Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's A Lovely Day In The Neighborhood

Won't YOU be my neighbor? Today the high is supposed to be around 71 and mainly sunny!!!!! Emma Belle and I are hoping to get outside today for some fun in the sun. She and her daddy will probably be the ones going out for a walk and some swinging. Or maybe a ride.

I received my package from Abby today. The photos from the last post do not do these products justice. I told Abby I was thinking about framing them in an open shadowbox so I could just admire them. And it would have to be an open shadowbox so I could fondle them ever so often. I received a couple of surprises as well. Some beautiful multi-green merino and a ball of a conglom-eration of blends I was told would make some great self-striping yarn. What to do, what to do????? I am still such a new spinner I'm afraid of messing the really beautiful stuff up. But how else is one supposed to learn? Doesn't make me feel any better to think that way. That is one of those things you tell others to help them along but you don't listen to your own advice.

I finished spinning and plying the white Romney/Cross that Joanne had given me. And decided to try my hand at dyeing. I followed the directions I found at The Yarnpath. I probably went a little crazy on the amount of color I put it. I wanted a rust or burnt orange. This is what I used:
1 pkg Orange Kool Aid, 1 pkg Tropical Punch Kool Aid, 4 knife dips of Wilton's Kelly Green Food Coloring Paste, 1 yellow tablet of Paas Egg Dyes and 1 orange tablet of Paas Egg Dyes

It was a fun process and since I used the crock pot it is extremely easy other than the fact my left hand is kinda rusty looking. Here's a look at the various stages.
Just soaking up the water getting ready for the dye bath. And, the dye all mixed up

Soaking up that color. And all the dye soaked up, water almost clear. Now for the cool down.
And finally -- hung out to dry. I should have 'em dry and ready to show tomorrow.
I have begun spinning the conglomerate fiber that Abby sent. She shamed me into it - - "At least spin the silly little leftover ball, if you can't work up the nerve for the other stuff." Do you consider that a shaming or a dare?


Holly said...

Dying is so much fun! I haven't tried kool-aid dye, but if you want fun really fun bright colors, use wilton's icing color. It's incredible, and cheap! A little goes a long way!

Tabitha said...

Already into dying, next comes the bunny, some alpacas, and SHEEP!!!!!I can hear 'ol Gampy telling me now "Don't give her any ideas!!!" LOL! But Emma would love them! :)
On a serious note, that dyed yarn is going to turn out lovely. The color is beautiful! Good Job!
And of course, I would say take it as a DARE!!!!