Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where Have YOU Been??????

I don't know about you guys, but I been one busy little girl. It has been first one thing and then another. Busy entertaining, busy with church stuff, busy with family, busy picking blackberries and make jam.....busy, busy, busy.

And I've been busy with some knitting. I know many of you will doubt this to be true, or even possible. The proof is truly to be found in the pudding. I have successfully de-addicted myself from KALs. It is true!!!!! It wasn't a pretty sight but I am living proof it can be done. Too many KALs can be very difficult mistresses, taking all your time away from your other loves. So to show you how free I am, the other day Enchanted Yarn & Fiber had a July 4th celebration on the 5th. We had such a lovely time dyeing yarn with kool aid, talking of knitting and spinning and of course eating. You can see the festivities here. I even conned, ummmmm, got David to go. Anyways, while looking at all the new goodies in the shop Ashley said, "Oh, did you see this new yarn we just got in?" I picked it up and told her very nicely, "Yes, it is very lovely, however, it is lace weight and I have been delivered from lace KALs." I think she was quite impressed with my handling of the situation, I didn't even break out in a sweat or miss a step.

So, since I've had all this knitting time here are some of the fruits of my labors. 1) The first of the McGregor's Garden socks by The Woolen Rabbit. These are toe up and another shocker, I enjoyed it immensely AND Ms. Ashley taught me a Turkish Cast On using two circulars. I love using two circulars. Now, this may not be a big deal to you, but, I'm kinda old school in some areas and was pretty determined I was going to stick with my dpns, thank you very much. Who says you can't teach an old dog? I kinda screwed up the pattern by not reading through it, but it turned out nice. 2) The first of a pair of socks for a surprise person who cannot be named as they may read this. 3) My very first Baby Surprise Jacket. I love this pattern, but, who doesn't?

The month of July is "Anything Lace" and "Turning UFOs Into FOs" month for A Loose Knit Group. I'm trying to be good. I'll leave you with this question though. We all know what UFOs are (unfinished objects)but, when does an object become a UFO? Is it when and only when the item has been cast on or does it become an UFO from the very moment the item is envisioned in your mind?


Donna in Maryland/knitterdmb said...

For me, it is a UFO when it is no longer in my mental list (as soon as I finish 1, 2, and 3 then I'll finish....) it is a UFO. Confirmed UFO status if I have to wipe dust off of the project when I am looking for a different yarn! (Although, considering my housekeeping standards, many items reached confirmed status way to early. I'd rather be knitting!)

GailR said...

UFO status can start with the cast on - not before or many of us will have UFO status beyond 10 lifetimes. An additional criteria for me is that I'm not working on it in my rotation. I have 3 projects going on right now so all others are UFO's.

Your McGregor's Garden looks good! After mine is done comes Marie Antoinette for my daughter, Marie - who is going to present us with another grandchild in Feb.

Enjoy the knitting!

Marmee said...

Your knitting looks lovely! The baby surprise turned out so pretty. The socks are gorgeous and your hand-dyed is to dye for...LOL

Angelika said...

I thought I saw you on those pics Ashley posted. I wish I was there. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that everything is well with you, just been busy.

Lovely knitting as always :o)

Heidi Kim

Tabitha said...

How exciting! I can't wait to go next week! Your socks look awesome, of course :)
It couldn't have been too hard to con David...there was FOOD involved! LOL!

Arianwen said...

The socks are lovely. You aren't going to start on a sock obsession are you? I think a ufo is a project that you still want but loathe the idea of knitting. I have just picked up such a project it has been languishing for two years!

Holly said...

I've been ridiculously busy too. But I'm good and sick of it and am determined to get back to the spinning and knnitting that I love! So there!
In my world, it's only a UFO when I've abandoned it for the latest, greatest new project. My mind reeled a bit at your notion of UFO status being achieved by merely thinking of a future project. That would NOT work for me, my friend!

Holly said...

BTW, have you made a decision about the wheels yet?

BammerKT said...

I'm glad you're cured and all, but as always, I'm worried about how this cure affects me. How on earth am i to keep up with the KALs if I can't find them here? I'm pretty sure you were involved with all of them, so this was like my one stop shopping place for lace KALS!

Lovely socks!