Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full

Now, you know how I feel about coffee. There is now life without it. When Starbucks is running low they call me in to donate some of my blood which is actually espresso. Truly!!!!!

Anyways, a couple of years ago Sara gave us one of those semi-fancy dancy coffee makers that doesn't have a carafe. You just push your cup against it and voila - coffee. Last night I made some coffee, I got my cup, no problemo. I mosey on upstairs to "my room aka the wool room" to settle down to some knitting, tv and a good ole cup of the elixir of life and I hear "Peg, Peg, it won't stop coming out. Peg.....what do I do?" I yelled down some niceties. Shortly there after David comes up with a cup and informs me he couldn't save the rest. Bummer man!!!!!

So, this morning, I went to make some coffee and remembered the sitiation (sit-ee-a-tion) so I applied my McGyver skills. I kinda propped up and wedged the French Press against the little button thingy so the coffee would go into the French Press container. I skip off happily admiring my great intellect and ingenuity with David's applause. He says go on up to my room and he will bring me my medication. When he comes up he hands me about three fourths of a cup and informs me the French Press slipped and fell into the sink breaking into a million pieces and the coffee in my cup was all he was able to salvage. I didn't ask how much coffee he had in his little cup or exactly what he did to salvage it. I don't know if he put the stopper in the sink really fast and then ran it through a tea strainer to get the glass out. The fact was, I didn't care!!!! Give me coffee!!!!! I wasn't really thinking very clearly without my morning stimulant. But, get this.....he asked if I wanted him to run up to Hardees and get me another cup. Isn't that sweet? I couldn't ask that of the dear though. I do have a conscience. sometimes

So, I set out to get a new coffee maker. However, my first stop was my LYS to find some yarn for the upcoming KAL - Mystic Light. Of course, I knew it was a dangerous detour. As soon as I walk in Starla, the owner, asks me if my ears were burning, that she a another lady were just talking about me. Someone interested in spinning. There hanging on one of her hanging thingys is the cutest little sweater you ever did see. Adorable!!!!! So, I look at it and do some fondling then set out to get what I came for. After much looking I found some beautiful fingeringweight that will work perfect. I wanted something in the colors of fire. It is Schaefer Yarn - Anne - 60% merino, 25% mohair and 15% nylon.

Then I remembered I needed to get the yarn to make a baby blanket for Sara's sister-in-law. I chose some gorgeous Plymouth Yarn, 75% acrylic, 25% wool. Then I noticed the clearance section. I was able to get multiple skeins of Silky Wool and Silky Tweed by Elsebeth Lavold, many wonderful colors to make many wonderful hats and scarves. The amount is being withheld to protect the guilty. :) At that time I felt I'd done pretty well, I didn't flirt with that sweet little sweater anymore, made my purchases and walked out.

After a couple stops I went to Wal-Mart and picked out a dandy coffee maker. Got the sweet little feller home, took him out of his box, smiled down out him, plugged him in and nothing. I moved to another outlet across the kitchen testing it with my electric can opener first to make sure all was okay.........nothing. Unplugged him, spanked his little bottom, plugged him back in.......nothing. Gave him a good shaking and a nice little talking to....yeah, you got it -- NOTHING!!!!

So, I boxed the little devil back up and headed back out the door. The whole drive back to Wal-Mart my split personality was kicking in. "This was meant to be, go get the yarn for that little sweetie of a sweater." "No, you really should wait, you already have so much OTN (on the needles)." "Oh, good grief, what is the deal? Do like everyone else, go ahead and get the goods but don't allow yourself to cast on until you finish something else." "You know that ain't gonna work, you are an undisciplined oaf." Yeah, well................whatever. I made the turn and the next thing I knew I was sitting in front of Crafty Hands.

