Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Its Kinda Interesting - Living In The South

Its kinda interesting living in the South. I don't drink it, gotta watch my girlish figure, but who has never heard of sweet tea? I mean, our Southern babies are raised on the stuff. I don't know that this is a southern thang or not, but it ain't chili if it ain't got no sghetti in it. You ain't had no molasses? How about dried beans and cornbread? Fried okra? Roastnears? Mushmelon? Poke greens? Hmmmmmm, you gotta start livin people.

Do you ever lollygag? Try any shinanigans? Do you know anybody that ain't no count? Ever give somebody down the road? Gone off half cocked? Ever been a knot on a log?

Two interesting things came across my path today. I love country music. I don't actually listen to it that often. Usually on my trip up home to take Nanny to the doctor or grocery I'll get tired of screaming my lungs out to the soundtrack of Wicked and I'll take to scanning the old radio. Who doesn't love a good ole country song like, "There's somethin women like about a pick up man." Well, nobody can say it like a country singer. I heard a new one for me today. These people are geniuses, or I'm just plain dumb. :) Chris Gagle is the artist and the name of the song is "What Kind of Gone." Sit back, read and enjoy:

I heard the door slam and I couldn't tell was it just the wind or was she mad again - ah hell she's gettin in her car I hollered baby is there something wrong thought I heard her say something sounding like I'm gone but these days gone can mean so many things.


theres gone for good and theres good and gone and theres gone with the long before it i wish she'd been just a little more clear well theres gone for the day and gone for the night and gone for the rest of your dogone life is it whiskey night or just a couple beers i mean what kind of gone are we talkin bout here

well its gettin dark out, she ain't back yet ain't called home, turned off the phone ah man hah this might not be good i would have stopped her, when she went to leave but i didn't 'cause i didn't really think what i'm thinkin now i'm still not sure what gone is all about


is it the kind of gone where she's at her mom's cooling down she'll come around or the kind that says you had your chance and she ain't comin back


theres gone for good and theres good and gone and theres gone with the long before it i wish she'd been just a little more clearwell theres gone for the day and gone for the night and gone for the restof your dogone lifeis it whiskey night or just a couple beersi mean what kind of gone are we talkin bout what kinda gone are we talkin bout what kinda gone are we talkin bout herewhat kinda gone

Another interesting thing I saw today was a marquee for a church of sorts in the area. It isn't your "typical" denomination. The marquee read: "Killer Cats, Knitting & Original Sin." I called my husband and told him I think I'm going to have to check that one out. Strange huh?

And the final interesting thing that happened today. I stopped by Starbucks to pick up a vente cappucino with an extra shot and caramel flavoring. I told the little feller I didn't want a lot of froth, you know the foamy stuff. This is how I order it all the time. When I got to the drive through he asked me was I really sure what I wanted was a cappucino because that is what a cappucino was, half expresso half frothy, foamy milk, maybe what I really wanted was a latte. Now, I know enough to know I don't want a latte, I want it to be so dang full of caffeine it strips my innards. They made me something, I don't know what it is, it was good, but needed more humph. Have you tried the Diet Pepsi Max? Twice the caffeine with a dab of ginseng baby. Oh, yeah. I stay so caffeinated none of it phases me. Not a bit, I'm naturally spastic. Have you seen my Tylenol PM?


Frieda said...

You make my day with your sweet comments on my blog and the group forum. Your knitting is awesome and you are always telling everyone else how nice theirs is. I just want to thank you. Frieda

Anonymous said...

Hey girl... did ya see you won a price at the Secret of the Stole group???

Oh Chris Cagle... a love-at-first-hearing for me :) I have his very first CD, none of the others as iTunes won't allow me to buy music sold in the US (the whole terrorist thing ya know...).

I once took one of those Tylenol PM's pills... and that is when I discovered I do not tolerate coffeine... I stayed up and bounced of the walls for 72 hours... never ever again :)

Cheers Eva

Anonymous said...

*raises hand* I'd never heard of sweet tea until last year when I went to Montana. Then again, I'm not American (although everyone in the UK thinks I am because of my accent).
And when I did try it, I had to water it down a lot because it was *too* sweet. :P

Anyways, I love reading your blog (we're both doing SSS) and think that you've got wonderful lace shawls OTN. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I live in Michigan so I'm a dyed in the wool (get it) yankee and not only have I had or heard most of that stuff, I've heard it said or eaten it hear regularly!

I wish I could say I love the south, but most people are mean to us Yankees there, so I try to stay out if at all possible (no kiddin)

loribird said...

You never fail to make me laugh :)

Do you know how extraordinarily happy I was when my husband FINALLY found black eyed peas here in Maine? Not in the grocery stores, oh no... And for a little Maine-type language: When you're completely done with something, you've officially "spun your dumplin'" Pretty good, no?

I used to be a barrista; if you don't like foam, a cappuccino is definitely the wrong way to go. You could ask for a triple- or quad-shot latte, for the maximum caffiene without the foam. Or you could ask for an Americano, which *should be* a couple shots of espresso with hot water to fill the cup (A drink supposedly created for the American soldiers in Europe during WWII, who wanted "just a cup of coffee...") Or you could go hardcore and just take shots of espresso, straight up... :)

May your caffination be inspired.

GailR said...

Honey, I take my beans cooked with my cornbread... Dry beans be hard to chew. : )

Love the story and hope the rest of the week improves. One does NOT need a repeat of the day described.

(Transplanted CT Yankee)

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!
Having spent several years with southerners while in the Army, I've heard most of those things. I actually really like fried okra, but you can't get it in Oregon.

Umm... I was a barrista too and I have to agree with Lori. Cappucino is 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk, 1/3 froth. If you want coffee with milk order a latte.


Tabitha said...

I love everything about the south, that's why I have me an Emma Belle :) To tell you the truth, I wish could live really southern, like back in the day southern, wouldn't that be awesome! I'd probably be too lazy for it though, LOL!

A latte is the way to go, and the coffee shop we go to always asks how many shots you want :) I think I've heard some guy order a "red-eye latte", sounds like that would work, don't it? LOL!

June said...

Hey Peggy - I don't want to complain too loudly here, but some of us old folk can't read your blog due to the super duper small font, and the black background, so, I can't really comment ifn' I can't read it!

Traci said...

Chili with spaghetti in it is one of the worst southern things there is. Ain't no count. LOL I have heard that country song. I liked it!
Hey, just in case you're bored on Saturday the spinning group is meeting in Hendersonville at Rock Castle. You can bring your knitting if you don't want to spin. Others do. I would love to meet you in person!

your baby girl said...

I love my Momma. I am so proud of her... she is so hilarious, talented (cooking, singing and as you all know knitting and anything involving yarn) and a wonderful Gammy as well as a great Momma. Despite her lolligagging, shenaniganning and constant humming. I love you!!!