Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shame or Dare?

I finished spinning up the conglomerate ball of luxury fiber from my previous post. Actually it went pretty well. I had to change the whorl to a slightly smaller one to get the twist I needed, or at least what I thought I needed. It has some thin spots and some slubs (my doings). The bad thing is I spun it on one bobbin and you can't see all the beautiful colors and the sparklelies.

Not sure what I am or can do with it seeing as it is just one bobbin. Any ideas? Also not sure what I'm going to start up next. I have plenty of safe Romney and some Jacob and some other not so safe stuff. Just have to wait and see I suppose. I still haven't decided if my spinning the conglomerate was in response to a shame or a dare. Knowing me it was more of a dare response. I don't shame easily. :)

Here is an early morning picture of my Emma Belle and Katie Scarlet. Mommy, Tabitha, please excuse the uncombed hair, we hadn't been up long. :) Who couldn't love that sideways grin?

Now, you wanna see something freakie? Below is a picture of part of a Romney fleece I bought a while ago. The picture on the left is the original color of the fleece and the picture on the right is the fleece after I dyed it using Wilton's Icing Food Color. The Wilton's color is BLACK!!!! Freakie!!!!!!


June said...

Peggy, you dyed this with Wilton's black??? How weird is that?? Wow!

Tabitha said...

Wow, I don't think I have ever seen black quite like that, lol!!! WEIRD!
That pic made me miss my baby even more, and no making fun of the sideways grin, she gets that from her mommy :\ LOL!!!!

Holly said...

Ah, yes-"breaking" dye. See, black is just a horrfying mix of all colors. That's OK-when you card/comb it it will muddy up again-maybe not black, but you should get a dark gray at least. Funny, huh?

dyetara said...

Thats kinda cool, makes me want to try it.:)

Traci said...

I saw you on the spin list and thought I'd say hi. I live not too far from you in Robertson County in Tennessee. I have two daughters, Emma and Isabella. So you see why I had to leave a comment!
I belong to a spin group. One month we meet at Rock Castle in Hendersonville and the next month we meet in Nashville. We are real informal but have a lot of fun together.

Abby Franquemont said...

Peggy, it came out beautiful! It most likely would have called for a bit more twist than the just-wools that you've been spinning, because it contains silk, which just eats twist for lunch and then comes back for more.

One fun, and not too terribly hard, thing to do with it would be to learn to chain ply, aka navajo ply. The videos and instructions are probably the best around. You'd most likely want to practice on a "trash" yarn, or maybe some commercial yarn, just to get the movements down first; it's basically the same as finger knitting or making a crochet chain, just larger, and with twist going in while you do it. Elizabeth Blake at had a really good post with good photos, a little while ago... here:

And for the record, I swear, it's neither shame nor dare! I threw in the little ball of leftovers because I thought that with just a teeny tiny nudge, you'd discover you've progressed a lot more than you THINK you have! Think about it -- you just did it, and it worked out fine! You even knew you wanted to speed things up to get more twist in, and so forth. You should pat yourself on the back. ;-)