First thing I hear is, "we were just talking about you!!!!" The lady interested in spinning had just left so they called her and told her to turn around. See there, it wasn't for selfish reasons, I was supposed to go back it was for the good of spinningdom. The lady and I had a nice little talk, I was able to give her some handy info. As soon as she walked out I headed over to the cutie and even tried her on. Oh my, even better. They handed me the pattern book - Norah Gaughan Collection Vol 1. There are so many wonderful things in this book. And then I was off choosing yarn. A luscious rusty burgundy, Ultra Alpaca Redwood Mix-6281 and Ultra Alpaca Light Redwood Mix-4281. I was so intoxicated by that time I somehow walked out with some Lopi to make a felted laptop bag.

So, Yes Sir, Yes Sir, THREE Bags FULL!!!!!

Oh, yeah, I went back and got another trouble maker and he seems to be working fine. So, bartender, a round for the house!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my, that sounds like an expensive coffee maker!

Hope you'll show us acquisition pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe... that sounds like stuff I would do (sans the coffeemaker that is :))

What sizes are the designs in that book? Do they go up to a 46" (the rack needs some spare room hehehe).

Cheers Eva

BammerKT said...

That is so crazy. I was just singing that song on the way home from shearing day at a local farm. Hubby bought me six new wads of roving (which does not count against my promise not to buy new roving until I have spun all the dyed stuff because it was a GIFT). I made everybody sing bah bah black sheep on the way home!

Brenda said...

oh wow,you had to work hard for your coffee...and it cost a bit extra than that cup your dh would have gone and gotten you...lol...I am now in love with that sweater but am on a yarn diet until after lent...ugh...so it will be put into the really want to do pile. :)
I LOVE your yarn for Mystic Light...it is somewhat similar to mine so I can't wait to see some of these made up!

Tabitha said...

I think you should blame the coffee. All the trouble you had with it put you in a crazy state and made you purchase TONS of yarn...it definitely was NOT your fault :)

GailR said...

Yep, caffeine withdrawal is a serious disorder - fiber compensation works, doesn't it?

Edna said...

I so enjoy reading your blog nearly every day. I believe your Anne yarn is the same color way as mine. Check out this post to compare--

Traci said...

I think I would like your yarn budget!!! Fun, fun, fun! Wait there is a spinning store in Bowling Green?!

Joanne said...

Hey there, What great news! Another spinner? Please make sure to spread the word about the spinning group that meets at the KY Museum on Sunday afternoons, 1-4pm once a month...we'd love more company and are happy to coach new spinners. We don't have a spinning shop in town (just my stash) but I think we'll have one in Russellville soon!

MollyBeees said...

I'm anxious to see the Mystic Light shawl. I just knit some socks out of Anne yarn-the 'sherbet socks' over on my blog and I LOVED it!

Roseann said...

You are such a good writer, I would buy a collection of your "yarns" and read one each night before I go to sleep to be sure I had sweet dreams. I'm glad you got the sweater yarn, what a happy ending. I love your fire yarn, that will be spectacular!

MollyBeees said...

Hey There! Thanks for your comment on my blog. The sock leg pattern is from Sharlene Schurch's first sock book. It's called Yarn Over Cable Stitch. It's very easy.C/O a multiple of 10.
Row 1: P1, SL1, K2, PSSO(the two you just knit), P1
Row 2: P1, K1, YO, K1, P
Row 3 and 4: P1, K3, P1

Kristina B said...

Peggy: I cannot figure out fancy coffeemakers to save my life (and by "fancy", I mean "anything that plugs into an electrical outlet). Love my French press, though!

I am coveting that colour of Schaefer... may I have it, please? :-)

Judy said...

Thanks for your encouragement on my stole. I see the swatch is out for secret-of-bad-nauheim. I think you are doing that one as well? Yes Europe is great but cold and wet today.

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

LMAO, oh my, you are so baaaaad! Uh-huh...yeah. I'm a kindred spirit in your weakness! This is exactly the reason why I am trying to start a Hooks n Sticks meet up away from the LYS! Last time I was there I dropped $300 on yarn. I have 4 projects on sticks as we speak and am planning on the mystic light KAL...is it a disease or what?