Friday, June 13, 2008

My New Love

I have found a new love. This love is so very easy to get along with and extremely diverse. My new love is knitting dishcloths.

Why do I love knitting these little babies so much? Let me count the ways:
  1. They love to travel, thus they travel well.

  2. They love to hang around the pool.

  3. Since they are cotton they don't mind getting wet while hanging around the pool.

  4. They are fast moving.

  5. They smile at you every time you look their way, but they don't demand your attention.

Here are some of my new friends:


Anonymous said...

I've never yet knit a dishcloth, but maybe that's because Oregon requires wool year-round. :)

Jknits said...

The dishcloths look great. I love the idea of offering make overs at the church - what a great way to take care of people.

Arianwen said...

I can't face the idea of my lovely knitting languishing in the sink. But your cloths are really nice. Maybe I do need a few!

Courtney the Knitting Goddess said...

me too! I just started knitting them, and I can't believe how fast they fly by! glad you're enjoying knitting yours -- they look great.

Roseann said...

They are too cute, especially the round one, very pretty. You have gently reminded me that I have some cotton chenille somewhere in my stash and even circular cloth patterns to knit up darling cloths like yours.

TheBond said...

I've been using my dishcloth lately to dry my face after I wash it and whenever I want to feel pampered. I just LOVE it!!!! And do you have the pattern for that pin-wheely one you have a picture of? That looks adorable.