Monday, January 7, 2008

Yippy Pippy!!!!!

I believe I have the ole knitting mojo back, I think. I've had a couple of false starts. I began a set of Mermaid Gloves out of some of my hand spun but after working them for about four inches they just weren't happening. You know how I feel about unaffectionate items, they weren't very unaffectionate at all. I will eventually make them but out of different yarn and probably size 0's. I wanna be hugged when I put these babies on.

I also started Jordan's gloves out of the yarn our friends sent me. Noppie, not gonna work. The yarn is worsted but still just a tad too bulky for what I want. Then, low and behold, I was looking through various pictures on Ravelry for Fetching gloves and came across some made of Noro Silk Garden and remember I had some in the basement. When I went down to fetch the Fetching yarn I found other worsted weight yarns I had forgotten about. Some of which is a lovely grey tweed leftover from a scarf I had made Jorge aka Jordan a couple of years ago. I think it will be perfect. And there is a bunch of other wonderful yarns as well. How cool!!!!!!

#1, best thing, I finished Clue One of Spring Shawl Surprice. It is so lovely and since I am not a "pink" person, this is not pink it is Cassis. :) Clue Two comes out tomorrow. :)

I forgot to show you the scarf I started on New Year's Eve. We were going to some friends house and I wanted some "mindless" knitting to take with me so I started this scarf out of some handspun. The pattern is Enjoyable-Rib Scarf. It is indeed an enjoyable knit. Presently this is my in the car and Sunday School knitting.


Toni said...

Yay! The spring shawl is looking lovely!

Glad you're enjoying knitting again!

Opal said...

The shawl is gorgeous. Cassis huh? Suuuure. ;-)

LUL said...

Looks great Peggy. Good you are back on the track again :-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! I'm not a pink person either, but that pink looks great!!!

YAY for the 'old' and 'forgotten' yarn hehehe. Nice to have a surprise like that :)

Cheers Eva

Anonymous said...

Your spinning is beautiful, happy to hear that you have got back in the saddle and enjoy the knitting again ;o)

Funny that you where go to knit the mermaid gloves, I will knit ore well try to knit them so soon I have some lace yarn spun.

Alpaca Granny said...

Oh, my, I've been away (Ravelry, family, critters, my shop,etc.) and didn't realize you were in a knitting funk. Probably couldn't have helped anyway. Would have told you to go spin..... Works for me
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Arianwen said...

Your shawl is lovely, the pink is so pretty. I am still chugging on clue 1. The fetching will be lovely in the Noro.

SYLVIE said...

Your clue one looks really pretty, I just love the color!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great. You and the lace continue to blow me away.

And a handspun scarf! go you!