Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Goodies

Last year the knitting group I taught gave me a gift card to my local LYS. I bought some beautiful yarn and purchased a book with many gorgeous sweater patterns. The book is Knitting The New Classics by Kristen Nicholas. Some how, I can't remember exactly how, I came across Kristen's blog. It is one of my "Daily Haunts." She has such an awesome eye for contrast and color. Sometime in the Spring Kristen posted about her upcoming book, Kristen Knits, and that we could either purchase it from the book store or directly from her blog once it came out. I reserved me a copy on her blog and I just received it. Signed!!!!!!! Inside you can find so many beautiful knits. Many of which are embellished with embroidery. Gorgeous scarfs, mittens, gloves, socks, hats, etc., etc. All very fun and colorful. I totally recommend it. Since I was one of the first to order off of her sight she sent me some adorable post cards sporting pictures of yarn, flowers, and sheep from her farm.

This week is Pastor Appreciation Week. One of my friends from the church gave me this trivet. Isn't it just perfect???????
Tonight I finished Clue 4 of the Secret of the Stole KAL. It is turning out so very beautiful. I love the yarn, the beads, the pattern!!!!!! This is the half way point, only four more clues. At this point my stole measures end to point - 43" and 18-19" in width. Clue 5 comes out Friday!!!!

It Is The Witching Hour

Just having a little seasonal fun. Here is wishing you a safe and happy All Hallowed Eve.

Take a look at the real Ephaba's dress. Such a beautiful work of art. Worth around $25,000.

Gnashing Of Teeth

After much sweat, cursing and gnashing of teeth I have completed Clue 1 of the Mystic Waters KAL. It is going to be so pretty. I love the design which is to take in various aspects of water. Once it is completed and wet blocked the yarn will "bloom" and be even prettier. I also included another picture attempting to catch the actual color. Many commented about the shawl being black where it is more of a black/blue with some greenishness. Knit Picks' Alpaca Cloud in Midnight. Clue 2 comes out tomorrow!!!!!

Now I'm off to get caught up on Secret of the Stole. :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Defying Gravity from Wicked (Tony Awards)

The original Elphaba (Idina Menzel) and Glinda (Kristin Chenoweth) Ready to go?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

To Be Or Not To Be

I wish I had more knitting to show but, alas, I don't. I've been knitting on the Mystic Waters KAL. It is turning out very pretty. This is a picture of what I have done on clue 1, up to row 97 of 129. I had hoped to have it finished by now. Tomorrow I go up home again to take Nanny to a doctor's appointment. Maybe I'll get to work on it tomorrow night. The rest of the week during the day looks to be fairly open so maybe, just maybe this will be a high yield week. Here's hoping.

I don't know, I think I may possibly be a helpless romantic. Not romantic in the sense of candlelight and roses. More in the sense of weather, movies, musicals, books, history...etc., etc. I love a what I call "Wuthering Heights" weather days, all cloudy and gray with a slight wind. Les Miserable, both novel and movie (with Liam Neeson) and Out of Africa just to name a couple. Another of my all-time favorite movies is Hamlet with Mel Gibson. I can watch it over and over and over again. I used to have it in VHS form (yeah, I'm THAT old). But lost it somewhere in our last move. This week I received the DVD as a gift from my daughter, Sara. I love it

She and Matthew brought me another gift from their honeymoon. I love and collect chickens/roosters so they brought me this gorgeous pitcher. The sexy lady behind is Nanny when she was around 20.

When Aaron and Tabitha married they went to New Orleans for their honeymoon. Aaron called and asked what I wanted them to bring back for me. I told him I wanted something I would have forever, you know, not something I would use up like coffee or beignet mix. They brought me back four things. 1) A French cookbook, 2) A "Peggy's Kitchen" magnet, 3) A tote bag with the French Quarter Cafe pictures, and the most important thing, and something I will definitely always have, 4) My Precious Emma Belle. :) Tabby conceived Emma Belle on their honeymoon. Thus the "Belle" since they were in the deep south. Sara and Matthew haven't matched that last gift yet, but given time I'm sure they will.

