Thursday, June 21, 2007

Schedules, Blackberries & Unwanted Visitors

Do you ever feel like you are on a merry-go-round? Daily passing by all the things you need to get done and want to get done but never seem to stop long enough to get anything done? I've decided maybe I need to develop a schedule that takes in everything I need and want to get completed. Below is an example:

Monday - David's day off so primarily doing whatever. Yard work, pool lounging, knitting, spinning, whatever.

Tuesday - 1/2 day of cleaning (maybe 1/4th day or 1/8th day, who knows), cooking dinner or supper depending on where you are from, pool lounging and then knitting plus the Barnes & Noble knitting group.

Wednesday - Laundry, a little more cleaning, maybe cooking dinner/supper, pool lounging, knitting plus my knitting group at church.

Thursday - maybe cleaning (depends on how successful I've been following the schedule), pool lounging, probably cooking and spinning.

Friday - Pool lounging, possibly cooking, fiber preparation and spinning.

Saturday - Pool lounging, cooking (?), knitting & spinning.

Sunday - Church, maybe pool lounging and possibly a little knitting.

Actually, I just do the cleaning, laundry and cooking to try and ward off any guilt for all the knitting and spinning I want to do. Lately I've not gotten any spinning time in but I have gotten a decent amount of knitting time. However, if I am ever going to get all these projects completed something is going to have to give, thus the schedule. So, what do you think? (No condemning or guilt causing statements please!!!) If you have a schedule that works for you please share it, the rest of us might be able to use it.

The reason there is no mowing on the schedule is that we haven't had any measurable rain for over a month. The grass hasn't grown at all. In fact, when you walk across it, it crunches. Along our fences and in the fields we have loads of blackberry brambles that are loaded with berries. The trouble is with the lack of rain the berries are extremely small. I'm afraid if we don't get some rain soon they will just dry up. Emma Belle and I walked out to look at them today to find a few ripe ones (ripe season really isn't until about the middle of July). The few ripe ones we found besides being very small aren't very sweet. It is extremely bad, the farmers are losing crops, we have lost 80% of the wheat crop and 100% of the fruit. Plus we have been declared a natural disaster.

Have you ever had someone just drop in? Someone you don't really like or the visit didn't fit into your plans? Tuesday I was helping Sara out at the store and Jordan was keeping Emma Belle busy for a couple hours. They had gone into town and upon returning and walking into the house through the foyer and into the living room they discovered a visitor had decided to drop in. Now this individual was completely trespassing and they had the gall to come right in and make their self at home!!!! Well, they didn't really "drop" in, I suppose they actually slithered in. When they walked into the living room, low and behold they found a 3 1/2 foot snake. Jordan quickly had Emma go into my bedroom and shut the door while he assessed the situation. I will spare you the details. Long story short, the snake is no more. We don't believe it was a poisonous snake. I "think" is was a King Snake. Here in KY we actually only have about 5 types of poisonous snakes and a couple of those are water snakes. I've had people make comments like, "why is it the first thing people think about is to kill a snake when seen?" Hey, you come into my house uninvited, you never know what fate you may face. Particularly if you slither!!!! Emma Belle asked if snakes went to heaven. :) Absolutely not!!!!

Hopefully my next post will have lots of knitting and spinning to show. And finally, Emma Belle. She just left to go back home. As soon as she leaves and I walk back into my messy (I do very little while she is visiting) and quiet house I tear up. When she is gone I miss her so much, but I know her mommy does too. She is definitely one very, very loved little girl.


Tabitha said...

Well, I just had the best laugh ever! Emma just informed me of your visitor when she caught me reading your blog, and I don't know what this side of the story is worth other than the best laugh you'll ever have.
She claims they saw the snake, Jordan said "Holy God" as he tossed her on the couch and jumped up in the chair himself. At some point they threw boiling water on it, and then killed it with tweezers :) and a hammer! Then asked at what point she went to the bedroom, she said "after all that".
I cried I laughed so hard.

Tabitha said...

By the way, Ava just said "ew,ew,ew,ew,ew, it's a SNAKE!!!!

Peggy said...

Well, of course, I got Jordan's version of the story, which doesn't necessarily mean it is completely true either. Could be some where in between!!!! I do know that once it went into the fireplace Jordan did let Emma come out and stand on the couch. He did throw hot water on it and at some point did use pruning shears and a hammer. I like Emma's story best though!!!! Last night a church she had a large adult audience listening to her account of the story. It was so cute.