Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sunday we had a guest speaker at our church, Tina Richardson. We had dinner with her Saturday evening and she was extremely interested and inquisitive about my knitting/spinning. Well, you know how that is. If someone is truly interested it just makes your day. So Sunday morning I took several of my shawls/stoles, a felted bag and a pair of socks to show her. She and her assistant, Marilyn, oooooooooooooed and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhed at all the right times. How could I resist? I gifted my Mystic Waters shawl to her. She was so pleased and stated that she wears shawls all the time. Before I could even get the words out of my mouth she began telling me how she blocks a table cloth she purchased in Peru. I know it has gone to a good home. :)

On another note. It isn't really a good idea to continue knitting late into the night when you are tired in order to finish an intricate project. I was knitting like a crazed fool yesterday trying to get Mystic Light up to date with the completion of clue 3 before clue 4 was released today. I was at the very last row. Now, don't get too shook up here, it turns out happy.

As I began the last row my stitches seemed to be off. I looked at them, took out the partial row I was working on, recounted my stitches, compared the chart with the last row completed. It was messed up somewhere but I couldn't figure out where. I thought that the previous rows had matched up. I've gotten pretty good at "reading" my knitting since I first embarked on lace knitting last Summer. By "reading" my knitting I mean looking at where the pattern/stitches are lining up with the previous rows. After about 20 frustrating minutes I decided I would just put it down for the evening and finish it in the morning. This morning after a good strong cup of coffee I climbed the stairs to "the wool room," picked it back up and began looking over the stitches once again. Low and behold, I couldn't find any problems or issues. I knitted the last row of clue 3 and it all lined up. DO NOT MAKE ANY BIG DECISIONS OR CONTINUE KNITTING WHEN YOU ARE POOPED!!!!! You have been warned, the ramifications could be very disheartening.


Carol said...

I can't believe how many times I've done the exact same thing. Count and recount. Go through stitch by stitch. Go to bed already, Carol! LOL I am glad to hear it turned out fine. Your knitting is gorgeous (as always). The color is so cheerful. It must be fun to work with.

Amanda said...

Glad it was okay. It looks great. I look forward to seeing how your clue 4 unfolds.

Traci said...

Glad it all worked out!

Roseann said...

What a gorgeous gift to give to your guest, you are just spreading your wonderful energy all over. I appreciate your lace knitting advice, as I might be inclined to rip before I go to bed (so the yarn has time to "recover"). I am so glad for the happy ending.

Eva i Halmstad said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Susanne said...

Your Mystic Light is gorgeous and the colour aswell! You do such beautyful work.
Have a lovely weekend, Susanne