Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who You Callin Chicken Lips?

Today didn't turn out anything like I had planned. Not that it was bad, but I figured I'd get lots and lots of knitting accomplished. But, alas, that was not to be. Jordan's girlfriend Jacque came in last night to visit until Sunday. Jordy has his 23rd b-day coming up on the 5th so she came to celebrate with us. We are getting some good visiting in. We all just love her!!!! Today was also Aaron's day off as it was Sara's. Sara came by and I told her about some beautiful superwash wool at our LYS that would be perfect for some scarves she is wanting to make.

I have always done some sort of needle/craft work as far back as my children can remember. Throughout Sara's childhood and young adulthood I tried to get her to let me teach her how to knit. She would have nothing to do with it. Several years ago while working as a flight attendant she struck up a conversation with one of the passengers who just happened to be knitting. Sara told her how I knitted and how I had always wanted to teach her. The lady told her that her mother had knitted as well and had always wanted to teach her. But that she didn't learn until after her mother's death and how she wished so much she had learned from her mother. The very next weekend Sara had off she headed for Bowling Green and asked if I would teach her. What a joy that was for me. And you know, she took right to it. I did have trouble the next week trying to instruct her how to cast off over the phone. Thanksfully she had another passenger that took care of that. :)

Anyways, so off we went to the yarn store. She chose some gorgeous stuff and I got some more of the yummy Kettle Dyed Malabrigo. I love this stuff, I think I want to sleep with it!!!!! And make babies with it!!!!!

After we left there we stopped by Wal-Mart to return a couple of things. I don't know if you saw this post, but, Sissy and I decided to have our own rendition. I think we can still safely call it Chicken and Duck Lips.

Today's Plan Was:

  • Complete 8 rows (RS & WS) on Mystic Waters. How about 2?
  • Get 5 more repeats on Sara's scarf done. More like 3.

  • Get 2nd sock done down ready to start the heel flap. Does the cuff count?
  • Finish first sock of the Spring Socks. Got it!!!!!

  • Torch and burn the Tomten (with Aaron in it) Opted against this one. Gonna recoup.

I probably won't get a lot done over the next several days. Tomorrow I have to go up home to take Nanny to the store and fix her medicine and then pick up my baby girl, Emma Belle. Then the weekend will be busy with visiting, b-day cooking & celebration, church and such. I got the cutest gingerbread house kit I'm planning on doing with Emma. Hopefully I will have a picture or two of that fiasco/event.

The Spring Sock:


Opal said...

I adore Malabrigo too. It's lovely stuff and very very hard to resist. :)

Your spring sock is so cheerful!

Roseann said...

I love your spring socks, they stay up nicely, too. I like tracking your variety of projects and I appreciate learning from you how to keep track of all of my projects. Have a great weekend!

m.o.M. said...

8 rows of Mystic Waters! That's really optimistic! It took me an hour to do two rows last night. They get longer, and loonnger and looonnngger!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet story about Sara and the passengers. I wish my Bunny had taught me to knit, she probably would have if we didn't live across the country, but I still wish.

Love the spring sock!
Enjoy all your visits and family time!