Friday, February 15, 2008


Friday evening, February 8th, our oldest son, Aaron, got married. His wife is a young lady from our church, Becca. We are very happy for both of them. So now I have a new granddaughter, Sydney - 9. She and Emma Belle are C R A Z Y about one another. I mean crazy!!!! A couple weeks ago I was talking to Sydney and Emma Belle, telling them that "Now, I have to have my Gammy time, you guys will have to stay with Gammy some." Emma said "Well, you know Sara (she got married in Oct) and now Daddy and then Donna (Jordan's nickname, he has a steady girlfriend, Jacque), if Gampy marries someone else.........what will you do?" I thought to myself, "Kill. And then you can visit me." I think she thinks everyone is up for grabs!!!!!!

As you know I am involved in a kazillion KAL's. Of which I am making very little, if any, progress. We went out of town last Saturday for David to minister at a church outside Lexington. Monday we headed to Florence, KY for him to attend a conference. I thought I'd get a lot of knitting done, but it didn't happen. Tuesday we stopped off in Louisville to spend the night with Emma Belle. Her step-father was out of town on business so her mother, Tabitha, and I had planned on going to her knitting group that meets on Tuesday evenings but some snow and ice came in Monday evening/Tuesday morning messing that plan up. Instead Tabby and I spent the evening talking and laughing while Emma Belle and her little sister, Ava, kept Gampy busy. :) It was a good time. We headed back home on Wednesday. Thursday I went back up to Brandenburg to fix Nanny's medicine and take my sister to the store. Today I worked for my Sara for a couple hours. Will I ever knit again?

One of the KALs I'm taking part in is Secret of the Stole II. I try to look at everyone's pictures and either send in a comment to the group or leave one on their blog. The world we live in is so fractured and dysfunctional, many times who we are or what we do goes unnoticed. Particularly knitters. It always makes me feel good when someone takes the time to notice and comment on my knitting/spinning. Well, this group gave me a huge honor. Many wrote in making statements about what an encouragement my comments on their knitting had been to them. To tell you the truth it got kinda embarrasing. I don't leave comments for me to get attention, I leave comments to let them know that I noticed their lovely handiwork. Anyways, the designer of this stole, DK, gave me a special award and sent me this gorgeous abacus bracelet w/stitch markers. It is so very beautiful and makes me feel so appreciated.


Suzanne said...

That was so thoughtful, and I'm sure you'll use those pretty stitch markers.

loribird said...

Congrats to Aaron on his marriage, and to you on your new granddaughter - she sure is a cutie!

I agree with the folks in your KAL group; you are a wonderfully encouraging and inspiring presence in the blog-o-sphere!

bgfeller said...


I am a quiet, turtle/ant within the group and don't often write. I just wanted to tell you that your notes and encouragement mean alot to the group. You are right, life is hectic and fragmented at you for being you. You have a beautiful family and a a wonderful blog.

GailR said...

I'm sure you will wear the markers out with all the SAL's you (we) are in. I'm not in SOTSii, but that's beside the point.

Congrats on the growing family! Grandkids are always wonderful to spoil a bit. Enjoy your times with them, they grow up so quickly.

Nautical Knitter said...

Glad you like the bracelet! Made it myself... It was the least I could do. You are such a great helper for me on the group without even knowing it.

Fair Winds

Sonya said...

Wow, your family is really growing!
I aspire to be like you someday :)

Opal said...

Congratulations to you and your family.

I'm not at all surprised at the award. You are one of the most encouraging people? persons? I've ever known. I'm so glad I've gotten a chance to get to know you!

Agneta said...

Beautiful bracelet...Think it will fit perfect...

Anonymous said...

Congarats to the newly weds :)

You know, about those KAL's... I've dropped out of the SSS (I didn't like where it was headed at all), now the Secret of the Stole II is also about to head the same way. The 3rd one I'm in, I still like, but I started over and it has been on hold ever since :) I've been spinning and knitting a sweater instead.

You really deserve that bracelet :) Sometimes I wonder where you find the time & energy to make all those nice comments all the time :)

Cheers Eva

SYLVIE said...

Congratulations to you and your family!

How nice of DK for sending you a present! You DO deserve it!

It's always nice to get a compliment on our knitting.

spinquilt said...

You deserve the bracelet. I read the messages but rarely post. We just moved the 1st of Feb. and I am still unpacking.
I looked at your blog and realize I am in all the KALs your are in but have only been able to work on SSS so far. Some of them I may just save for a later date as I haven't the time to catch up right now...............................LOL....... I just can't pass up a lace shawl pattern.

Carol said...


You've been a light shining on knitters in so many other KALs too. It's a blessing. Don't forget to let us know what helps you keep going, so we can give back to you.

Heidi Kim said...

Hi Peggy.

I love read your blog, you give me inspiration and a good laugh :o)

Congratulation with Aron's marrige, they doe look like a pretty couple and family.


Roseann said...

I am eternally grateful for your comments and your inspiration. I learn so much from reading your blog and you know how to make me smile. What a well-deserved wonderful award for you!

Tabitha said...

Congrats to Aaron and Becca! That is such a cute pic! I'm so happy that Emma and Sydney get along so well :)

And what an awesome gift! You definitely deserve it! Your an inspiration to all knitters, spinners, and bloggers!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful bracelet - and very well deserved. You are an inspiration to us all. I hope you get better soon.
Vips - Denmark