Saturday, December 8, 2007

Got Any Nitroglycerin To Spare?

I just counted and we have 16 days before Christmas. Ya know, I'm a much happier person if allowed to dwell in the land of denial. Actually, of all the places I've lived it is my favorite. My daughter called me this morning asking if I was getting the "Christmas spirit." I told her I tried not to think about it because when I did I went into an anxiety attack thinking of how little time I have to get everything finished. Ya know what she said? "You better get to knittin!!!!!"

Maybe I won't give any gifts this year, I'll just get all these finished in time for next Christmas. What is wrong with me? Why is it I can't seem to get into the mood for scarves, mittens and the like until the weather is suitable. It would be like knitting a bikini for next summer right now. Totally absurd!!!!!

So puppies, we are back to"The Schedule." Although, I am not going to venture to say what I expect to get done by when since this is Saturday, my Sundays are crazy and Monday I have to go back up home. But this is where we stand as of now:

Tomten - I'm not sure but I think I hate the Tomten. I'm working on the hood part. To me it is just one big ugly brown glob. I HATE HIM!!!!!! But, I will finish, I will conquer!!!!!

Vineyard Socks - Turning the heel of second sock.

Spring Socks - Working on cuff of second sock.

Mystic Waters - More than halfway through latest clue, #7, it will be caught up and ready when the final clue, #8, is released on Wednesday.

Sara's Canterbury Memories Scarf - Moving right along.

La Dentelle Belle Scarf - 3 repeats, a ways to go.

MT's Christmas Socks - These are the Gentleman's Sock in Railway Stitch from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I'm knitting the cuff, heel and toe in the tweed and the rest in the solid.

Okay, enough of reality, I'm going back to the happy knitting land of denial. Maybe the next time I emerge I'll have something to update.
This will not happen to me again!!!!! If I make it through this gift season I'm going to get a jump on next year. I swear it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow you have your work cut out for you, but I know you can do it. The scarf is beautiful.


Lil Knitter said...

The Land of Denial....why haven't we run into each other...that's where I've been,too!?
You have some beautiful things OTN...I'm impressed and you La Dentelle Belle is coming along nicely. You're further along than

loribird said...

I know what you mean! The days really do get shorter the closer we get to christmas too!
I vote we denizens of the Land of Denial should start a KAL (beginning in January) to help us prepare for next year's holiday onslaught...

Teresa said...

I am just starting to decorate today. Have, oh, one or two gifts purchased, nothing wrapped. Cards, hummmm I got a lovely 4th of July card from a friend. I could do that. Knitting, not much is Christmas knitting but there is some Christmas sewing to do. Good grief. I had better double the anxiety meds.
Merry Christmas!

stitchin' girl said...

The La Dentelle Belle is very pretty!! You sure have a lot of projects that you are actually making progress on - good for you. Unlike me, I have a lot on the needles, but not getting much done :O). Good luck with the last 16 days. I too am knitting like a mad woman probably right down to the wire.

SYLVIE said...

Your Dentelle scarf looks really pretty! and I like the Canterbury scarf too.

You sure are a busy woman!

Roseann said...

I understand how you feel about Tomten, I was feeling the same way about Snoopy. I can't wait to see your Mystic Waters and I'm glad to hear that the last clue is coming out so I can then buy the pattern. I admire you for knitting to a schedule, I can do that sometimes, you are one dedicated knitter!

Tabitha said...

I'll have to say I'm usually "on it" when it comes to this holiday stuff, but this year...I stink! I can't seem to get anything done!!! I am gonna take up residence in the Land of Denial with the rest of ya :) I have purchased 3 gifts and made 2 dish cloths, and one very simple scarf. I'm just pathetic!! Oh well, I guess that's what the New Year is for, right? LOL!

Sister Lisa said...

Crap. I think I may have left two comments. Not sure. Had to sign up to Google.
To repeat myself: My socks BEST be finished by Christmas Eve! I expect to be wearing them on Christmas morning so that at least my feet can be comfy as my husband whines that he's "all alone." (The girls are all going to be out of town for Christmas this year.) He's kind of a glass is half empty person.
So get your arse out of that Denial Land and get busy on my socks!!!!

Love You,
Sister Lisa

Sonya said...

Ya, that's what we all say. I will get started early next year.

We are all there with you, in the Land of Denial that is.

Toni said...

Good luck!

I'm down to 2 gifts left to finish--one sewing, one knitting. A couple items on the "to be finished" have been rethought, and I'm a much nicer person for it! :)

However, I have promised myself to get one gift done during the Christmas vacation to get a jump on NEXT year so I'm not stressing again next year. Yeah, right.....:)

Joanne said...

It's knitting. You are supposed to like knitting, right? It's not a race, huh? And there's lots of meaning to Christmas without the gifts, right? Can't you just put notes in each package saying: "Stay tuned, present will be finished soon?!" The stress in that post, acck! Glad I'm not sitting on the couch knitting next to you right now, honey. :)