Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Unaffectionate Socks

I'm beginning to have a sock complex. I don't know, I suppose it could be me. I bathe often, I don't think my feet really stink. I mean, how could they I've been primarily wearing flip flops. Actually, I think it may be a conspiracy between the yarn and the needles. They are in cahoots together. I can't really say why. I've used these same no. 2 needles for countless pairs. I did recently purchased some size 1's and 0's. Maybe that was where I went wrong. Possibly the no. 2's feel threatened. I don't now what the yarn would have against me, well, I have been caressing and cooing over my sock yarn stash I have hidden in the closet. It could be that I suppose. But I am a very affectionate person. Just a simple hug does wonders for me. Brings healing to my soul. I really need hugs, especially sock hugs. Particularly from my own little creations that I have loving labored over.

Not long ago I made a beautiful pair of socks. I was so excited. Over several years of knitting socks I only have one pair myself. All the others have been gifts, because I'm just so darn sweet. But for these special socks for special me I had picked out some special Cherry Hill sock yarn. Really nice, soft sock yarn. Although I absolutely hate to check gauge and typically don't for socks I thought I would go ahead and have a look see. It checked out just fine. The pattern was "Retro Rib" from Interweave Knits- Winter 2004. When I finished the little creeps they were way too big around my ankle and calf so I gave them to my oldest son, Aaron. He really appreciates my handmade goodies so they went to a good home. Although, I haven't seen them come through the laundry........nope I'm not even going to think about it. Personally, I like living in the land of denial. Life is so happy and care free there. This is the only picture I have because I was so ticked when I finished them.

Well once again I'm a little bummed out. I started working on these stupid socks oh, I don't know, several weeks ago. These are the first pair I've knitted toe up, the jury is still out on whether I like that or not. These don't appear to be the hugging type either, not with my foot anyways. And I've put too much work into them to rip out and start over so they are liable to end up as a gift. We shall see, I might be fretting for no reason. Here are a couple pictures of the foot part. What do you think?

I think I might try and trick the little demons. I 'm going to slip in those size 1's to finish the cuff and we will see who laughs last. Jerks!!!!!

On to a happy thought. What post is truly complete without a picture of my little Emma Belle. Sunday was our church picnic, the theme was "Hoe Down." Sara bought Emma the cutest little hot pink cowgirl boots you ever did see and this pink cowgirl hat. I took this picture at the grocery yesterday. Isn't she adorable. How about those big round brown eyes.


Tabitha said...

That sock is dang-near perfect...I don't want to hear another word about it!!! And you should keep them even if they don't fit, wear them with pride!!
BTW that is just the sweetest little cowgirl I've ever seen, well I may be biased, NAH it definitely is :)

Traci said...

Love the socks! Considering I can't even knit three rows without having to rip it all out, you are the queen of knitting!!!
Love the Emma-Belle too!

Diana said...

I have the same luck with socks sometimes. Currently knitting a pair (cable rib from IW's "Favorite Socks" book) that use size 2 for the first 4" then to size 1, interesting. Bought this Lorna's Laces a while back for a pair of thigh highs that didn't work out either. I am not fond of the Lorna's Laces yarn. I've learned my lesson and will stick to STR or Koigu!
Emma Belle is gorgeous throughout your blog!!!

Roseann said...

Your sock looks very pretty and that it fits well. Plus, you deserve a pretty pair of socks. Your granddaughter is adorable!

Holly said...

What?!? Are you trying to tell me that there's something wrong with those socks? 'Cause they are looking just about perfect from here.

Peggy said...

Those are great. What is the pattern?

I came here from HelloYarn, since there aren't too many other Peggys out there in knitting-blogland. Your sock yarn looks exactly like what I'm using for socks right now. Is it Tofutsies?
Strange coincidence, the name must mean we have good taste in socks.

And yes, your Emma Belle is among the cutest things I've ever seen.