Friday, May 4, 2007


When my oldest son, Aaron, was a little boy, probably somewhere around 3 or 4. I told him, "Oh buddy, momma is pooped." He reached over and felt the back top of my leg and said, "I can't feel it." Well, I am pooped, you couldn't feel it, but I sure can. My daughter, Sara, is the GM for a gourmet sandwich company, Jimmy John's, and since many of her employees are students at Western Kentucky University here in Bowling Green, she is short workers due to finals. To be a good mom, I am going in and helping her out by running the register and little stuff. Plus, it gives me some extra money for fibery things. Did I say, I am pooped. And it is really cutting into my knitting/spinning time, not to mention I have a zillion other things going. We, David and I, are trying to get a cleaning business going and since it is in the infant stages and we have no employees yet, guess who gets to do the cleaning. You got it. AND I am still working on the stupid pool. Looks like it will be finished within a day or so, by Sunday anyways. Now we just gotta pray for some sunshine.

As I've said in previous posts, this coming Tuesday we are going to Chicago to see the musical Wicked. Cannot wait. Here is a little video of Elphaba singing a montage of songs she performs. We are also taking a behind the scene tour with some of the cast members. Cool huh? Emma Belle is going to freak. Another of my obligations is I'm making Emma Belle an Elphaba dress to wear to the show and being the procrastinator that I am (see Tabitha, I owned up to it) I am just now getting started. It shouldn't be too much of a big deal. Possibly no sleep for several days, but no biggee. Really, I will probably have it done in one day. I have even gotten her some green makeup. She is going to be so adorable. This is the dress I'm making, the front one, in solid black and all the way to the floor. Pictures of the real thing coming soon.

I have gotten a little more done on my sweater, its coming right along, and a little more spinning of the Wensleydale on my Bosworth midi spindle.

And finally, the last installment on my sock yarn purchase. Some more by Hand Painted Knitting Yarns in Rigoletto, (the blues) and Otello, (the golds). Aren't they gorgeous!!!!

Oh to stay home like the good ole days (a couple of weeks ago). As my mother has always said, "This too shall pass."


Tabitha said...

Well the dress will be perfect, the sweater looks beautiful, and your spinning is GREAT, so take a load off and RELAX!!! :)

June said...

Everything looks so wonderful! I can't wait to see the dress in black! I do hope you will take pictures of Miss Emma Belle! The Wensleydale looks so perfect on your spindle, are you making thread?? Wowza! Love it and the sweater too! When's the pool party? Go get a nap, whew! It makes me tired just reading it all! - Off to vacuum - whoo hoo!

Roseann said...

I guess you had no time to do anything like watch the Kentucky Derby! I love your spindle spinning, it is so pretty. You have also introduced me to a sock yarn I haven't met before, I may be in need of a 12-step program for sock yarn! Your new yarn is just beautiful.

Holly said...

Well, I'm glad you showed off all the yarn-I enjoyed seeing it :~)Your spinning/knitting is looking great!

Alpaca Granny said...

I'm thinking that you are in ChiTown today enjoying music. Will be glad to hear about your trip.