Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Want To Get Off

It has been going on for months now, maybe even years, possibly a life time. Every week or so I find myself saying, "After this week it should slow down." Trouble is "it" never seems to slow down. You know it, the merry-go-round of life?

I think I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I worked outside the home last Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, on Tuesday I drove 2 hours to take Nanny to a doctor's appointment, hung around for a bit and the drove the 2 hours back. Emma Belle came Thursday night. Friday we ran all over town on errands. Saturday morning we piddled, Saturday afternoon we went to a local orchard, Saturday night we had dinner with a guest speaker we are having at church. Sundays are always crazy, although I did skip out of the pm service. Monday we took Emma Belle to visit her great-grandmothers and then met her mother for her to go home. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings we have special services at church. This is the week prior to Sara's wedding this Saturday. And if that wasn't enough. Yesterday while visiting David's mother she said she wants directions to our house so when his brother and sister-in-law bring her to the wedding they can at least see where our house is. You know what that means don't you? I either have to clean my entire house or lock all the doors and close all the blinds. Even then I have to clean the basement since the end you drive up to is a walk-out with windows spanning the entire side. I haven't totally closed the pool and it looks like pea soup. Both my mother and sister-in-law are immaculate house keepers. IMMACULATE. Talk about pressure.

I've tried to think of ways out of it. If you can add to my mania please do so.
  • Give them bad directions.
  • Spray paint the windows or at least cover them with that brown paper.
  • Borrow all the guard dogs in town and chain them along the perimeter.
  • Call 'em and tell them it was all a joke Sara and Matthew really aren't getting married.
  • Tell 'em we've had a nuclear attack here in Bowling Green and it isn't safe.
  • Or I just won't give a flip. I'm happy, my husband is happy, and my kids are happy, who really cares? Screw 'em!!!! :)

I have gotten some knitting done. These are the Bellatrix Socks by Socktopia and knitted in Tofutsies.

And some pictures of our trip to Jackson's Orchard.


Peggy said...

Firstly, Miss Emma Belle is quite the adorable Miss Attitude. She looks like a such a sweetheart.

And... you are the Mother of the Bride. Everyone should be pampering you to get/stay in your good graces. Enjoy yourself!

Sonya said...

Use every one on your list.
The last thing you need to think about is a major clean job.

Valerie said...

-=giggle=- I thought my schedule was busy! Take a breath and tell them you have the plague and it's very very contagious. -=giggle=-

Opal said...

I'd go with the last option. It's the only sane choice. :-)

Roseann said...

I am amazed at all the things you do and kept thinking when does she have time to knit? I agree with Opal, the last option is your best choice. I always explain that my knitting interferes with my housework when I have people over. Great pics of Emma Belle, what a sweetie!

Tabitha said...

Well if you give them bad directions they'll just keep calling and calling. I'd say SCREW 'EM!!! Tell them there are more important things in life than a clean house :)

My little baby girl is so darn cute!!

Courtney the Knitting Goddess said...

You could always meet them at the end of the drive with a slightly harried look (with all you have on your plate, it might not be difficult) and say, "We've, uh, had a little, ah, situation... and can't be in the house until the Hazmat guys give the say-so. The foreman said the place should be safe in a couple hours, though." When they start to ask with concern what happened, just say, "I'd really rather not talk about it. But hey, I know a great coffee shop where we can sit down and talk about more pleasant things!"

I found that no matter how clean my house was, it would never meet my mother's approval. She'd find something wrong or out of place, or the one crevice I missed with the dusting cloth. It bothered me until I realized that I didn't have to win her approval... and she would love me the same regardless of my (perceived) housekeeping faults. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family, old and new, because that's the most important thing. :-)

Traci said...

Emma Belle is very dramatic isn't she?!
I'm hearing you about the lack of clean house right now. AND about the oh it's going to slow down around here any minute! It's just never does.