Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting The Story Straight

Okay, this is the deal. You know.............the rest of the story, the whole enchilada, the truf.

I've been in a knitting funk. Oh, I've continued knitting. I've lost count of new projects OTN. But, I've been feeling kinda lousy about my knitting. As you know, I am a loose knitter. And besides that, I am a impatient loose knitter, which is worse.

It is bad enough to be a loose knitter but, when you add in the impatience you are heading for failure. Why? Well, I really hate gauge swatches...............HATE 'EM!!!!!! For one thing, I hate taking the time to mess with them and secondly, I don't trust 'em. They are filthy little liars. But you know, I think it is time to wake up and smell the wool. I gotta realize these little gauge swatches are really my friends and if I will take the time to converse with them my life will be much, much simpler and happier to boot. Right?

Anyways, yesterday at the Sweater Sampler Class I was whining about my knitting and how I felt that I was a lousy knitter when sweet, dear RoLynn chimed in and said "You are not a lousy knitter. You are just small minded right now." Of course, I can't miss an opportunity for silliness so I pretty much milked that statement for all it was worth. I even told 'em that they had better be glad that that flight attendant hadn't won that case against that pastor's wife or I'd be suing for emotional damages. I did have some issues, I won't go into, in the bathroom last night...................but I think it was the Hardees.

RoLynn explained that what she meant by me being "small minded" was that I've been attacking large items for a long time. Things like shawls, that freakin tomten, etc. And right now I'm in a making small things frame of mind. Sounds logical. Right?

As for the grumpy part ................well............... it wasn't real grumpiness, it was acting silly grumpiness. So, yeah, I was grumpy too. Soooooooooooooooooo bite me!!!! :)


Tabitha said...

LOL! Well in that case, I'm always small minded and pretty grumpy too :)

Traci said...

LOL! I find that conversation very funny! I'm with you - hate and still haven't made gauge swatches. Seems pointless. I'll get over it too I'm sure!
Oh, btw, I'm cruising along with the dishcloth now. Minor mistakes but staying on track with moving the yarn back and forth for knit or purl.

Cat said...

....and don't forget to wash to swatches...that's chapter two!!!

Arianwen said...

maybe you need to knit baby doggy coats. How cute would that be!!!