Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hugs & Kisses For YOU!!!!!!!

A huge hug and kiss to all of you for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. Things are going fairly well. I'm getting ready to head back to Paducah to begin the settling of daddy's estate process. One of these days I may write about my childhood and all. It was neat talking to all these people whose lives had been greatly impacted, for good, by my daddy. Why is it many times we wait until the person is deceased before we pay tribute to their kindnesses? I so want to live my life in a manner that shows love and appreciation while the person is still here to enjoy it.

Okay, so on to the week prior to daddy's death. Emma Belle's mother and sister, Tabitha and Ava, came down for a girls day of spinning at Enchanted Yarn & Fiber and some swimming. We had such a good time. Tabitha and I are so much alike. Well, I think we are. We seem to think the same things are funny. I didn't get any pictures of she or myself (I wonder why), but I did get a picture of the girls playing on the playground at Enchanted. Ava is sooooooooooo funny!!!! She found this wonderfully soft pink alpaca yarn and said, "Oh, I have to take this home so me and mommy can have some knitting problems." HA!!!!!! I told her she could do that at my house. And then she said, "Oh, I must have two so I don't waste!!!!" She is learning young folks.
After we left the shop we went back to my house for the girls to swim. They had a ball with Gampy while I taught Tabby how to knit socks on two circulars using a Turkish cast on for a toe up design. It was fun? Yes, it was, we had a wonderful time. I purchased this gorgeous yarn for a cardigan, not sure the pattern yet.

I also purchase some yarn to make a shrug. I would have finished it in time for the Idina Menzel concert but stupid mapquest didn't give very good directions so I had to put it away while I used my Blackberry to lead us to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. The concert of great. Emma Belle and I had a very good time and we both got the t-shirts to show for it.
While I was at Daddy's viewing I received the sweetest email from Emma Belle. It truly warmed my heart:
i am sorry your daddy went to heaven but he is special because he gets to see jesus. if you are sad gammy think of how much i love you. infinity.

love emma


Tabitha said...

The girls and I had a great time also...we'll have to get together more often. Look at you, knitting up that shrug in no time! Sometimes, I think you make me sick! Nah, I love ya! I hope everything goes well in Paducah. Emma can't wait to see you next week :)

BammerKT said...

Oh that email brought tears to my eyes! I don't think I'm even hormonal!

Sounds like you and your girls had a wonderful time. Aren't you blessed!?

GailR said...

Children have such a way of saying things without the padding adults add. Isn't it wonderful!

Suzanne said...

Oh I love that Emma Belle!
She brings back memeories of my boys when they were little (18&20) I wish I had wrote down all those precious things they said. You will be so glad you did!

Edna said...

I'm sor sorry to hear of your father's passing. My heartfelt prayers are going out to you and your loved ones. Emma is certainly a sweet little girl