Monday, June 11, 2007

The Lion King, Nice People & Behaving Socks

There are so many nice people in this world. And I think we need to personally and publicly acknowledge them. With so much bad news out there it is nice to hear good, positive reports. The first nice person I want to acknowledge is my step-sister, Lisa. Lisa contacted me last week stating that she had two extra tickets to see The Lion King musical on Saturday and would I like to take Emma Belle and join her and her step-daughter, Hannah. How nice!!!!!

The musical was fabulous. Not as good as Wicked, but really awesome. When we went to see Wicked I made Emma Belle an Elphaba dress to wear to the musical. (see the Elphaba Lives!!! post) This time she asked her mother, "What am I going to dress up like this time? A lion?" :)

I picked Emma Belle up on Friday and we went to my visit my Aunt that raised me and my sister, Sheila. I was around 5 when I went to live with her so she has been very much my mother. Talking about nice people!!!! She is the oldest of eleven children. Having been the oldest and my grandmother pregnant much of her, my aunt's, childhood, she basically raised the majority of her brothers and sisters. When she was old enough to work she was constantly contributing to the family income, even after she married. Aunt Beo, short for Beatrice because one of her brothers couldn't say Beatrice, due to physical reasons was unable to have children of her own. She and her husband, Uncle Melvin, gave my sister and I a wonderful, caring home to grow up in. I could go on and on about their grace and care. My children know her a Nanny as, of course, does Emma Belle. This is a picture of her and Emma Belle. She recently turned 84.

Nice person #3 is Heidi from Norway. I met Heidi through a Yahoo Group. To tell you the truth I can't remember which one, I belong to so many!!! But it was one of the spinning groups. We struck up a friendship and began conversing via MSN Instant Messenger. I was able to pick up various items for her she is unable to purchase in Norway and she got me some *oc* yarn I cannot get here. How nice of her to go out of her way to the yarn store and pick it up for me. Aren't the colors pretty? I can't wait to dive into it. I am going to have to get me many, many more sets of dpn needles so I can get ALL my *oc*yarn on needles and going.

And finally, nice person #4. This person will remain anonymous. I recently took part in a fiber swap in which we were assigned the name, likes and dislikes of fiber, favorite colors and such of a person who had also signed up for the swap. You can see what my fiber swap partner sent me in one of my previous posts. Well, you will never guess who the person was that I was assigned to be their fiber swap partner. Heidi!!!!! How often would that happen? Anyways, I ordered some beautiful silk to send her in her swap package and the individual I ordered it from sent me this beautiful tussah silk in raspberry swirl with a lovely note stating they thought I would find it interesting to spin. She even gave me some pointers on spinning it!!!!

On another note. So far the new pair of *oc*s I am knitting are behaving extremely well. Of course they had been threatened within every inch, knit, purl and yarn over of their life. I am very pleased. The pattern is from Favorite Socks, Timeless Designs from Interweave, Embossed Leaves found on page 31.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful positive post!
First- Emma Belle looks adorable with pigtails. Second- yes, it really is the nice people that make our world go around. Third- Very droolable yarn. Fourth- Yay! a nicely behaved sock!
I keep seeing those Embossed Leaves socks. They are all lovely. I need to go get the book.

Tabitha said...

Good point, if we all focus more on the positive, the outcome should be better!
I love that pic of Nanny and Emma, it reminded me of one I have of Nanny and her when she was just a baby, so sweet!
And your *oc* looks great!

Traci said...

Your Nanny looks lovely with Emma Belle (as does EB!) Great looking yarn, roving and *oc*s! I love postive, uplifting posts!

Heidi Kim said...

Hi Peggy.

I always love to read you blog and yes we often forget to focus on the positive around us.

But I doe also know about a 5th very nice and kind person, and that is you :o)

Holly said...

Glad you have found some socks that know how to behave themselves! They look great :~)

Roseann said...

I do enjoy looking at all of your lovely new sock yarns & silk roving. They are soo pretty! Your new sock is wonderful, I look forward to seeing more. I appreciate hearing about your Aunt Beo and hope my nephews will think of me like your family thinks of her.