Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I haven't gotten a whole lot of knitting done here lately but I've spent lots of time with friends. Which is the next best thing? Last Friday I drove to Emma Belle's school to volunteer for her school field day. I tried to look so cute in my little outfit and silver flip flops - I just about froze to death!!!!! I mean, it was cold folks!!!!! Cooo ooo old!!!!!

When I walked into her classroom the teacher said, "You must be Gammy." And then all the kids said, "Gammy, Gammy, Gammy, Emma S. talks about you all the time!!!!" I laughed and told them I talk about her all the time. Here is a sweet little picture with a couple of Emma Belle's school friends.
Saturday my mother and step-father, Luther, came to visit. We all went out to eat and had such a lovely time. I would have a picture of that except I'm an idiot and instead of taking a picture I made a video. However, I do have an adorable picture of Emma Belle and Sydney.
And then today, Tuesday, I had a wonderful, wonderful visitor. About a month or so ago a lady I met on-line contacted me and said she and her man were coming to the United States and their trip was going to take them right through Bowling Green, KY. The world wide knitting community is just too awesome. I have "met" so many wonderful, helpful people through the various on-line knitting/spinning groups. I have been so excited awaiting today, the day that my Belgian friend Catherine was coming to visit. She and Guy (pronounced like key but with a g), were wonderful guests. I gifted her with the "Spring Socks" I finished not long ago. How cool to know that something I made will be walking around Belgium on a special lady's feet. I had received the yarn from a friend in Norway, knitted up the socks and now they are on their way to Belgium. How cool!!!!!

Catherine knew of my love of all things French. She gifted me with a knitted flag of Belgium and of France held on some really cool old straight knitting needles, some soap made in France, enough lace weight burgundy wool yarn made in France to make a stole, some lovely novelty yarn for a scarf and two Belgian newspapers written in French. (These are supposed to be for David, but, I think they will look really cool in my "wool room" displayed in some manner.) Once it is cleaned, it is a mess!!!!!! Ask Catherine, I have no shame and let her go in to see my yarn and stuff. We had a lovely day. We ate at Jimmy John's and then headed up to Russellville to Enchanted Yarn & Fiber. Rolynn and Ashley have the most enchanted shop. Lots of yarn wonderfulness, knitting/spinning toys, spinning wheels & fiber. You gotta check them out. After that we stopped by David's office. He speaks French fairly well and he really enjoyed this opportunity to use it. And I found out that idiot, stupid and imbecile all translate the same. I have a pretty good "French" vocabulary going then!!!!!!

Guy, Myself & Catherine



Carol said...

How wonderful to have overseas visitors! And bearing gifts, too!

It's nice to hear you're getting good rankings at EmmaBelle's school.

I'm glad you posted, I was getting ready to check in to make sure you were all right.

Tabitha said...

What great pics! Emma had a blast that day! You'll have to send me some of those pictures for her scrapbook. I hate that I had to miss it :( but glad that you could go :)

That is wonderful you could meet your overseas friend!

Sonya said...

It sounds like you have really had some fun lately. I'm glad to hear about it.

And yes, it has been cold for May. Weird weather.

Valerie said...

That's awesome that they came to see you. It's always nice to meet new friends.

Those pictures of Emma are too adorable!!

Traci said...

Yeah for visitors! And for friends and for new yarn/spinning stores. I can't wait to go to Enchanted. Russellville is super easy for me to get to.

SYLVIE said...

Sounds like your life is a busy one! that's great.

How nice to meet an online knitting friend.

Ma Dalton said...

Just come back in Belgium - in a sort of jetlag - I can say our get together was a great moment of pleasure. Thanks again for everything and for the visit of Enchanted...
It was.. impossible to say : a magic moment...