Emma Belle lives in a different time zone than I do so 6:30 am to her is 7:30 am which is the time she wakes up at my house now that she has started school. Saturday morning I woke up to a little voice whispering, "Gammy......Gammy.....what are you going to be for Halloween? What is Gampy going to be." So, so sweet. I love this age.

Finally I'll leave you with a picture of my little "Elphaba." This was taken when we went to Chicago to see the musical Wicked. If you have the chance, go see it. The touring group is going to be in Cincinnati in January for several weeks. We are planning on making the 3.5-4 hour drive to see it again. You can find some videos of it on You Tube. It is unbelievable!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn.....

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn Is To Love And Be Loved In Return......Moulin Rouge.

Thanks to so many of you who left such kind and wonderful comments on my last post. It was very heart warming.

Another heart warming thing is today I received these wonderful socks from my friend, Peggy in Oregon. This is the Peggy that has only been knitting for one year and a couple months!!!!! I made a comment on her blog when she had knitted her mother a pair of socks asking if I could be her mother. I am old enough as she is in her 20's and I now 50. These socks are awesome, so comfy and affectionate. On her note her little son, Gabriel, left me a note as well. :)

I am pluggin away on my KALs, hopefully I will have some progress to show in the next couple of days. I did get the felted bag I was making for my Harry Potter Swap partner, Valerie. It turned out so cute, I want to keep it!!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If I Know A Song Of.......................

I don't know if it is the weather, we are finally getting lots of good rain, or the fact that my baby girl just got married or what. I've been feeling kinda melancholy. Not sad, just reflective. Please indulge me on this post. :)

One of my all time favorite movies is Out Of Africa. Of course, the book is better and is the true story. I highly recommend both. The author's pen name was Isak Dinesen, but her real name was Karen Blixen. This is a quote from her that comes to my mind quite often.

"If I know a song of Africa, of the giraffe and the African new moon lying on her back, of the plows in the fields and the sweaty faces of the coffee pickers, does Africa know a song of me? Will the air over the plain quiver with a color that I have had on, or the children invent a game in which my name is, or the full moon throw a shadow over the gravel of the drive that was like me, or will the eagles of the Ngong Hills look out for me?"

It gets me to thinking. If I know a song of Kentucky or of this wonderful world of ours, does Kentucky, the world or any of its inhabitants know a song of me? Am I leaving a mark? Am I making a difference?

I have many wonderful items that were my great-grandmother's. Her real name was Mary Jane Sutherland, but to all of us great-grandchildren, which numbered in the 40's, she was Grandma Sudie. She was a little bitty tobacco chewing woman with one of the meanest chihuahuas and green parakeets you have ever seen. I can't necessarily say that Grandma Sudie left her mark on me except that her daughter-in-law, my Grandma Embry, passed many of Grandma Sudie's belongings to me. Some of her crocheted doilies, a couple aprons she made from feed sacks and a beautiful clay cookie jar.

Grandma Embry left a huge imprint upon my life and in turn on my children. She instilled deep within me a love of plants and flowers. I can remember walking through her yard with her pointing out various plants, naming them and telling me how to propagate and care for each plant. This past week Sara told me about the various house plants she bought and began asking questions as to their care. When she and I are out she will point out a plant and ask me the name. I owe much of my love of plants, heirlooms and Motherliness to Grandma.

This is one of many very precious gifts she gave me. It is a ring she purchased when she was 17 and gave to me when I was 17. As stated before, I am one of 40 some odd grandchildren and I am not the oldest so it was a great joy for me to receive it. Her first name was Minnie, thus the engraving. I have worn this ring practically daily for 33 years now. Sorry for the fuzzy picture.

Another way she has left an imprint on my and my family's life is........Grandma Embry had 11 living children whose ages differ over a span of approximately 20 years. It wasn't an easy life so when it came time to eat, she first and foremost made sure Grandpa got the biggest helping of whatever there was to eat and then the children. After that she would eat whatever was left and sometimes what the children left on their plates. To this day, if there are 4 donuts and 5 of us, I won't eat one until I know that David and the kids have had what they want. If David or I have opted to wait for everyone else to eat before we partake, we call it "Pulling a Grandma Embry." In our case it isn't usually for lack of food to eat, maybe just leftovers.

