Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gammy's Hope

I have been going non-stop since..............................well, seems like for a long time. But, I took time to swatch up for Christine's Rose Garden which I have named - Gammy's Hope. About a year ago the owner of my LYS, Starla, contacted me telling me that a couple ladies had been in the shop asking about local knitting/spinning groups and she had told them she would give me their email, that I could probably steer them in the right direction. I contacted them and thus began a wonderful friendship.

They are a mother daughter team and two of the coolest people you will ever meet. Rolynn is the mother and Ashley is the daughter. They are the kinds of friends that I haven't really talked to them since last Fall until just recently and we just picked back up as if we never missed a step. I was so excited to hear they are opening up another LYS, Enchanted Yarns & Fibers. They also have an Etsy store by the same name.

Tuesday night I went to the Barnes & Noble Knit Group and we got into a discussion about the proper pronunciation of Etsy. Is it "ITsy?" Is it "EEtsy?" Is it "E" like egg? No wonder the world is in such a mess!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, as you know I joined another KAL, Christine's Rose Garden. I blame my good French Canadian friend, Sylvie. I asked Ashley to custom dye me some yarn for this KAL. Instead of laceweight I decided to go with a fingeringweight superwash. I don't know about you guys, I want a baby afghan that can be used and used and used without messing it up. OMG, this yarn that she dyed up for me is gorgeous. It is a superwash merino/bamboo blend that is simply unbelievable. I love the soft, spongy characteristics of it and the colors are so perfect.

Here is my swatch for this project, it measures 5" x 6". It is 30 stitches across so by using the fingeringweight and US Size 4's my finished baby afghan should measure approximately 32 inches.


Anonymous said...

I say it with the 'e' from egg... but then again, I ain't no native english speaker :) Oh and the fun thing is, add a 'g' in front and it spells 'yuck' in dutch hehehe.

That yarn looks gorgeous :)

Cheers Eva

Julie said...

I say etsy with a short "e", as well.

I found your blog from your posts on MysticLight, and then followed you over to Christine's Rose Garden. I'm thinking about using a worsted weight merino/bamboo from (another "how do you pronounce it?" conundrum.

SYLVIE said...

I say etsy with the 'e' from egg too.

That yarn is very pretty, expecting a granddaughter? What colorway is it?

I'll be using fingering weight too, except it will be blue, no grandkids yet, not for another 2 years I hear.

I joined another Kal, want to pass it on ;)

GailR said...

Beautiful Yarn! Enabler!!! I've just signed up - although there are no babies in my future - and hopefully the grandkiddles have reached their maximum number, it's always handy to have one to gift to someone needing it. Now to find some pretty, washable yarn...

Valerie said...

I love friends & friendships like that. You never have to go through the awkward reconnect phase, you just pick everything up where you left off. I love the yarn, it's beautiful and your knitting looks like it's going to turn into a beautiful FO!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your swatch, Pink is my favorite color.... I'm awed and inspired by each of your KALs!

Etsy rhymes with Betsy...

Luv reading your blog.... Karen

Anonymous said...

I linked my blog to yours, hope that's OK!

I can't wait to learn to spin and dye!!!!