Monday, April 7, 2008

Where To Begin.......

Gosh, where do I begin. I have so much to report on and show. I guess I'll start off with. I thought I would have Mystic Light clue 2 completed to show tonight but, I worked for The Attorney today and well......if people would quit breaking the law I probably would have gotten it finished. So, hopefully tomorrow.

Saturday morning I headed up to Louisville and met Tabitha, Emma Belle, Sonya and Olivia for our trek to Lexington, KY to see The Harlot. We had such a wonderful time. Visited a couple yarn stores, Re-Belle (Emma Belle really liked that one) and Magpie. Would you believe I didn't buy a thing? Strange huh? I am really spoiled by my LYS, Crafty Hands. It has so much to choose from. After a little shopping we ate and then headed off to Joseph Beth bookstore. Tabby bought The Harlots new book for me for my b-day, how cool is that? Here we are, all quite happy. Me, Emma Belle to enthralled in coloring to look up, Tabitha (Emma Belle's lovely mother), Sonya and her adorable daughter, Olivia. Those two little girls were awesome. So very well behaved.

I had mentioned on one of the KALs that I was headed up to see The Harlot and two women contacted me saying they too were going to be there. How cool!!!!! I was actually going to get to meet someone I heretofore had only an on-line relationship with. I got to meet the lovely Betty and her friend. And I got to meet Edna. It was rather humorous, I texted Edna to say I was there and she texted back she was too. Then I said, "Where are you?" Her statement was "With the knitters." Duh!!!!!!! So I got up and started walking around the room when I spyed a lady on the front row with her cell phone in hand. It was Edna. Just about the same thing happened with Betty as well. Here is a picture of me and Edna.

I'm still being blamed for people getting into KALs. Can you believe it? I mean, really, where do they get off blaming me? :) In all actuality it is The Harlot's fault. Early last Summer I was minding my own business. I had plenty of time to keep up with everyone's blogs. Plenty of time to knit this and that. No pressure whatsoever. Then around the end of June or first of July I read on The Harlot's blog that she had joined something called a KAL. I followed the link and thought, "Hey, that sounds like fun." That was the start of all of this......Mystery Stole 3 by Melanie over at Pink Lemon Twist. Here is a photo of myself and the Harlot with her holding my MS3 stole and I holding her sock. :)

My oldest, Aaron, and his lovely wife, Becca and my new granddaughter, Sydney gave me this lovely orchid. Isn't it gorgeous? Sunday, after the morning service we had a meeting at our house. The sweet people in this group got me a cake, a balloon and some of that green stuff that fits every occasion perfectly. Here are two pictures. One shows my sweet, precious friends making faces behind my back.

And finally, I received my sweet little sockie from France today. It is so adorable and Yvette even sent some stitch markers. Way too cute. Ciao baby, see you at the next KAL. :)


yvette said...

I am glad to see your sock arrived safely and am very jealous that you got to meet the Yarn Harlot.

SYLVIE said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Edna said...

The pictures turned out great! I will link to your blog as soon as I have a moment to update my blog. I'm supposed to be working right now and here I am reading your blog! Like I said before, great to get to meet you. We will have to try it again sometime!

Roseann said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration! The Yarn Harlot, your French petit sock, grandchildren, cake and KAL pals, I don't think it gets much better than that. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your birthday adventures.

Carol said...

You've been very busy, don't feel bad for falling a bit behind on some knitting.

Your birthday bash looks like it was a winner, too. What great, goofy friends.

It looks like meeting the Harlot was a lot of fun. Did she ooh and ah over your MS3? Great photos!

What should I take this Friday when I go to see her?

Kate said...

Wow, did you meet Yarn Harlot, I'm envious. I just love those meetings ewith my hobbyfriends, but sometimes it could get a little bit exspensive. Good luck with all of your KAL's, I have a few of them too. Funny, isn't it?