Monday, April 14, 2008

That Gammy's A Fast One!!!!!

The last week or so has been crazy. Monday and Tuesday I worked for The Attorney. Emma Belle was on Spring break so Wednesday I headed to Louisville to get her. This trip takes around 2 hours, interstate practically the whole way. I think the trek takes me through 7 counties.

You know, I just turned 51 on April 3rd. 51, that means I've been driving for 35 years. That is 35 years WITHOUT a traffic ticket. Not one. 35 years with a clean record. 35!!!!!!! I'm sure you can figure where I'm going with this.

I was bebopping up I65 happy as a little lark. Singing like one as well. I don't know why or how but somehow or another the cruise control got turned off and I was sailing on my own. Low and behold as I trudged along I noticed a policeman standing with the driver door open pointing a little thingy in my direction. You should have seen the little feller's face. You would have thought it was Christmas. He hopped in his car so fast and shot out after me so fast. His little lights a flashing. So I pulled over, the little guy came to the passenger side door looking as if he expected to see an uzzi stuck in his face and asked for my license and auto insurance. He took it and headed backk to his little mobile office. Now, did I mention I have never had a traffic ticket? I kinda figured that would mean something. Apparently not, sweetie pie came back with my license, proof of insurance and a nice little Uniform Citation with my name on it. Yep, "You have a nice day m'am." Muttering "Yeah, whatever."

After picking up my girl and heading back down I65 the little blessed son of Kentucky had someone else pulled over. Must've been HIS birthday!!!!!!

I finished the Winterberry Socks. These are made from Tofutsie in their limited edition color Winterberry and Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Silk. They are to be the birthday gift of a friend.

I also finished Clue 4 of Christine's Rose Garden aka Gammy's Hope. The 5th and final clue came out last Friday so as soon as I've finished Clue 3 of Mystic Light I'm going to finish it off.


Sonya said...

That is awful! Your clean record has been smudged. He should have given you a warning.
This could mean that you will go another 35 years without gettting a ticket.

Those socks are wonderful!

SYLVIE said...

That's quite the adventure! I'm surprised he didn't question your age, you sure don't look 51!

Your blanket and the socks are really nice!

Tabitha said...

Well you already know my opinion on the "little weasel", so I'll just say I love those cute little socks and Gammy's Hope is gorgeous!

Carol said...

Those socks look great and "Gammy's Hope" is just delicious.

Last fall I was pulled over for doing 48 in a 45 zone. Really. Maybe he pulled you over to see if you were wearing a wedding ring. ;)

Angelika said...

I bet he was trying to meet his quota for the day. After all, payday was probably approaching. Happens to the best of us, but thanks for the warning about those KY cops.

Joanne said...

I'm amazed! I've been soaring along I-65, 5-10 above the speed limit, in my YELLOW car...and everyone is passing me. I mean, everyone. I never even see any cops in KY. Only in TN. So, I guess Angelika was right...he had to get his quota in. Sorry to hear about'd figure the few cops we have out there would be monitoring meth labs and wrecks, right?! Oh well.

Traci said...

I've only been pulled over for speeding once! I was speeding so I couldn't get all mad! lol
Wish I could say the same for my husband!