him in and nothing. I moved to another outlet across the kitchen testing it with my electric can opener first to make sure all was okay.........nothing. Unplugged him, spanked his little bottom, plugged him back in.......nothing. Gave him a good shaking and a nice little talking to....yeah, you got it -- NOTHING!!!!

So, I boxed the little devil back up and headed back out the door. The whole drive back to Wal-Mart my split personality was kicking in. "This was meant to be, go get the yarn for that little sweetie of a sweater." "No, you really should wait, you already have so much OTN (on the needles)." "Oh, good grief, what is the deal? Do like everyone else, go ahead and get the goods but don't allow yourself to cast on until you finish something else." "You know that ain't gonna work, you are an undisciplined oaf." Yeah, well................whatever. I made the turn and the next thing I knew I was sitting in front of Crafty Hands.

First thing I hear is, "we were just talking about you!!!!" The lady interested in spinning had just left so they called her and told her to turn around. See there, it wasn't for selfish reasons, I was supposed to go back it was for the good of spinningdom. The lady and I had a nice little talk, I was able to give her some handy info. As soon as she walked out I headed over to the cutie and even tried her on. Oh my, even better. They handed me the pattern book - Norah Gaughan Collection Vol 1. There are so many wonderful things in this book. And then I was off choosing yarn. A luscious rusty burgundy, Ultra Alpaca Redwood Mix-6281 and Ultra Alpaca Light Redwood Mix-4281. I was so intoxicated by that time I somehow walked out with some Lopi to make a felted laptop bag.

So, Yes Sir, Yes Sir, THREE Bags FULL!!!!!

Oh, yeah, I went back and got another trouble maker and he seems to be working fine. So, bartender, a round for the house!!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

One Knitter At A Time

I am finally feeling better. And I have this quote from a doctor friend of mine to validate all my whining. "Whatever this thing is, it's awful - in short, you're not being a baby. :)" So, there.

Friday I went up home to visit Nanny and take my sister to the grocery again. While sitting in the Kroger parking lot my youngest, Jordan, called to see how things were going. I told him I was about to lose my ever loving mind and didn't have a means of removing myself from the misery except for my knitting I had with me. Then I got to thinking, I wonder if one could take oneself out of one's misery with a size 0 bamboo dpn. I figured maybe one could ram the thing in one's temple and waller it around a bit. I'm warped.

After I left Nan's I went down to visit my mother and step-father. An ice storm came through on Thursday by Friday the roads were fine but being further north than Bowling Green the ice was still on the trees. It was quite beautiful. Here is a picture of some large cedars in their side lot. I love the country.

I have no knitting to show you, NONE, NADA, ZILCH, A BIG FAT ZERO. I'm going to go on a diet I think. Not a food diet, but a time diet. I'm going to have to cut some things out in order to get more knitting/spinning done. I'm going to get serious this time. I mean it. I am behind in every dang KAL I'm in, next week a new one starts, Secret of Bad Nauheim, and then Mystic Light starts in March. Not to mention I have a bazillion things I'm wanting to get knitted for A Loose Knit Group and Easter (which falls in March!!!!!!What's up with that? What kind of freakin crazy world are we living in?). We won't even discuss Edward Longshanks aka Aaron's Tomten. So a time diet it is. I haven't got it all figured out yet but.....................its gonna work by golly. Come hell or high water, I am going to kick some major knitting butt!!!!! I'll keep you posted.

However, in the knitting area. I am a Great Grand Knitter!!!!!!! I am so proud I can hardly stand it. Once Emma Belle asked me "Gammy, how much do you love me?" I told her, "Oh, Emma Belle, Gammy loves you so much I can't hardly stand it!!!!!! How much do you love me?" She replied, "Oh Gammy, I love you so much I can hardly sit it!!!!!" So cute and so sweet. Get it? Stand it - Sit it. And she is a girl after her Gammy's own heart. Last night right before we went to sleep she said "Gammy, for my birthday this year will you get me the new Idina Menzel cd?" How special is that?

Anyways, I digress, the Great Grand Knitter thing. I taught my Sara, how to knit several years ago and the just recently she taught a friend of her's, Heather, how to knit. Heather just finished her first scarf!!!!!! Isn't that exciting? A Great Grand Knitter!!!!! (Actually, I think that makes me a Grand Knitter, but Emma's mother, Tabby, agreed, it sounds a lot more exciting to add the great, so Great Grand Knitter it is!!!!! Truly though, think about it, I learned to knit from a Czech woman when I was in 4th grade, I taught Sara, she taught her friend.......think of the generations to come that will be impacted!!!!!!!

