Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are You Going To Go My Way?

I've been a bad, bad girl. Yesterday I went to my local cellular store and upgraded my phone. I got a Blackberry. I am a tech/gadget junkie. I love all that stuff. However, I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon and today playing (fighting) with the thing. Getting it to sync with my laptop, adding all my contacts, appointments, etc. I downloaded an e-reader for it so I can read books on it, particularly handy with a Bible on it. Then I don't have to lug one to church or just sit there not reading along with the stud muffin of a Pastor we have. (my husband) :)

Anyways, I can't do any more with it until I get a microsd memory chip. That way I can put more stuff on it. A huge biggee is music. And a gargantuan thing is to be able to use some of the Wicked songs as my ringtones. Yeah, I know, I bet you are sick, sick, sick of hearing about Wicked. Well..............hmmm.................tuff. This Saturday myself, Sara, Emma Belle and her mother, Tabitha are all trekking off to Cincinnati to see the touring Wicked. Can't wait!!!! Emma Belle will be wearing her Elphaba dress I made her for when we saw Wicked in Chicago. And yes, she will be wearing her green makeup. I know, I'm a Wicked freak!!!!!

Since I've been playing around with my new gadget I haven't gotten very much knitting done. For shame, for shame!!!! Monday evening I did get quite a bit done on the first glove for LBD (Little Baby Donna aka Jordan). Don't you think the glove is quoting Lenny Kravitz saying "Are You Going To Go My Way?" Maybe I'll finish it tonight and get the second cast on. I'm planning on getting a good deal done on Clue 2 of Spring Shawl Surpice tomorrow.

Sha LingALing (my new way of saying goodbye)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Wicked trek!
the glove looks great!

Opal said...

Sounds like you are really having a *wicked* time with your new gadget! (I couldn't resist.)

Petunia said...

Get the 2G chip - they're on sale everywhere! (I'm a gadget freak, too!) This time, I got a GPS device. Hubby says, "But we never go anywhere." I replied, "So we'll go!"

Sonya said...

Have a great time.
I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back ;)

Traci said...

Beware of the Blackberry aka Crackberry. My dad has one and is really obnoxious with it. Always has it out.
Sorry I haven't been by lately. I will try to catch up.

Roseann said...

As I was reading about your new Blackberry, I thought, "Isn't all this techno work cutting in on knitting time?" You are so brave you can do low tech (spinning) and hi tech. I quickly point out to people that I make my own yarn when a conversation gets too technical for me. I hope everyone has a wonder Wicked trip and I look forward to hearing all about your knitting endeavors.

Valerie said...

Wicked was such a good book!! I bet the play is phenomenal! I hope you have a wonderful time!!