Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mail or Post, Package or Parcel?

In yesterday's post, that's a fancy word for mail, I received two, count 'em, two packages. Don't you just love mail? I'm a mail and news hound. In the winter I am a mail, news and weather hound. I love getting stuff in the mail. Could be why I have so dang much fiber and yarn. I really enjoy getting mail when I'm not quite sure what is in the package.

The first package I received was from a good friend in Norway, Heidi. We met over one of the yahoo spinning groups and chat via Instant Messenger once or twice a week. She informed me last night that if I would ever get on Skype we could talk AND knit at the same time. :) I have dillydallied getting a mic and camera. She picked up some more yummy sock yarn from Garnstudio. I just love the colors. They will make such beautiful Spring socks. She also sent some Norwegian chocolate. It is really tasty, but the best part is the shapes. The figures depict a Norwegian Folk Tale, princesses, trolls, goats, etc. Look are these colors!!!!

The second parcel, a fancy word for package, was from my Spindle and Wheel's Fiber Frenzy swap pal, Melanie. Obviously she knows I love/collect chickens and roosters. The contents: A rooster place mat, a package of chicken napkins, two packages of bath powders. One is for "Beauty, Creativity & Inspiration," and the other "Knowledge, Health & Communication." (I wish I'd had some of this stuff years ago, I'd probably have made different decisions.) A bar of cinnamon goat's milk soap, a massage bar-cocoa butter, shea butter, camphor, essential oils of cinnamon, tea tree, mint & eucalyptus that softens as you rub on your bare skin. Two bars of Belgian chocolate. A skein of Opal sock yarn, two small skeins of really pretty hand spun mohair. A tin of echinaccea mint tea and some really yummy jelly beans. What an awesome package. Thanks Melanie!!!

I was recently tagged by Gail R. I'm going to cheat. Since I was tagged back in May I am just going to use my answers for that. The neat thing about the tag thing is you get to know things about individuals that you wouldn't typically find out. The only change I would made is #6.

1. I took piano for 9 years and my favorite composer is Beethoven. However, I haven't played in many more years than 9. Sad but true.

2. I always wanted to be a female 007, but I can't stand to be chased!!!!

3. I love all things French. I've been to France once and completely love the country and its history. My husband says I think I am Marie Antoinette and that I'd better watch my head. :)

4. I love impacting the lives of others. Enlarging other's horizon of experiences.

5. I have 90+ hours of a degree in Mathematics. But don't ask me to do simple arithmetic or make change. :)

6. I love snow. LOVE IT!!!! In fact, I have issued a threat to the local meteorologists and my family. I'm giving them one more Winter. If the snow fall isn't up to my standards...........well, I'm not sure what I will do, but like I've said before, "It ain't going to be pretty!!!!"

7. I am an extreme extrovert!!!!! Somewhat, okay very very much so. Hyper and spastic if you get me on the right subject. :) Those of you who know me, you know what I mean!!!!

As far as tagging anyone. Gosh, I don't know who to tag. I tell you what, if you want to play leave me a comment telling me something about you that I might find staggering or interesting. Yeah, I'm wimping out.


Peggy said...

What wonderful post!
Hope the new fiber is taking the edge off your crazy week.

Something you don't know about me?
I'm an expert marksman with a rifle. Did you expect that?

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Peggy, In one since I would say, no I did not expect that. But actually, you are so amazing, I'm not surprised at anything you can do. :)

Holly said...

Mail is lovely, isn't it? I am expecting a little parcel myself...Harmony needles, baby!!! They are en route! And I'm just a little excited :~)
I loved hearing in your last post that your pool is pea soup. We have one of those little above ground inflatable things and the horror, my friend, the horror... You just can't imagine it. And that's just the tip of the iceburg. So, I'm with you on the whole housekeeping thing. Just greet them with a little reminder, "Don't forget-I'm a slob, 'nkay?"

Gail R said...

Regarding being Marie Antoinette - my daughter really has that fear. Her b-day is Bastille Day, Her name is Marie (after my grandmother) and now she is married to a guy whose father is a magician and does something with a guillotine (and asked her to volunteer). To tease her about this, I gave her a bagel guillotine as a gift one year.

Roseann said...

What gorgeous sock yarns!!! Two lovely packages in one day, I so enjoyed reading about them. Isn't fiber & chocolate mail the best? I look forward to seeing those socks.

Sonya said...

Ooh look at those goodies!

LUL said...

OOohh, I just love getting post/parcel/packages whatever they are called. There's a package waiting for me at the post office -unfortunately I know what's inside as I ordered it myself -a huge pile of ink-thingies for my printer -but even so it is a little bit nice to get ;-)

Opal said...

What lovely goodies!

One thing you may not know about me is that even though I was born in the United States, I spent about 3 years of my childhood in South Korea. It was wild since I'm half Korean but I don't speak a word of the language.