Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's A Mom Thing

My baby, Jordan-23, had his four wisdom teeth cut out this morning. Sara calls him LBD, Little Baby Donna. When he was little bitty, around 2, David was watching him while I was at work. When I got home he asked, "Who in the world is Donna?" I told him I didn't know, we didn't know any Donna's. Why? He said that every time he asked Jordan who something belonged to he would say "Donna." I laughed and told him that was how he said Jordan. So ever since that is one of several nick names we have for him. Emma Belle even calls him Uncle Donna. This is a picture of a picture, my scanner is still wacked out so it is kinda crappy. LBD at 23 on the left and 2 on the right. The one on the right was taken in the mountains of Haiti while we were on a missions trip there. Jordan has a tiny cup of the coffee syrup they served us. It wasn't actually syrup, but it was sure sweet enough to be.
The doctor said he would have quite a bit of swelling due to the depth of where the teeth were and something about the bone. Bless his little heart. I drove him there and back. I'm kinda out of sorts. I guess it is a "Mom Thing." I feel kinda nauseated and hurt all over every time I look at him.

Not much to report on the knitting side. I haven't started the last clue of Mystic Waters, maybe today sometime. I thought I was almost finished with Sara's Canterbury Memories Scarf but one skein isn't going to make it long enough. Thankfully I bought two at the time.

The preliminary instructions and swatch pattern were released for Secret of the Stole II yesterday. Here is my swatch. It is knitted on US Size 3s with Knit Picks Shadow in Vineyard. I cannot praise Knit Picks Shadow enough, I just love it. My swatch size is 5.5" x 8". It might be on the big size, but I really like the way it looks.



Nautical Knitter said...

Whoop-ti-do!! I love the swatch! It looks great! And I can totally relate to the mom thing, too!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hi, I really like your swatch. what knit is this? Do you have a picture you could send me or direct me somewhere on the net where I can see what you are suppose to be working on. Eventually I hope to have Mystic Waters done. It is my first time in making a lace shawl.

Opal said...

What a sweet story about your son. :)

I think your swatch looks great. I look forward to seeing you knit the stole!

Teresa said...

Give Donna a few extra hugs. My son came through his with flying colors, daughter didn't do so well.
Love the swatch. After the new year I want to start a mystery knit.

Roseann said...

I hope Jordan feels better very soon, poor thing. I know you will get back to your knitting soon . I am using Knit Picks Shadow in the Sunset color for a scarf, I like a lot, too.

Joanne said...

Ouchee! Wisdom teeth removal is really tough. I am sending out my empathy over there. Hope things heal quickly!

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor guy. Looks like I'm a few days late, so hopefully the swelling has gone down by now.
The swatch is beautiful!

Cina said...

That swatch looks great. I'll try to knit mine during the Holidays.