Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Pool, The Idiot Addict & The Babe

I'm an idiot. Well, actually I'm an addict. I just ordered some more beautiful batts from Abby. The name of this one is Dandelion and they consist of Superwash Merino Wool/Tussah Silk/Mohair. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm an idiot. I need more fiber to spin like I need a whole in the head.

I also received some lovely alpaca roving from North Star Alpacas. Maple also sent me a bar of some wonderful smelling lavendar soap. It is all so yummy. The alpaca fiber is extremely soft. I can't wait to spin it up although I'm a little anxious being as I've never spun alpaca before.

I've just realized that I have another awesome purchase I recently made. It arrived about the same time I purchased all my sock yarn so I was totally embarrased to reveal yet another thing. I do really love it. With spinning the Jacob I purchased from Red Barn I was able to weigh it and divide it up evenly so I will have equal amounts to ply and not as much left over as I have had of other fibers in the past. I purchased it from Just Pounds and Ounces on Ebay.

When dealing with fiber a scale is purt near a necessity so as to properly divide prior to spinning or to know how much you have in order to measure the quantity of dye needed.

The pool is finally relatively clean. I still have a few things to do, like vacuum more. We are very much enjoying it. Here are a couple pictures. The first is of my youngest, Jordan, the one at the top and Sara's beau, Matthew. Jordan made me blob him out of the picture. :(

And of course, would any post be complete without a picture or two of Emma Belle?


Holly said...

You can never have too much fiber. I'm living proof of that (as I tap my foot waiting for 20 lbs of alpaca to arrive). I need to order some of Abby's batts, but if I do, I know it's all over then!

Holly said...

By the way, June 2-3 is the Hoosier Hills fiber festival. It's a newer festival, but still plenty of neat stuff to buy. It's only and hour and fifteen minutes North of Louisville. You should try to go.

Roseann said...

I think you will really enjoy spinning the alpaca, it is one of my favorite fibers to spin. Yours looks very well prepared, too.

Dandelion is gorgeous roving! How could you resist? I know what you mean about roving accumulation, but some things are too special to pass up!

Tabitha said...

My excuse is there are just too many different fibers and it would be a shame if I didn't give them all a try! LOL!!! The dandelion is very nice!
The pool looks soooooo refreshing, you did a fantastic job!

carole said...

mmmm love the scale... what kind is it?

I'll be watching your blog and yes I love to do the warshrags LOL they knit up quickly and are great gifts...