Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Monsters

Hey all!!!! Many of you have been contacting me wondering what in the world is going on that I haven't been showing up here much lately. It has been crazy. Or I think it has been. I've been making quite a few trips to take care of Nanny and many to Louisville for my Emma Belle. I've been working some for my Sara and this week I'm working a couple days for my favorite defense attorney. And yes, I have been knitting with a tad spinning thrown in for good measure. Probably the biggest thing that has been taking (stealing) my time is Facebook. I have fallen into the Facebook hole and can't, or don't want to, find my way out. Come over and befriend me.

Okay, about knitting. Hmmm, well since I'm at The Attorney's office I don't have any pictures to show you just now. But...........remember that horror story of a knitting project "Edward Longshanks?" That knee length tomten my oldest, Aaron, wanted? Well, thank the Lord Most High, or the knitting gods, or my ignorance, I made a mistake and the sleeves weren't matching up so that ugly baby is frogged!!!! Instead I'm knitting him a sweater from called Avast. Very lovely and doable.

I also have a really cute little green hoodie OTN right now. This one is from ChicKnits, Basic Chic Hoodie, and it is for me. YAY. I have way too many other things OTN or about to jump OTN right now to even mention. I am going to do better in the area of communication though.

The other day I was thinking about what a mess everything is. I have knitting on the kitchen table and the bar in the kitchen. Knitting in the living room, in a couple places, knitting in my bedroom on the floor and the night stand. The wicker love seat is totally unsittable since it is piled high with knitting, yarn, needles, a yarn swift and ball winder and....oh yes fiber, oh and knitting books. Upstairs the wool room is total uninhabitable. All things knitting and spinning strewn throughout the room. A total mess. We won't even talk about the basement.

Thinking about it all I remembered a situation we encountered while living in a little two bedroom apartment in Tulsa, OK.....Graduate Housing while David attended Oral Roberts University and I worked for the Chaplain. We already had our three children. Aaron was 7, Sara 5, and Jordan 3. My kids were like most children they did not go lacking for toys and in a tiny apartment we didn't have much space. David came up with a plan. The "Toy Monster." Now, this is how the Toy Monster operated. David would tell the kids to pick up their toys because at a certain time on a certain day the Toy Monster was going to come through. Any toy not picked up and put in its proper place the Toy Monster picked up, put it in a box not to be seen again for a full month. It actually worked pretty well. When the old toys were set free by the Toy Monster you would think it was a family reunion or Christmas all over again. The children were once again united with their long lost toys.

Well, I was thinking.....what if there was "Yarn, or Knitting or Fiber Monster" that would come through and anything, no matter what, not found in its proper place would get taken away for a month. Would that cause me to keep things in better order? I guess if there was a project I started that I really loathed that would be a good excuse to never touch it again. Once it was released from Project Prison I could break parole by leaving it out and..........oh well.

Overall though, I don't think that would work. It would probably just give me a better excuse to cast on a bunch of new things or go out and buy more yarn. Or this would cause me to truly go stark raving mad and the "Monster" would bring it all back. Obsession know no limits. I'd do whatever it took.

What about you? Do you have knitting or whatnot all over your house? If you are one of those people who has everything in its place and seldom have more than one thing OTN ......I don't like you!!!!!!

Do you think a "Knitting, Yarn, Spinning Monster" would work in your house?


Suzanne said...

Oh yeah! I want to make an appointment to have the knitting pattern monster come to my appartment and take every pattern and book that's not put neatly away. Then bring them back in a month and I'll THINK that I have a brand new pattern/book, (and maybe I'll stop buy/download them, since I must have everyone that I see)!!

Edna said...

I'm on Face book also as ET Books. How have you been? coming to Lexington any time soon?

Arianwen said...

I sometimes look around this house and think what a mess!! and shamefaced I have to tell you it is usually my fibres that are the cause. Bring the fibre monster here! There is work to be done!

Janet said...

A fiber monster might work, not, lol. I would just cast on something new. I actually have all my working projects in one bin in the living room so it is actually managable, so far! That doesn't include all the yarn for projects that I have planned, nor the new fibers waiting for me at the local yarn shop, they arrived much sooner than we expected, lol. Good to see you posting again, take care and have a great Thanksgiving!

GailR said...

Well, yes, yarn and projects and fiber consume 3 rooms in this condo. The yarn monster doesn't have a chance as my guard kitty would consume him - or run and hide.

So good to see you blogging again. I've missed your humor and stories. Maybe this will light a fire under me so I can blog more - instead of starting new projects.

Katidids said...

LOL I agree with Janet, I'd just cast on more and break out the dye pots!!!!!!!!!!
Nice to see you back, we missed you! Safe travels....