Heather and Sara (my Sara).

Monday, February 18, 2008

SOTSii - Clue 4

I finally finished clue 4 of Secret of the Stole II. About halfway through the 4th row from the completion of this clue I laid the stole down while I went downstairs to grab a snack. Today I've been watching the CSI Marathon on Spike while I convalesce. As a rule, I never stop mid-row, I always complete it before laying it down. Call it sickness, fever..........I'll call it getting cocky. When I picked it up I forgot I hadn't finished the row and began trying to get the needles in line for the next row. To my gasping dismay I realized I had pulled about half the stitches off the needles.

Being the calm, cool, debonair individual that I am. Actually, I am only calm and cool when the situation is very, very bad. Cool as a cucumber. But, that don't last long. Anyways, I calmly and slowly picked up the dropped stitches and low and behold, it all turned out okay. Whew!!!!!!!


I’m sick. Have I already said that? I think I may have the flu. So, what do I do? I cast on a new project, a hat. My silly husband, several years ago I made him a cabled beanie type hat out of Lamb’s Pride worsted but since he doesn’t have a whole lot of hair up there he whined that it was itchy. Big baby!!!!!! Now, of course, he can’t find it, he probably gave it to someone on the street. He wears a stupid toboggan(?) from Wal-mart or somewhere. He doesn’t understand that is a slap in my face. Everyone who knows us knows I'm this huge knitter. It is like Ronald McDonald's children eating at Burger King. A GM worker driving a Toyota. How would he feel if I went to another church? (Those of you who don't know, my husband is a pastor.)

He doesn't like any frills so I'm just making him a simple ribbed beanie. Did I mention I'm sick? I thought about making it in an acrylic, but, I just can't bring myself to do it. Although, have you seen/touched some of the new acrylics the yarn stores are carrying? Quite impressive actually. I may use a double strand of some fingering weight I have. I'll keep you posted. I'm sick.

Mr. Sensitive Head is stopping by the store on the way home from working out to get me some chicken noodle soup and cheese. On the list I said the following:

  • Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup
  • 1/2 lb cheese from the deli (to go with my whine)
  • a Diet-Pepsi Max - If you really love me
  • a Diet-Pepsi - If you just love me

I'll let you know which it is. :) Mr. Itchy Scalp just called from the grocery, his first words were, "I really love you, but I can't find a Diet-Pepsi Max in the cold section. I didn't want to just get you a Diet-Pepsi and that be considered a reflection on my love for you." I told him I'd accept a plain ole Diet-Pepsi. I guess I'll forgive his prickly issues. He's a keeper.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Just Don't Know Anymore1!!1

Y'all..........I just don't know anymore. I'm sick. Sick in two ways. One is,yes, I trully am sick. Call it a cold, the flu, a flu cold. I don't know but I feel like crap, crude, and any other four letter word that fits the bill. I'm taking a day time med during the day and a night time med at night - profound huh? Plus, I take over the counter sleep aids. I might sleep all night long IF I didn't have a 54 year old husband. Those of you with middle age husbands will understand. I don't know how many times I was awakened by him climbing back into bed after a potty break last night. If you aren't in my age bracket just make a note, one day you will understand.

Anyways, I know you didn't tune in to find out about my husband's issues or my sickieness. Very little knitting to report. Hopefully that is going to change.

The other way in which I am sick is.......well, I'm not really sure how to put it........I joined another KAL. Yep, sure did. This one doesn't start until Summer. It is by Moni, the same designer of Secret of Chrysopolis and Dem Fischer sin Fru. As its names implies it is going to be a slow moving one taking into consideration that during the summer people have outdoor stuff to do and therefore not as much time to spend knitting. Come on over, it will be fun. Slow Bee Mystery

Friday, February 15, 2008


Friday evening, February 8th, our oldest son, Aaron, got married. His wife is a young lady from our church, Becca. We are very happy for both of them. So now I have a new granddaughter, Sydney - 9. She and Emma Belle are C R A Z Y about one another. I mean crazy!!!! A couple weeks ago I was talking to Sydney and Emma Belle, telling them that "Now, I have to have my Gammy time, you guys will have to stay with Gammy some." Emma said "Well, you know Sara (she got married in Oct) and now Daddy and then Donna (Jordan's nickname, he has a steady girlfriend, Jacque), if Gampy marries someone else.........what will you do?" I thought to myself, "Kill. And then you can visit me." I think she thinks everyone is up for grabs!!!!!!

