Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lettuce Sea

Well, let's see, let's see..................................I've been so busy the only way I can keep up with what to post is looking at the pictures I've been taking. I really gotta start posting more often again, I know there are things slipping through the cracks over here.

So, hmmmmmmmmm, where to start. Welp, I got a Woolee Winder for my Sonata. This little baby is worth every penny believe me. There is a slight learning curve in using it. This past Tuesday I went out to Enchanted for a spinner's meeting. It was soooooooo cool. There were about six or so of us all sitting under the gazebo by the butterfly garden spinning our little hearts out. More like spinning our little toes off. Practically all of us, if not all, spin barefoot. Oh, gosh, that gives me an idea for our guild name.............The Barefoot Spinners. Anyways, before I left for the group I posted a question on the Kromski Owners group on Ravelry stating I was having a bit of an issue and someone asked if I had put a little drop of oil on the little spring thingy. I did this and low and behold it was much easier. Then once I got to the spinning group I was talking to the co-owner of Enchanted, RoLynn, and she agreed that for some reason my bobbin sometimes slips back and becomes disengaged from the flyer part of the Woolee Winder. RoLynn is so helpful, before I knew it she was off in her workshop finding two little washers that were just the right size. I turned around and she had already placed them on the flyer thingy...........problem solved. She is like that. I think she may be a genius!!!!!!! And a pretty one at that. So, here is my new Woolee Winder toy. I'm spinning some gorgeous alpaca/merino roving I received in a swap last year.

I also started a class out there that meets after the spinning group. It is a class based on The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee. We are knitting the Sweater Sampler. In knitting this funny little item you end up taking in every concept used in knitting a sweater. Once I've completed this class I'll be known as Sweater Woman. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, to stop speeding bullets, nothing will be able to stop me for I will be Sweater Woman. And if it don't work out.....................I'll just stuff the mangled results in the wool room with that stupid tomten!!!!!! I am enjoying the class so far. Here is my completed homework:

Remember the yarn I dyed a month or so ago? Wow, it turned out so pretty. I'm making a scarf using the Fan & Feathers pattern (Feathers & Fan?). I am so pleased with it.

And then finally. A precious friend of mine, Sandy, and her husband, The Attorney, gave me a delightful gift in lieu of sending flowers when my father recently passed away. Sandy knowing my obsession with knitting went to one of our LYS's, Crafty Hands, and purchased the pictured items for me. Isn't that sweet????? It is some of that Flat Feet yarn, some itty bitty circular needles and a precious little Lantern Moon sticky pad holder.

I'm going to try to post more often, I know I'm leaving out lots of stuff.


Marmee said...

I have always thought how pretty YOU were!!
We are so happy we get to see you and your little spinning wheel now!!
Can't wait to see the "Sweater Woman" sampler....We promise not to have cryptonite in the store on the day!!

GailR said...

Sounds like a full knitting schedule - and spinning. I've not decided on the WW for my Matchless - I like the pauses I take to move to another hook - another accomplishment.

The yarn on your wheel looks wonderfully soft and smooshy!


TheBond said...

Well, Sweater Woman, I had a wonderful time with you yesterday! Melanie and I are officially HUGE fans of Enchanted! Thanks much for the great day!

Katie said...

Wow, great spinning work! With your full schedule, when do yousleep LOL

BammerKT said...

What a thoughtful friend you have in Sandy. I wish my friends would start buying me yarn too!

Glad to see you back, but we do understand the busy schedules around here.