I firmly believe that I am leaving a mark on my children and they will continue my legacy with their child and future children even when I'm gone. And if that is all I ever do that would be enough, I will feel I've done a good thing.

Outside of my family I try to leave a lasting impression on all that I meet. Some will remember my name, my humor, my impact and many others won't.
The many women I have taught to knit, they will remember me and hopefully they will in turn teach their children and others to knit as well. Many of you may not know that I am a Pastor's Wife. I'm not your typical Pastor's Wife now mind you. :) In fact I am possibly the most unreligious Pastor's Wife out there. It is of huge importance to me that other's around me feel very comfortable. It is purely by God's great grace that I am a Christian, certainly not by any goodness of myself. With me, what you see is pretty much what you get. So through the years I'm sure there are those who will remember me. Hopefully I've been accepting and encouraging.
Last week David and I began leading a "12 Step Program." We meet every Tuesday. Last night we had 12 in attendance. The majority are women who are on their last leg. Some have already spent time in prison, lost their children and everything that we hold dear. They have to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. What a joy it is to meet these women and men. They are each so very precious. Hopefully my motherliness and acceptance will go with each of these where ever their paths may lead.

But.........................what song will be remembered of me?

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's All In The Lighting

I finished Clue 3 of Secret of the Stole. I am caught up on this one. This is the same stole as seen in previous photos. The only difference is the time of day and the lighting by which the photos were taken. It gives a good contrast to the stole and the background enabling one to see the pattern with clarity. :)

Now I'm off to start on Clue 2 of Secret of Chrysopolis before Clue 5 is released on Friday. Clue 1 for Mystic Waters is to be released on Wednesday. The swatch chart for Muir was released today. I have until November 15th before that one starts.

Oh yeah, I signed up for another KAL, Spring Shawl Surprice. Nope, that is not a typo. The wonderful designer, Lul, is from Denmark I believe and made a slight misspelling. Ktudhodsek4. That is me trying to write in Danish. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007


I have completed Clue 2 of Secret of the Stole. I think I'm going to jump right in and complete Clue 3 so I will at least be caught up on one of my KALs. With each clue we get a hint of what the theme of the stole is. Thus far we have been given: 1. What is a class of people holding hereditary titles called? 2. What is a title bestowed upon a female who belongs to the class of people in hint 1. 3. Where, on earth, would you find the class of people in hint 1 residing? I've been so busy trying to get caught up I haven't actually given it a thought.

Anyways, my house is getting cleanerer and here is a picture of Clue 2. My photographic skills are somewhat lacking, but you get the point.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm a Cleanin, Knittin Fool

There is a strange phenomena that takes place within my house when I'm working on a KAL. My house actually gets cleaned. No, little fairies or gnomes or dwarfs don't come out at night while I'm sleeping and clean to their little hearts content. I clean it!!!!!! Can you believe it? This phenomena doesn't happen when I'm knitting socks, sweaters or any other such knitting. It is only seen when I'm taking part in a KAL. I first noticed it during MS3.

When knitting a KAL I feel "knitting guilt." Why only with KALs I haven't a clue. Maybe because it is released in segments called clues over a course of 6 to 8 weeks and I know I'm going to be working on it for some time. It definitely affects my psyche differently. I knit a right side row, RS, and a wrong side row, WS, then I do a little house work. Yesterday, I got all the kitchen cabinets washed down, the stove cleaned, laundry done, kitchen, living room, kitchen bath, laundry room and foyer all swept and mopped. Plus, I cooked and went to the grocery. Strange huh?

I've finished Clue 1 of Secret of the Stole, SOTS, and I'm working on Clue 2. Clue 3 will be released tomorrow. I haven't gotten any more than Clue 1 on Secret of Chrysopolis, SOC. Clue 4 is to be released tomorrow. I'm taking it all in stride. Thankfully it has been decided that the Muir KAL will not start until Nov. 15th. Can I get a hallelujah!!!!!!

Here's a couple pictures of Clue 1 of SOTS.

The Mystic Waters KAL starts Oct 24th, I finally got the swatch done. I tried different needle sizes. US Size 5 is what the pattern calls for, but I didn't like the way it looked so I went down to a US size 3, didn't like it, and finally ended up with a US size 2. Bingo!!!!!

