Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm not sure......

Today is the first day of December........I'm not sure......but I think it is time to start that Christmas knitting!!!!!  My problem is this.  I can't just knit gifts for knitting gifts sake.  I have to have inspiration.  I have to have a dream.  Maybe I'm a dreamer, I don't like to go looking for patterns I like for patterns to find me.  Understand?????  You know, you see something you know you just have to make.  That special gift for that special someone.  Such as.....Lyra's Hat from The Golden Compass or all those ear flap hats you see in the mall stores.  I've decided I wanna make those.  That would knock out several gifts. As is typical, I have lots of yarn but not that special yarn that speaks to me for these hats.  Guess that means I'll have to "make" myself run off to my LYS (Enchanted Yarn & Fiber) to find that speaking yarn.  Or I could dive into my stash......not near as much fun!!

I need inspiration!!!!!  Or possibly I'm a sadist that only produces under extreme time pressure??

What motivates your holiday knitting? 

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Janet said...

You sound like me Peggy, I am now ready to knit for gifts, lol. But at least I have a short list, on purpose. Have a fun time. Catch you later.