Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Bestest Birf-day Ever!!!!!

I've been knitting away but haven't completed another clue or project yet, so I don't have any pictures. Today is my birthday and it is crazy how many birthday wishes I have received from the various KAL members. I don't know how they found out, but I have been inundated with group emails, personal emails, Ravelry messages and e-cards.

It has made me feel so special. Knitting/spinning people are the nicest in the world I do believe. So to all who have sent me birthday greetings I want to say:

From The Bottom Of My Heart
THANK YOU !!!!!!!
It Truly Has Warmed My Heart And Made My Day Cheerier.


Joanne said...

Hey, Happy Birthday, friend! Have a great one, and a happy, healthy and productive year. I wish you all good things! :)

loribird said...

Happy Birthday, Peggy! Many many happy returns,and may you have much yarn and knitting time!

Tabitha said...

Happy Birthday! Celebrate, knit, and celebrate some more!!!!

Zoebert said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

I see you on so many KALs and you are always so supportive, you deserve a special day... for knitting, humming, singing at the top of you lungs ( on or off key is optional!) whatever it takes to make you happy.

Angelika said...

Happy Birthday. I'm always so looking forward to your progress pictures, instead of digging through the group folders for the good ones.

Carol in NJ said...

Oh Peggy I wanted to send you birthday wishes on your b-day!

I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!

Hugs to the lace knitting cheerleader,