Here's a picture of the yarn I'm using, Knit Picks' Alpaca Cloud in Midnight. And a picture of the finished swatch which measures out to be approximately 17 cm by 15-16 cm.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Uh, Hello, My Name Is Peggy

Uh, hello, my name is Peggy and I am an addict. Yes, a KAL addict. I really appreciate you allowing me to join KA, your KAL Anonymous group. For me it all started with MS3 (Mystery Stole 3). I, like many others, read about it on the Yarn Harlot's blog. I thought it sounded like fun, very innocent lace knitting. Yeah, Melanie had added beads, but you know, what's the harm of a little bead here and a little bead there? But then she started triple beading it. When the KAL was drawing to a close I started "jonesing." Again, I didn't fully recognize the symptoms. I thought I had just fallen in love with knitting lace and beads.

The next thing I knew I had ordered "Victorian Lace Today," and had run out to my LYS to check out lace weight yarn. Well, that is when I should have seen it, but you know how it is. You tell yourself its okay. You don't have to have it. You could quit any time you wanted. Before I knew it I had 3 sets of Addi Turbo Lace circular needles and enough yarn to make 5 or 6 shawls.

I told myself, "Its okay, that will be all I'll need for a long, long time." Then I heard about the Secret of the Stole KAL. And then, the Secret of Chrysopolis KAL. I don't know how it happened. I joined and the next thing I knew I received a package from Knit Picks with the yarn for both stoles plus a few other things like 8-10 pairs worth of sock yarn, yarn for a Hemlock Blanket, yarn for a knee length Tomten and some other things. It is all a blur, I can't remember right this moment.

It was at this point I began seeing a pattern. But denial set in. Now, this isn't something I'm proud of. I joined yet another KAL, Muir and quickly set out to find the perfect yarn. I found it, brought it home and lovingly placed it on the shelf with all its friends. I know that many of you have been following my downward spiral. And I'm sure many of you have been shaking your head in either pity or disgust.

Today..........well...............um..................what is wrong with me??????? I joined another KAL, Mystic Waters. Why do I do these things? What is ever to become of me? How do I stop? Where is this going to lead?

Its all YOUR fault. Yeah, your fault. You could have stepped in at any time. But no, some of you posted new KALs on your blogs, or you flaunted your finished KALs, you could at least have attempted an intervention.

What are the stages? Shock, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Testing & Acceptance? I think I'm ready for acceptance.

To tell you the truth, I don't want your stinking help anyways. I like who am. I don't want to be fixed. Who am I if I don't have 2-3 socks, 2-3 sweaters and 3-5 stoles/shawls OTN? That's who I am, but who/what are you? :)

I finished clue 1 of SOTS but blogger is having a bad morning so I'll try to post a picture later.

The wedding was wonderful and beautiful. I'll have pictures soon. Thanks for all your well wishes.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Secret of Chrysopolis - Clue 1 Finished

Did I mention that we have two weddings today? Yep, we have our daughter, Sara's, and then later today David is performing another wedding. Last night after the rehearsals, while I was waiting on some of Sara's last minute laundry to finish I got clue 1 of the Secret of Chrysopolis KAL finished and little more completed on the Secret of The Stole KAL done. I'm making bread for Sara and Matthew to take on their honeymoon, so while waiting on that I took some quick pictures of SOC clue 1. I didn't take time to pin it out, but I think it is turning out nicely. I love this yarn, Knit Picks' Shadow in Campfire Heather. I'll have wedding pics and such later. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Bit Overwhelmed?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? You could say that. I'm not even talking about the wedding plans but I'm sure it is mixed in there somewhere. I'm going to talk about my knitting. Just the surface knitting, the stuff I have laying around. As many of you know, I am taking part in the Secret of Chrysopolis KAL. It is turning out just beautiful. Clue 3 is to be released this Friday. The trouble is I am only about 75% finished with clue 1.

I'm also taking part in the Secret of The Stole KAL. Clue 2 is to be released this Friday as well. I'm maybe 20% through clue 1.

I'm also taking part in a KAL for Rosemary Hill's "Muir" stole. It is kinda a knit as you want thing. I have cast on.

