Monday, March 1, 2010

Take a ride on the Crazy Train!!!!

I've jumped on the Crazy Train!!!!! Not the one you are thinking of, I've been on that one for years. The one I've jumped on is the Flower Crazy Train. I've even gone so flower crazy that I've been found crocheting the little buggers!!!! (Please keep that whole "Peggy is crocheting" thing a secret). Here's a pic of some finished ones and some partly finished ones.

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. Been busy, busy I suppose. I've had to look back at my pics to see what I haven't shown you. One thing that isn't knitting but came as a gift from an awesome knitting friend is this little chicken. I collect chickens and French things. Isn't she beautiful????? And so proud!!!!!

Okay, let's see what have I been knitting.......I finished the February Project from Enchanted's Christmas Club. It is a lovely Biscuit Blanket. It is a quick knit and such a lovely stitch pattern. I plan on making several of these for gifting this year. There was also a bonus pattern for a dish cloth, quite loverly as well.

I finally finished Mystic Light and have it blocking. Sorry about the background, I already had it all pinned out and I ain't gonna do that again!!!! I'll post a better pic once it is dry.


Arianwen said...

looks like you have been really busy. I love the little flowers, what are you going to use them for? Maybe hairclips for your grand daughters? The mistic light shawl is beautiful. Should look great with your hair. love the chicken she is really cute!

Janet said...

Ah, so cute, I collect chicken/french look things for my kitchen, also. Mystic Light looks really nice. I am not sure where mine is, I finally got tired of trying to get it working, and tossed it in a bin, somewhere, lol. I may have to dig it out and see if I can get it going again. Great color! Flowers are darling.