Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Visited the Devil Again Today!!!!

Why do I do these things? Why? Why? Can someone please tell me? I have a friend, Heidi, who lives in Norway. I've been picking up a few things she has requested to be shipped to her. Why would she want me to do that? Well, I can pick up multiple items from multiple stores and ship them all in the same box. Therefore, she saves a good deal on shipping. Anyways, one of the things Heidi asked me to pick up for her was some Tofutsie sock yarn. I picked up one of the colors last week, the other color wasn't going to be in until the 15th. I got the email from the devil aka Starla, owner of Crafty Hands, my local LYS, that in fact the new Tofutsie colors had arrived. My plan was to just waltz in, pickup Heidi's yarn and march right out. But no, the great tempter of all knitters in Bowling Green couldn't just let me do that. Right there in front of the register, arranged in a nice little basket, she brought my attention to some new sock yarn, the Tofutsie Limited Edition Collection, "when it is gone, it is gone." I was tempted beyond my capability to bear and so have a look see.

Can't you just see this in a lovely lacy pattern? I can't remember how often she said the Limited Edition Collection skeins were coming out. Guess I'll have to check in every month.

My request is for you to please pray, fast or just contribute to the Peggy L. Sturgeon Sock Yarn Relief Fund. I'm sure this isn't the last you've seen of these stupid limited edition thingys.

Also, here is a picture of the other hibiscus the kids gave me for Mother's Day. I love coral.


Heidi Kim said...

Oh, I am so sorry Peggy. Poor you helping me and coming out with more yarn to yourself, :o))

But I am so looking forward to get the TOFUtsies :o)

You are an angel helping me buying in all the stuff to me.

Holly said...

Sock yarn is a vile temptress, and I STILL can always resist its calls. Even though I have yarn to make about ten pairs. Although from what I hear, that's a pretty small sock yarn stash compared to some peoples.

Roseann said...

There's something about "Limited Edition" yarn that gets me going, too. It is beautiful and it will go to good use. After my latest endeavors, I may be looking for a 12-step sock yarn addiction program! Beautiful hibiscus, what a pretty color yarn it would be.

Alpaca Granny said...

Wow! I didn't even know there was such a thing as "Limited Edition" yarn. If I put that on my skeins, do you think they will sell faster?

Traci said...

Is there a 12 step group you could join?! LOL