Saturday, February 23, 2008

One Knitter At A Time

I am finally feeling better. And I have this quote from a doctor friend of mine to validate all my whining. "Whatever this thing is, it's awful - in short, you're not being a baby. :)" So, there.

Friday I went up home to visit Nanny and take my sister to the grocery again. While sitting in the Kroger parking lot my youngest, Jordan, called to see how things were going. I told him I was about to lose my ever loving mind and didn't have a means of removing myself from the misery except for my knitting I had with me. Then I got to thinking, I wonder if one could take oneself out of one's misery with a size 0 bamboo dpn. I figured maybe one could ram the thing in one's temple and waller it around a bit. I'm warped.

After I left Nan's I went down to visit my mother and step-father. An ice storm came through on Thursday by Friday the roads were fine but being further north than Bowling Green the ice was still on the trees. It was quite beautiful. Here is a picture of some large cedars in their side lot. I love the country.

I have no knitting to show you, NONE, NADA, ZILCH, A BIG FAT ZERO. I'm going to go on a diet I think. Not a food diet, but a time diet. I'm going to have to cut some things out in order to get more knitting/spinning done. I'm going to get serious this time. I mean it. I am behind in every dang KAL I'm in, next week a new one starts, Secret of Bad Nauheim, and then Mystic Light starts in March. Not to mention I have a bazillion things I'm wanting to get knitted for A Loose Knit Group and Easter (which falls in March!!!!!!What's up with that? What kind of freakin crazy world are we living in?). We won't even discuss Edward Longshanks aka Aaron's Tomten. So a time diet it is. I haven't got it all figured out yet but.....................its gonna work by golly. Come hell or high water, I am going to kick some major knitting butt!!!!! I'll keep you posted.

However, in the knitting area. I am a Great Grand Knitter!!!!!!! I am so proud I can hardly stand it. Once Emma Belle asked me "Gammy, how much do you love me?" I told her, "Oh, Emma Belle, Gammy loves you so much I can't hardly stand it!!!!!! How much do you love me?" She replied, "Oh Gammy, I love you so much I can hardly sit it!!!!!" So cute and so sweet. Get it? Stand it - Sit it. And she is a girl after her Gammy's own heart. Last night right before we went to sleep she said "Gammy, for my birthday this year will you get me the new Idina Menzel cd?" How special is that?

Anyways, I digress, the Great Grand Knitter thing. I taught my Sara, how to knit several years ago and the just recently she taught a friend of her's, Heather, how to knit. Heather just finished her first scarf!!!!!! Isn't that exciting? A Great Grand Knitter!!!!! (Actually, I think that makes me a Grand Knitter, but Emma's mother, Tabby, agreed, it sounds a lot more exciting to add the great, so Great Grand Knitter it is!!!!! Truly though, think about it, I learned to knit from a Czech woman when I was in 4th grade, I taught Sara, she taught her friend.......think of the generations to come that will be impacted!!!!!!!

Heather and Sara (my Sara).


GailR said...

Maybe I can enable the Great Grandknitter some - have you seen the KAL for the Arabian Nights/The Road to Morocco? Awesome shawl with lots of beads! Group on Ravelry; pattern comes out Tuesday.

Traci said...

Good luck on your time diet. I'm needing one too. I got all fired up last week and decided I was going to spin for at least 10 minutes every evening. Then my husband moved my wheel out of the living room and I forgot my great decision! I will try to remember!

Opal said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better, Great Grandknitter! I'm with Gail, join us in the KAL for Arabian Nights! What's one more project anyway? :)

Roseann said...

I'm very glad to hear that you are feeling better. Even when you are not feeling well, your blog is very entertaining! I look forward to seeing your knitting and spinning. Be sure to take it easy as we want you to stay well.