Thursday, May 31, 2007

Four Letter Words

There are many "four letter words" in the world. Back in my day there were four letter words and then there were FOUR LETTER WORDS. It wasn't uncommon to hear the lower case four letter words flying around my house when my aunt dropped something or cut her finger or on the very, very seldom occasion that I was an aggravating or disobedient child. Hey, it has taken me 50 years to get as stubborn and rebellious as I am. I had to start practicing early!!!!!!

Now, in this day and age the term "four letter word" has a completely different meaning. What you hear nowadays are what we called FOUR LETTER WORDS. I will not go into detail here, but suffice it to say I'm not talking about crap or suck. More than likely there are other words that this generation thinks are FOUR LETTER WORDS.

I have submitted a request for those who are the keepers of all "four letter words," "FOUR LETTER WORDS," and "FOUR LETTER WORDS." Once they have completed the preliminary investigation a House and Senate Bill will be submitted for review and from there the bill will be sent to the President for his signature. At which point this four letter word of all four letter words will go down as the worse four letter word, and any derivation therefore, in the universe.

I have personally lobbied both the Senate and the House and just this morning have spoken with the President and he has given me his complete confidence that this bill will be passed and swiftly.

Now you may asking "What word can she be talking about?" Some of you already know and will be willing to join in the fight. The word, do I dare even whisper it, the word is "sock, SOCK, SOCK." Hitherto known as *oc*.

I know there are those of you who are presently having a love affair with *oc* or *oc*s. But, you just wait. They are filthy, little, lying, time thieving creeps. And even in your pristine world they will one day raise their evil heads. Now, I know, you can't judge one *oc* by another *oc*. True. I have knitted many pairs of *oc*s and been very pleased with their performance and the outcome. However, during the late spring and this early summer there is a bad breed of *oc* running rampant across the land. I know from personal experience. Also, my friend June has dealt with some renegades and I have read many, many blogs of *oc* knitters who have experienced this new revolt's fury.

I say ENOUGH!!!!! *oc* knitters UNITE. Let us conquer these demons. Let us force them to succumb to the image of our feet. There will be no, "Give me liberty" for these varmints. It is either you will conform into our image or you will be dismantled and frogged!!!!!!! Let these pictures be an example to all:

The beginning of a love affair. I took it with me everywhere, even to Gatlinburg to see the sights.

I displayed it in progress for all to see its glory and progress. But was that good enough? NO!!! Double crossing little creeps. I finished the first one........too big. I was nice, I was going to send it to a wonderful new home where it would fit in quite nicely. But no, when I went to turn the heel on the second one low and behold, the fricken fracken sole was longer than it should be. Yeah, yeah, I know, that wasn't the *oc*s fault. But, if the first one hadn't had it in for me I wouldn't have been so frustrated as to make that mistake. It wasn't my fault!!!!! It was the *oc*s!!!!!!

So *oc*s beware, this can and will happen to you should you not comply with my wishes.

You will be frogged, really just a nice word for ripped out with who knows how many four letters words flying about mingled with your stinking name *oc*!!!!! And yes, that is a new *oc* on those needles. It has been warned.

Now onto lighter matters.
A couple more pictures of Emma Belle's birthday party.

This one is of Emma and myself.

Elphaba & Dorothy.

(Emma Belle & Ava)


Tabitha said...

You said it!!! I must admit four letter words have hit my *oc* at the cuff, heel, and not yet toe, but I'm sure when I get there too. Well I know you already know that considering my many questions and frustrations that come your way :) But I will NOT surrender to the *oc* NEVER!!!!!

I love that pic of you and Emma, the way she is playing with your hair is sooooo sweet! And seeing the one of my little Dorothy and Elphaba makes my heart melt! I feel like the luckiest mom in the world!

Anonymous said...

Drat those *oc*s!! As soon as you cast on you must knit {read quash} that *oc* into submission! You must not let things get out of hand!
And as I say to my children: "You must listen because I am the Mommy and I'm in charge." Such measures are not usually necessary, but they're handy to have in the arsenal just in case.

Those pictures are too darn cute! Miss Emma looks remarkably well with a green face. :)

Traci said...

This is just one more reminder to me that I will not make a great knitter! *oc*s will not be squished into submission by me!

Peggy said...

Oh Traci, do not give up hope. If we band together, We Will Be Victorious over these time thieving creeps. Or at least friend, family or Good Will will receive some unruly *oc*s. Plus that way we know they will be tortured because the recipients usually don't know the proper care. YES!!! That is the new threat!!!!

Alpaca Granny said...

Down with Socks, I say. I have never yet finished a PAIR,