Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Go Ahead - Make My Day

I have been so bad here lately about blogging. Tabitha wrote to make sure I wasn't caught in the web of all the lace KALs I'm taking part in. I think I have been. I have totally ignored reading my "Daily Haunts." I gotta get a grip. And I've been getting the urge to do some spinning. But I keep telling myself I don't have time for anything, I gotta get these KALs caught up. But then you know I got to thinking......why? Yeah, I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow feeling differently, particularly since the next clue is due out on Friday for SOTSii and Dem Fischer Sin Fru. But, you know, for right now, just this moment I'm taking a breather.

Over the last week or so I've received two awards. They are the same award but I received it from two different people. I should have already acknowledged it, but......well you know. First the "You Make My Day Award" was bestowed upon me by Cat. We met each other through our mutual addiction - lace KALs. Secondly, Loribird gave me the same award. It truly warms my heart that these two thought of me. Someone in one of the KALs I'm a member of made a comment of how I am always making positive comments about the groups completed clues. You know, as knitters in a mainly non-knitter world we are sometimes thought to be rather odd. And if you spin - well, you are just flat out weird. We work so hard on our projects and if we blog on blogging about said projects, it is just nice when others take the time to acknowledge the efforts. I truly want to thank Cat & Lori for making my day!!!! And for all who read my blog. When I get a comment or when I look at the site map and see where everyone is from it makes me smile. Okay, enuf mush!!!! I now have the joy of bestowing the "You Make My Day Award" to others. This is so difficult. I want to give it to anyone who has ever read my blog - YOU MAKE MY DAY!!!! But, here goes.

Tabby, along with my oldest, Aaron, gave me one of the beings that makes my day every day, my little Emma Belle. She is an unbelievably wonderful mom, I am so thankful for her. And, I consider her a good friend.

Peggy - Peggy is one of the most gifted knitters I know. She is amazing.

Maple - Maple and I met through a spinning group last Spring. Any time she leaves a comment on my blog it brings me joy. And, you should see the roving she dyes up. Beautiful!!!!!! Look at what she did for me. :)

June - June befriended me last Spring when I first started spinning. She is a local girl via the Coast Guard. Her spinning makes me sick. :) I love you June!!!!

Opal - Well, just go look at her knitting and you will understand. One odd thing about Opal though. She lives in Hawaii but knits mittens like they are going out of style. :)

Roseanne - What can I say? She kicks out finished objects like nobody's business. Her spinning makes me as sick as June's.

Sonya - I met Sonya through Tabby. She is one wild and crazy knittin momma. Here in a couple weeks I spending the night with Tabby (really Emma Belle) and going to their knitters night. I can't wait.

Tracy - I can't forget my friend Tracy. She always says the sweetest things and she has two daughters, an Emma and a Bella!!!!! How wild is that!!!!!!

Oh, good grief!!!! I can't stand it. If you are reading this consider yourself awarded!!!!!! You have made my day.

I think Ima gonna do some spinnin!!!!!!! Addendum: I found some other gorgeous tussah silk in my stash I thought I'd spin up. this is the first I've spun pure silk. I think I'm gonna cry. I need help or someone to come wash my mouth out with soap.


Roseann said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me in your list! You are too kind. Your new silk is gorgeous and I know you will spin it beautifully. I suggest splitting into manageable thickness and predrafting. I find it easy to add too much twist to my silk and then it gets all curly. Your silk looks like it is very high quality which will help you to spin it all that much more easily.

Tabitha said...

Awwwwww, thanks for making my day! I can't tell you enough how much that little Emma Belle makes my day everyday too! Yesterday she said, "Mommy, I love you so much it makes me wanna cry!" Talk about cryin', I almost lost it :)

Gorgeous silk! That will be beautiful yarn!

Opal said...

Thanks so much, Peggy! You've made my day! When I knit my mittens and gloves, I'm actually vicariously living through snowy winters my friends are having. Hopefully they'll appreciate the warm hand wear once they get it too!

Alpaca Granny said...

Why thank you, Miss Peggy... Your Make My Day just made my day.

June said...

OMG, Peggy, is that me? You are too incredibly sweet to me!

Traci said...

Thank you so much! I love to get awards!
Wait, you just learned to spin last spring?!!!!?!!! Now I'm gonna be sick. You are a fiber queen.
We're not worthy! We're not worthy!