Monday, January 28, 2008


A knitting friend of mine, Opal, shared her completion of a pair of gorgeous gloves with our A Loose Knit Group. She was elated to finish them as their completion was something constantly looming over her head. A monkey on her back. While commenting on her wonderful gloves, you gotta go look at 'em, I was shaken out of the lovely, lace fairy tale land I have been happily living in the last week.

My sweet little, warm, happy world quickly came to an abrupt halt. Now, I know she had no intention of this happening, so don't go blaming my little Hawaiian friend. Maybe it is guilt? Possibly self-condemnation. Could it be conviction? I don't know. However, I do know of one other time I felt the same deep hatred well up within. It was a time, not unlike the present, except for the fact I weighed a little more, had less gray and was almost 12 years younger.

Back in '96 my oldest two children, Aaron and Sara, and myself went to France and England with their High School French Club. It was a glorious time. We took the ferry from Cherbourg, France across the English Channel to Portsmouth, England. Although I had seen it before, I was pleased to find a viewing of Brave Heart being shown in the ferry theater. I'm sure some Englishmen/women would say it was French propaganda.

One of the locations we visited was Westminster Abbey. It is such a lovely place. As we walked around the site the tour guide gave us a history of the cathedral and its contents. My mind was somewhat wondering when I realized I was standing right next the the entombed remains of Edward "Longshanks." Yeah, THAT Edward "Longshanks." The one who sought William Wallace with a vengeance. As I stood there looking at the tomb with utter disgust I thought to myself, "Man, how I would like to spit on you." (I did bite my thumb at him)

That same feeling of total disgust came over me while looking at Opal's lovely gloves. I didn't want to spit on her gloves or her but, that #@%$@&*&# tomten. Who can deliver me from this body of death? Is there any worse plight known to knittingdom? Why, why, WHY did I ever start that stupid thing. I hate 'im. Henceforth he shall be known as Edward Longshanks, the oppressor of all that is beautiful and free. And he shall be relegated to living under the spinning wheel. LET FREEDOM RING!!!!!

I've completed Clue One of Dem Fischer Sin Fru - The Fisherman's Wife. I've dubbed this one "The Fisherman's Plaque." My dear friend, Peggy, brought it to my attention this should read "The Fisherman's Plague." I'm so glad I have friends. :) Read the story and you will understand why. It is a real joy to knit, however, as the pattern keeps increasing I have a feeling the wrong side purl rows are going to be monstrous by the time this baby is finished.


Jeannie said...

Your Fisherman's Plaque looks beautiful! I love the color that you chose. I just finished Irtfa'a, which is a similar shape, and the purl rows weren't so bad. At least you knew that row would fly by. I think this one will fly by too because of the changing patterns.

Anonymous said...

Plaque or Plague? It's beautiful, but I expect you already knew that :)

I feel you on the Tomten, garter stitch in nice for brainless knitting, but it does get old quick!

Anonymous said...

Why oh why don't you rip Tomten if you hate it so much???? Why continue to torture yourself when there's no joy in the knitting?
I haven't even gotten my yarn for Dem Fischer Sem Fru yet :) I've ordered some through the designer and she's only placing the order next week (so, yes I'm a tad pissed off that she started the mystery before all of us had our yarn, especially as she's the one organizing everything). I was already pretty sure it would be big as the amount of yarn used gives a small indication :)
Cheers, Eva

June said...

It's just gorgeous, Peggy!

Toni said...

Can you read while working on the tomten? If ind garter & stockinette stitch really mindless, but they do allow me to read while knitting and are wonderful for that reason. Without a book.....that's a bit different. Then it's back to mind-numbing boring!

Tabitha said...

I have a great idea, sit down to a nice cup of hot tea\coffee, put on Braveheart and knit while you watch :) It's a great movie, LONG movie, and you can enjoy your brainless knitting at the same time :)
Just finish it! Your too far to rip now, and Aaron would be upset, so start it and don't stop til your DONE!!!!!! How's that for encouragement, LOL!

Roseann said...

I love Opal's gloves, too, and am so glad I recently received Selbuvotter. Your shawl is very pretty, but I feel your purling pain. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOO Peggy. I feel like I know you because we've done so many KALs together. This one is GORGEOUS!! Thanks for always being positive and encouraging to others in the KALs. I see so much negativity there, but I never see it in your emails!

Opal said...

You know if you hate the Tomten that much, I say liberate the yarn and rip that sucker out. Nothing is worth that kind of pain.