As you know I am involved in a kazillion KAL's. Of which I am making very little, if any, progress. We went out of town last Saturday for David to minister at a church outside Lexington. Monday we headed to Florence, KY for him to attend a conference. I thought I'd get a lot of knitting done, but it didn't happen. Tuesday we stopped off in Louisville to spend the night with Emma Belle. Her step-father was out of town on business so her mother, Tabitha, and I had planned on going to her knitting group that meets on Tuesday evenings but some snow and ice came in Monday evening/Tuesday morning messing that plan up. Instead Tabby and I spent the evening talking and laughing while Emma Belle and her little sister, Ava, kept Gampy busy. :) It was a good time. We headed back home on Wednesday. Thursday I went back up to Brandenburg to fix Nanny's medicine and take my sister to the store. Today I worked for my Sara for a couple hours. Will I ever knit again?

One of the KALs I'm taking part in is Secret of the Stole II. I try to look at everyone's pictures and either send in a comment to the group or leave one on their blog. The world we live in is so fractured and dysfunctional, many times who we are or what we do goes unnoticed. Particularly knitters. It always makes me feel good when someone takes the time to notice and comment on my knitting/spinning. Well, this group gave me a huge honor. Many wrote in making statements about what an encouragement my comments on their knitting had been to them. To tell you the truth it got kinda embarrasing. I don't leave comments for me to get attention, I leave comments to let them know that I noticed their lovely handiwork. Anyways, the designer of this stole, DK, gave me a special award and sent me this gorgeous abacus bracelet w/stitch markers. It is so very beautiful and makes me feel so appreciated.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just Add Water

I've had a lot going on over the last week, which I'll blog about maybe tonight or tomorrow, therefore, I haven't gotten hardly any knitting accomplished. And then today - Happy Valentine's Day - I have a morning coffee engagement (all hail and praise thy name o'coffee, live forever) and then I will be going up home to check on Nanny. Which equals - no knitting!!!!! I gotta get my act together.

However, I wanted to leave you with a story. My daughter, Sara, and I have decided to get back into the gym and whip ourselves into shape. Part of my regimen will be drinking more water. I "think" I read somewhere that you should drink half your body weight in water in ounces. Example - if you weight 140 you should drink 70 oz of water a day. Once you get used to drinking it, you crave it.

Several years ago while substitute teaching I had a huge water bottle I had with me at all times. When it was empty I'd fill it back up in between classes. I was in the middle school so often you would have thought I was a full-time teacher. The kids were always asking me, "Mrs. Sturgeon, how can you drink so much water?" "Mrs. Sturgeon, why do you drink so much water?" "Mrs. Sturgeon you still drinking water?" I began telling them, "How do you think I got so beautiful? It is from drinking so much water?" During the summer I saw one of my students and I asked her about her friends. Had she seen them over the summer? Blah, blah, blah, blea, blea, blea. She informed me she had seen this one boy that I had had in class whose name was David. I asked how he was doing. She said, "Oh Mrs. Sturgeon, he looks like he has been drinking A LOT of water." :)

Huge news and knitting to come, I promise.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


One of my favorite singers, Idina Menzel, has just released a new cd. She played the original Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway. I bought the album so now I have another choice to scream my lungs out with while on the road. Check it out!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Yes, I Am!!!!!!

A very sweet on-line friend of mine, Arianwen, from Yorkshire, England sent me a goodie package. Included in this wonderful package were several vintage knitting patterns that she inherited from her grandmother who taught her to knit. There are socks, gloves, sweaters and some hats. Really cool stuff. And just the fact that it orginated from her grandmother makes it even more special. I love old stuff. She also sent me some really yummy chocolate from Belgium and the coolest yarn. It is hand spun and dyed by Araucania in Chile and is 100% alpaca. The coolest thing is it is dyed with the national flower of Chile, the Copihue. "The flowers are red, with six petals; the fruit is an edible berry with numerous small seeds. In the wild the plant is pollinated by hummingbirds."
I finally finished clue 3 of SOTSii. It looks like I made a mistake back in clue 2. I'll work some magic once she is done and fix it, cuz I ain't tinkin or froggin.

Clue 4 for SOTSii comes out tomorrow as does Clue 3 for Dem Fischer sin Fru. I haven't even begun clue 2 for Dem Fischer yet and I'm so far behind in SSS it ain't even funny. But, you know what? It is okay...............................................cuz........................................I AM THE LACE KNITTER. Right?

Huh? Right?