So, you may ask, "When life is bearing down on you, when you are behind in all your knitting, when your chest begins to feel heavy, you see stars and you can't breath, what do you do? How do you deal with it?" That is quite easy actually.

You cast on another sock!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mail or Post, Package or Parcel?

In yesterday's post, that's a fancy word for mail, I received two, count 'em, two packages. Don't you just love mail? I'm a mail and news hound. In the winter I am a mail, news and weather hound. I love getting stuff in the mail. Could be why I have so dang much fiber and yarn. I really enjoy getting mail when I'm not quite sure what is in the package.

The first package I received was from a good friend in Norway, Heidi. We met over one of the yahoo spinning groups and chat via Instant Messenger once or twice a week. She informed me last night that if I would ever get on Skype we could talk AND knit at the same time. :) I have dillydallied getting a mic and camera. She picked up some more yummy sock yarn from Garnstudio. I just love the colors. They will make such beautiful Spring socks. She also sent some Norwegian chocolate. It is really tasty, but the best part is the shapes. The figures depict a Norwegian Folk Tale, princesses, trolls, goats, etc. Look are these colors!!!!

The second parcel, a fancy word for package, was from my Spindle and Wheel's Fiber Frenzy swap pal, Melanie. Obviously she knows I love/collect chickens and roosters. The contents: A rooster place mat, a package of chicken napkins, two packages of bath powders. One is for "Beauty, Creativity & Inspiration," and the other "Knowledge, Health & Communication." (I wish I'd had some of this stuff years ago, I'd probably have made different decisions.) A bar of cinnamon goat's milk soap, a massage bar-cocoa butter, shea butter, camphor, essential oils of cinnamon, tea tree, mint & eucalyptus that softens as you rub on your bare skin. Two bars of Belgian chocolate. A skein of Opal sock yarn, two small skeins of really pretty hand spun mohair. A tin of echinaccea mint tea and some really yummy jelly beans. What an awesome package. Thanks Melanie!!!

I was recently tagged by Gail R. I'm going to cheat. Since I was tagged back in May I am just going to use my answers for that. The neat thing about the tag thing is you get to know things about individuals that you wouldn't typically find out. The only change I would made is #6.

1. I took piano for 9 years and my favorite composer is Beethoven. However, I haven't played in many more years than 9. Sad but true.

2. I always wanted to be a female 007, but I can't stand to be chased!!!!

3. I love all things French. I've been to France once and completely love the country and its history. My husband says I think I am Marie Antoinette and that I'd better watch my head. :)

4. I love impacting the lives of others. Enlarging other's horizon of experiences.

5. I have 90+ hours of a degree in Mathematics. But don't ask me to do simple arithmetic or make change. :)

6. I love snow. LOVE IT!!!! In fact, I have issued a threat to the local meteorologists and my family. I'm giving them one more Winter. If the snow fall isn't up to my standards...........well, I'm not sure what I will do, but like I've said before, "It ain't going to be pretty!!!!"

7. I am an extreme extrovert!!!!! Somewhat, okay very very much so. Hyper and spastic if you get me on the right subject. :) Those of you who know me, you know what I mean!!!!

As far as tagging anyone. Gosh, I don't know who to tag. I tell you what, if you want to play leave me a comment telling me something about you that I might find staggering or interesting. Yeah, I'm wimping out.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Want To Get Off

It has been going on for months now, maybe even years, possibly a life time. Every week or so I find myself saying, "After this week it should slow down." Trouble is "it" never seems to slow down. You know it, the merry-go-round of life?

I think I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I worked outside the home last Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, on Tuesday I drove 2 hours to take Nanny to a doctor's appointment, hung around for a bit and the drove the 2 hours back. Emma Belle came Thursday night. Friday we ran all over town on errands. Saturday morning we piddled, Saturday afternoon we went to a local orchard, Saturday night we had dinner with a guest speaker we are having at church. Sundays are always crazy, although I did skip out of the pm service. Monday we took Emma Belle to visit her great-grandmothers and then met her mother for her to go home. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings we have special services at church. This is the week prior to Sara's wedding this Saturday. And if that wasn't enough. Yesterday while visiting David's mother she said she wants directions to our house so when his brother and sister-in-law bring her to the wedding they can at least see where our house is. You know what that means don't you? I either have to clean my entire house or lock all the doors and close all the blinds. Even then I have to clean the basement since the end you drive up to is a walk-out with windows spanning the entire side. I haven't totally closed the pool and it looks like pea soup. Both my mother and sister-in-law are immaculate house keepers. IMMACULATE. Talk about pressure.

