Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here we go AGAIN!!!!

I've been feeling pretty good. Been knitting like a fiend, began thinking about my blog again, hooked back up with several on-line knitting groups, heck, I even got one of my spinning wheels out again. I was feeling pretty much in control, till it happened. Don't ask me how it happened.....it just happened. One moment I was living in semi-sane knitterland and the next I had re-entered bonkersville knitterland.

First I'll try to explain how I think it happened and then I'll tell you the result. I had happily made it through the Christmas knitting madness actually quite happy with myself. I had even finished the Angelica's Coat and the Shawl Collared Vest. I began knitting the Falling Water Vest and a La La Simple Shawl but feeling somewhat underwhelmed I decided I wanted to knit the Every Way Wrap. Trouble is with all the changes that have occurred my funding has dried up so forget purchasing new yarn and I couldn't find enough in my stash to complete it. So, being the optimistic idiot I am I decided I should spin the yarn, after all, I have loads of wonderful fiber crammed into two closets. I've already started spinning the fiber, white Romney, I plan on dying it before I knit it up.. It is okay, no biggee. But then I added a pair of Fetchings for a friend to the queue, actually I've already cast them on. Still not biggee right? This is where I began sliding down the slippery slope into bonkersville knitterland.

A couple months ago we purchased a Stacht Rigid Heddle Loom hoping it would be something my sister, Sheila, could be taught to do. She did make Sara a beautiful scarf, only trouble is I have to sit right there to make sure she is following the steps properly. Anyways, I began looking into weaving. A dangerous thing to do. Now, I want a floor loom. And by golly I'm going to finger out a way to get one. If nothing else, surely there is someone out there with one stuck away somewhere and I can at least borrow it. They are rather pricey. Heck, I've even been looking at plans for building one. Until I can steal, uh procure one I'm going to work on the rigid heddle one. So with my other projects, now I'm wanting to make the Space Out Felted Scarf. Then today on one of my on-line groups someone talked about the Heart on a String hat and after seeing it I've decided I want to knit for a couple special little girls.

See what I mean????? Here we go AGAIN!!!!!


GailR said...

Oh it is sooooo good to see you blogging again. I also like the new haircut. Your project listing is much like mine - lots to do and not enough time or resources - and the list grows and grows.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy

Wow, a lot has happen in your life, I am sure God has a plan for you all and I am so happy to read that you are beginning to blog, knit and spin again.

I wish you and your family have a wonderful and great year, love you new hairstyle.

lots of love
Heidi Kim

Janet said...

Great to read what you have been up too! Sounds like you are having a great time! I am sure you will figure out the loom/weaving situation eventually, just be patient, in the meantime, keep on knitting!

Traci said...

So much fiber, so many choices. I can relate! I'm working on some hats for a friend who has a store in downtown Nashville. I can't knit fast enough!

June said...

Oh Peggy, I have missed your blog, it's so nice to see you up and running again!! The weaving thing - well, I am now in the town of Berea - with a college devoted to the art of weaving . . . need I say more? Come out and visit me!! :)

Arianwen said...

glad to see you have come to visit me in bonkersville. Loving the hair. very modern