Right? Oh, Yeah!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Its Kinda Interesting - Living In The South

Its kinda interesting living in the South. I don't drink it, gotta watch my girlish figure, but who has never heard of sweet tea? I mean, our Southern babies are raised on the stuff. I don't know that this is a southern thang or not, but it ain't chili if it ain't got no sghetti in it. You ain't had no molasses? How about dried beans and cornbread? Fried okra? Roastnears? Mushmelon? Poke greens? Hmmmmmm, you gotta start livin people.

Do you ever lollygag? Try any shinanigans? Do you know anybody that ain't no count? Ever give somebody down the road? Gone off half cocked? Ever been a knot on a log?

Two interesting things came across my path today. I love country music. I don't actually listen to it that often. Usually on my trip up home to take Nanny to the doctor or grocery I'll get tired of screaming my lungs out to the soundtrack of Wicked and I'll take to scanning the old radio. Who doesn't love a good ole country song like, "There's somethin women like about a pick up man." Well, nobody can say it like a country singer. I heard a new one for me today. These people are geniuses, or I'm just plain dumb. :) Chris Gagle is the artist and the name of the song is "What Kind of Gone." Sit back, read and enjoy:

I heard the door slam and I couldn't tell was it just the wind or was she mad again - ah hell she's gettin in her car I hollered baby is there something wrong thought I heard her say something sounding like I'm gone but these days gone can mean so many things.


theres gone for good and theres good and gone and theres gone with the long before it i wish she'd been just a little more clear well theres gone for the day and gone for the night and gone for the rest of your dogone life is it whiskey night or just a couple beers i mean what kind of gone are we talkin bout here

well its gettin dark out, she ain't back yet ain't called home, turned off the phone ah man hah this might not be good i would have stopped her, when she went to leave but i didn't 'cause i didn't really think what i'm thinkin now i'm still not sure what gone is all about


is it the kind of gone where she's at her mom's cooling down she'll come around or the kind that says you had your chance and she ain't comin back


theres gone for good and theres good and gone and theres gone with the long before it i wish she'd been just a little more clearwell theres gone for the day and gone for the night and gone for the restof your dogone lifeis it whiskey night or just a couple beersi mean what kind of gone are we talkin bout what kinda gone are we talkin bout what kinda gone are we talkin bout herewhat kinda gone

Another interesting thing I saw today was a marquee for a church of sorts in the area. It isn't your "typical" denomination. The marquee read: "Killer Cats, Knitting & Original Sin." I called my husband and told him I think I'm going to have to check that one out. Strange huh?

And the final interesting thing that happened today. I stopped by Starbucks to pick up a vente cappucino with an extra shot and caramel flavoring. I told the little feller I didn't want a lot of froth, you know the foamy stuff. This is how I order it all the time. When I got to the drive through he asked me was I really sure what I wanted was a cappucino because that is what a cappucino was, half expresso half frothy, foamy milk, maybe what I really wanted was a latte. Now, I know enough to know I don't want a latte, I want it to be so dang full of caffeine it strips my innards. They made me something, I don't know what it is, it was good, but needed more humph. Have you tried the Diet Pepsi Max? Twice the caffeine with a dab of ginseng baby. Oh, yeah. I stay so caffeinated none of it phases me. Not a bit, I'm naturally spastic. Have you seen my Tylenol PM?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Clue 2 - SOTSII

Secret of the Stole II is moving right along. Clue 3 just came out yesterday and I just finished Clue 2. I'm very happy with it.

Knit Picks Shadow - Vineyard, US Size 3s.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy B-Day!!!!!!

Today is my birthday!!!! Well, not my "real" birthday, that isn't until April, it is my blogging birthday. I began blogging one year ago today. I've enjoyed this year so very much and I am so looking forward to the upcoming year. As I look back I wish I could say I accomplished magnificent amounts and performed stupdendous feats. But, alas I can't. However, I can say I had loads of fun and I want to thank you all for making it a "fun-tastical year."

I thought I would highlight some of my personal favorite posts I made over the course of the year. Do you have a favorite?

The Queue

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One Eyed Man

Friendly Fibers

After looking through my blog I realized that I did get quite a bit accomplished over the year. And it made me long for summer and to hold my precious Emma Belle. All those precious pictures of that sweet little face is just about more than a Gammy that lives 2 hours from her can bear. And finally, a picture of my wonderful family taken at Sara's wedding. From left to right: Aaron, Me, Matthew, Sara, David, Jacque (Jordan's girl), Jordan and of course, thePrincess Emma Belle. Look at her little feetsies!!!!!! Aren't they just the cutest?