Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fickle Me, Fickle You?

If you are a "normal" knitter I know you will understand. By "normal" I mean you have more than one project going at the same time. If you are like me you have so many projects OTN (for you muggles that means On The Needles) that you really don't know how many projects you do have going. Now, it isn't as bad as it was many, many moons ago when I was a young little smoking lass working Civil Service at Fort Knox as a Colonel's secretary . This story has nothing to do with knitting per se. Anyways, back in those days (1975 or so) smoking was allowed everywhere......EVERYWHERE!!!!! So as I sat at my little desk answering the phone and typing away on a electric typewriter (no computers or even word processors folks) using correction tape or correction fluid (google it kiddies) I'd always have a cigarette going. I'd type a bit and take a puff, take another puff and type a bit. I can hear you now. "And you are telling us this story because?" Cool your jets sista, or possibly bro. We were talking about having so many things OTN you don't even know what you got going. Well...................on to the story..................there were times when I'd light up a cig only to find I already had one going. Sometimes I'd light up another while I still had one going in my other hand!!!!! Is it any wonder I have the issues I have with a kazllion WIPs? (Work In Progresseseses or Works In Progress, I don't know. And quite honestly, I don't care, this is my world)

Now, see if you are "normal" you know how fickle us knitters can be. The latest pattern or yarn is our favorite until we turn around and see the next pattern or yarn. I have heard so much about the Feather & Fan pattern and hadn't paid much attention to it until I found a Feather & Fan Dishcloth pattern. Oh my goodness, I love this pattern. Not only is it exquisitely beautiful, it is extremely easy and versatile. I LOVE YOU FEATHER AND FAN!!!!!!! I love you.

Okay, so I've been somewhat busy. On our tour today I will be showing you the following projects: 1) Gammy's Hope Booties aka Saartje's Booties (I haven't added the buttons yet), 2) Gammy's Hope Baby Surprise Jacket, 3) The lovely Feather & Fan Dishcloth, 4) Little Bunny Foo Foo aka McGregor's Garden Socks and 5) Part of my lavendar harvest.

But before we begin our tour let me tell you what I did yesterday. My good friend, RoLynn, of Enchanted Yarn & Fiber emailed me telling me they had received the Kromski wheels and to come out and play when I could. It just so happened I could so I made the little trek out into the "Enchanted" land, it truly is, and got to spin on the Kromski Minstrel and the Kromski Sonata. I own a Kromski Polonaise but one wheel is not enough folks. Plus I'm wanting a more portable wheel. I really can't say I liked one more than the other. They were both a dream to spin on, just like my Polonaise. Each has some advantages over the other. However, the Sonata is really portable as it folds up and has a handy dandy carrying case not to mention it is 1.5 lbs lighter than the Minstrel. But, the Minstrel's orifice is higher, which I like, and the footmen are a little closer together. I told RoLynn and Ashley I would just have to come back another day and spin some more to make up my mind.


Arianwen said...

I love the feather and fan pattern. Ysolda has little cardigan on ravelry in it. Who are the booties for? Are there patterings arriving in your house?

GailR said...

Love it - and enjoy the sock. That yarn knits like a dream!

Traci said...

I have to just jump in and try the feather and fan pattern. It looks lovely. I am so ready to try stuff but I end up making a mess ususally.
I just figured out how to use my nostepinne and I'm merrily winding balls.
I really need a travelling wheel. My Ashford Traditional hates travelling. She does great at home but I get her somewhere else and it takes me an hour or so to adjust her from the car ride.
The sock is precious. Are there fresh grandbabies arriving?

Angelika said...

I think that sounds like an excuse to me to go out to see the girls in the "enchanted" store again. :) I can't wait to check it out myself.

CraftyGryphon said...

Hee! I like that... I'm not obsessed, I'm just "fickle". Mind you, my big New Year's Reso for 2007 was "get under 60 projects going at once" - and I managed to do it. This year's was "get under 50"... but it's already July, and I need to get back under 60 again... yikes!!