Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Heidi from Norway and I met sometime last year on a spinning list. We developed a friendship and over the last year or so and have shipped various knitting related items to one another that either could not find in our native country. We used to chat quite a bit on Messenger Live but for the last six months or so I haven't been on that much.

Heidi recently contacted me requesting my mailing address stating that she had made something for Emma Belle. A couple of weeks ago I received a package from Norway that contained a nicely wrapped present for Emma. I waited for her to come back for a visit to have her open it. Here is a picture of my Emma Belle with an adorable hat that Heidi made for her. People are so nice to me, I find it astounding. I believe that she spun this yarn as well. All of Heidi's work is gorgeous and she now has her own web store. I love this picture, I entitled it dreamy. :)

I am so tired and everywhere I look all I see are messes. Allergy season for me is in high gear. It isn't that I have bad allergies but I do find the need to take some over the counter meds that make me even tireder. Now, if you wanted me to go to a yarn store or knit or spin I would probably perk right up so it isn't all that bad. I have soooooooo much stuff all over my house. Some of it is my knitting/spinning stuff and some of it is stuff I've brought home from daddy's and some of it is just stuff. Eventually, I hope, I'll get the "getting stuff put away and in order" bug. But in the mean time it seems I'm kinda keeping my head above water. I haven't seen the health department house condemning van in my drive so I suppose I'm good to go for a bit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy.

Emma Belle look exactly so adorable, that I thought she would be :o)
So happy to see that was the right size for here. The yarn is some of my own handspun, a merino&silk blend of 50%.

:o) Heidi Kim

Sonya said...

She looks so cute! Knitters are some of the most wonderful people.

Tabitha said...

That little hat is adorable! How sweet! Knitters are the best!

I miss you, my little Emma Belle xoxoxo...see you soon :)

Angelika said...

That hat looks so cute on Emma Belle. Hey, I'm in KY now, which yarn shop should I "attack" first?

SYLVIE said...

Your Emma Belle is really cute with her new hat.

Knitters are the best!

Check out my blog for news :)

Traci said...

Great hat! Once I get the hang of knitting stuff I can see me giving things away all the time! I just love the process of knitting.
I'm having the same problem at my house. Too much stuff not enough house! Or not enough hiding places. Choose your own ending to the sentence!

Tracey Johnson said...

Hi, Peggy from Bowling Green!
I read in a later post the pattern for Feather and Fan washcloths. Is the cotton yarn the thick Sugar and Cream, or Peaches and Cream, or something thinner?
I am frantically trying to knit the last few washclothes as party favors for a horticulture club meeting in four days!
I like Bowling Green; we go there to visit friends and to go to Mammoth Cave and Shaker Town at South Union. Tracey Jo

Roseann said...

Emma Belle is adorable in her new hat. You inspire such kindness in people! I hope you are feeling better soon and that you are at least up to a little knitting or spinning.