Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Name is Peggy, and I'm a Fiber Snob

I've decided, I'm not only a knitting vs crocheting snob and a yarn snob......I'm a fiber snob. Now I know you may be saying what is the difference between a yarn snob and a fiber snob? Aren't they one in the same? Au contraire mon fraire!!!!!!

A yarn snob is someone who turns their nose up at acrylic yarns, particularly the kind purchased at the big "super department stores." Now, there is something to be said for acrylic. When man no longer inhabits the earth and all the buildings have crumbled and the only living thing left are cock roaches......anything ever made from acrylic yarn will look like it did the first day it was made. Kinda like hell.....never ending. A yarn snob will only use "quality" yarns usually purchased at their favorite LYS, Local Yarn Store.

A fiber snob is someone who prefers certain fibers over others. I can't help it, I love wool and wool blends. I'm not sure...but I think I may hate cotton. Or maybe cotton hates me. I recently knitted Rosa's Sleeveless Cardi. I really like the design and I like the garment....I'm just not fond of cotton. Now, I've not given totally up on cotton so no hate mail please. If you've found a cotton you love let me know, maybe I'll have a change of heart.

I finished the Shalom Vest and wore it to a Super Bowl party. Jamie and I staged a throw down, she was for the Colts and I for the Saints. I even won $13 for drawing the winning quarter-backs name out of the pack. I see yarn in my future.

And last, but certainly not least, I have a new friend. I picked her up in Tennessee. A Harrisville 36", 4 harness, 6 treadle floor loom. I think we are going to be great friends and with her I believe I will find a new love and respect for cotton.


Janet said...

New loom looks wonderful. Have lots of fun Peggy!

Arianwen said...

Ohhh you lucky girl! A loom I am very envious. Can't wait to see what you make,

Traci said...

My name is Traci and I'm a fiber snob. (Joining the club!) I'm even picky about what I spin!