I've tried to think of ways out of it. If you can add to my mania please do so.
  • Give them bad directions.
  • Spray paint the windows or at least cover them with that brown paper.
  • Borrow all the guard dogs in town and chain them along the perimeter.
  • Call 'em and tell them it was all a joke Sara and Matthew really aren't getting married.
  • Tell 'em we've had a nuclear attack here in Bowling Green and it isn't safe.
  • Or I just won't give a flip. I'm happy, my husband is happy, and my kids are happy, who really cares? Screw 'em!!!! :)

I have gotten some knitting done. These are the Bellatrix Socks by Socktopia and knitted in Tofutsies.

And some pictures of our trip to Jackson's Orchard.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Answer Is Yes, Yes And Yes.

Over the last week or so I've been working for an attorney friend a day here and a couple days there. It has been great. I've been paid to answer the phone and knit, knit and knit. So that basically equals FOs (finished objects), which I will show in just a moment. The attorney and his wife attend out church and I had the joy of teaching her to knit last Spring. She hasn't been totally bit by the knitting bug, they have three very active little boys and a lot of her time is spent running to this practice and that practice, this school meeting and that school meeting, blah, blah, blah. She popped into the office yesterday and said that she had once again picked up her knitting and was moving right along on the gorgeous scarf she is making for a gift. But, as she was knitting she got to wondering how I can stand to knit day end and day out. So her question was, "Do you just enjoying the process or mainly enjoy the product?" My answer is, "Yes and Yes." Since I have about a zillion projects OTN (on the needles), I guess I am primarily a Process Knitter. I love the feel of the yarn and the needles in my hands. I cannot imagine life without knitting. Is there life without knitting? I also find great joy in the completion of projects as well. Maybe that is so I don't feel too guilty about casting something else on.

I finished Sara and Matthew's wedding hemlock. It turned out quite beautiful, hope they will be pleased. Little Miss Sara Joan said she got bored the other night and thought she would get caught up on reading my blog. That makes you feel good doesn't? Someone is reading your blog because they are bored? Anyways, over our coffee the other morning she asked, "What is hemlock?" I asked what exactly she had been doing, that is when she told me about her inability to sleep and little jaunt to mom's blog. Little bugger. She wasn't quite sure what it was but she noticed that the word "hemlock" was a different color than the other words so she clicked on it and mosied on over to Brooklytweed's blog showing his beautiful hemlock blanket. The picture here is theirs blocking.

Other FOs are my Fawkes socks. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. They might just turn out to be mine as I love the way they look and the way they fit. They truly are affectionate socks and since I only have one pair of my hand knitted socks from 3 or 4 years ago, I think I deserve them. All the many others I've knitted have been given as gifts.

Valerie DON'T LOOK!!!!!!!! I'm making progress on my Harry Potter Swap Pal's Hufflepuff bag. I'm quite pleased with the way it is turning out.

Okay, for the final YES. The question was asked of me, "Are you really as much of an idiot as you appear?" My answer to myself is, "Yes, undoubtedly I am." Why? You ask. Well, your actual response is, "Why, this time?"

I've signed up for yet another KAL. This one is for Romi's gorgeous "Muir" stole. Yeah, I know, I'm an idiot.

The second clue for Secret of Chrysopolis came out this morning. I'm not finished with clue one yet. In fact, I think I at about row 27 out of 90 for the first clue alone.

The first clue came out this morning for Secret of the Stole. I have yet to cast on, but I did print the chart out, that should count for something.

If I were to make a button to be placed on the right of my blog along with all my other buttons that was a depiction of my idiocy what do you think it should say? Any artsy fartsy person out there that wants to design one for me? I don't think I'm alone in this sickness, I'm sure there is a great need. Thanks for your support.

A picture of myself and the bride-to-be at a shower some friends had for her the other night.