Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Honey, I'm Home

Let me see, let me see........what have I been adoin........welp, for one I've been playing a game of sorts with myself. You may remember the Tomten I started last year. Yeah, the one that mocked me every time I went into the wool room. It called me every name and then some. Stinkin thing. If you remember I finally named it Edward Longshanks out of pure hatred. Well, I finally decided I was either going to have to finished the blanking thing or silence it once and for all. And since Aaron has always been so excited about it my motherly love got the best of me and I came up with a plan.

I have various kinds of knitting. I have my "mindless" knitting. This is the kind of knitting I can work on in the car (while riding, never say I condone knitting while driving, however, you should ALWAYS has at least one project with you at all times, remember the dude in the elevator). Or mindless knitting is handy while waiting in the doctor's office or during meetings or church services, etc., etc. (keep your self-righteous thoughts to yourself please)

So I always have some form of mindless knitting going. Simple socks work well for this but, presently I have the faux moebius going for this. Why faux you ask? Okay, a moebius is actually knit in the round but the knitting is twisted. Mine is a faux moebius because I am knitting it as a rectangular scarf and then I'm twisting it when I seam it together. (please keep your self-righteous thoughts to yourself).

The game of sorts is this, I'm not allowed to work on anything else at home until the tomten is finished. I really don't have that much to do. Just the sleeves and the trim. Of course the trim is like knitting 6-8 rows around a football field. (I did cheat a tad by doing some spinning. Self-righteous thoughts should be kept to yourself, please.)

The real fun to this here game is that I go to Enchanted Yarn and Fiber once a week and while there and only there I get to work on the cutest little hoodie you ever saw. I love this little baby and she is for me, me, ME!!!! (You know what to do, please.)